Sunday, March 27, 2005

Desktop Recording Kit

Yay!  I've found it.  Or rather, it found me The break in my boredom.  This is something I can (eventually) afford.  Something I've been dreaming of.  Something every Livingroom Superstar cannot do without.  And now it's actually here.  I'm getting this.  I don't know when.  I don't even know what exactly it involves.  But it's the beginning of some great research.

The MXL Desktop Recording Kit was designed as a complete solution for all home recording applications. The MXL microphone included in the kit is completely self-powered--eliminating the need for costly preamplifiers or external power supplies--though it works seamlessly with external microphone preamps should one be available. This feature alone makes the D.R.K the perfect compliment for those using a laptop computer as their recording platform.

The MXL microphone included in the Desktop Recording Kit is the first truly professional microphone specifically designed for the 'average' computer user by a professional audio based manufacturer.

Hello!  Did you read that?  "for those using a laptop" and "the 'average' computer user."  That's totally me!

With this baby I could record my next demo right here, in my bedroom.  hehe...nice huh?


phlskygirl said...

Hmmm... I see numerous .wav files in my inbox in the near future!!
And for the love of Pete -- no belching this time!!

babyshark28 said...

ooooh. fabulous!!
I can sense the creative juices starting to flow...
great. :D

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Sounds complicated to me...then again, computers are not my forte.  But I say 'go for it, Trish-baby!'  


sunflowerkat321 said...

It's amazing what options technology can put in our hands.

earpatchgoddess said...

get on it! Yeppers...all the Trish Monaco fans are waiting for her next album release! Woohoo, big party night in LA then....

andreakingme said...

I didn't know what you were writing about till I got to the end of the entry. Couldn't figure out WHY you'd want a recorder for your desktop (computer) when you already type so dang fast. Heh.

But now I see. I was blind ... but now I see. This could be way cool, indeed.

aims814 said...

Ah, yes ... this is perfect for you!!!

Love you!

aims814 said...

Ah, yes ... this is perfect for you!!!

Love you!

coy1234787 said...

That's so cool ... keep us posted!
       *** Coy ***

montaukny said...

{{{Freee}}}  Oooooohhhh!  Looks like fun!  Keep us posted!

~Aunt Nub~

ebrains2003 said...

Hmmm...I'm all for desktop recording, but the fine print seems to indicate all this "kit" includes is a condenser mic, battery and some adapters to mate the mic's XLR connector down to a sound card's 3.5mm input and / or a 1/4" adapter.

"Pros: Complete solution for home recording applications
Cons: No audio recording software supplied"

In other words, "complete solution" includes a mic, but no software.  Not very complete, IMHO.  Most of the money I have spent has been on the software.  You might want to check out some of the hardware / software bundles at Musician's Friend:

Their prices range from $99 up to several thousand bucks.  

Good luck & keep us posted of any new recordings!

freeepeace said...

EBRAINS - Thanks for the link!  This, I'm sure, will be a big help.  I knew this mic didn't have software (read it in one of the reviews).  So since this post, I've been looking for recording software.  But I didn't know what to look for or where.  If you have any more info, please feel free to pass it along.  Thanks again.  Much appreciated!

freeepeace said...

CAROL - Ha!  Trish Monaco herself is waiting for her next album release.  Do we need to wait for that till we have a party in LA though? ;)

ANDREA - Yeah, sorry, it didn't occur to me till after I posted that I wasn't clear enough about the product.  I guess I got so caught up in the excitement.

MIA - It'll only be perfect for me if I can figure it out.  Otherwise, I'm SOL. ;)

COY & AUNT NUB - Definitely will keep you posted.

freeepeace said...

A-HO - What good is a .wav with no belch?  I mean, what would you have to look forward to?

SHARKY - Yeah, they were flowing as I wrote this entry.  Let's see if I can keep the spark lit.

BRIDGETT - Sounds a little complicated to me too.  But from what I understand, this plus recording software could be all my next demo needs.  We'll see.

KAT - Where would we be without our technology?

txsguinan said...

I didn't understand a word between "The MXL Desktop Recording Kit..." and..."Hello!  Did you read that?"  But what I got was..."I can record my own living room concerts now!"

Yay!  (Can I do background roar-of-the-crowd noises?  You know..." Freebird!"  :)