Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Crushing on Scalzi

OMG - I'm totally crushing on Scalzi.  He does these AOLbyPhone (AOL-only link) entries on Tuesdays -- sometimes Mondays, or any day he chooses.  Is it just me or does his voice make him totally cuter?  I mean, he's cute in pictures and writing and all.  And we know his family is totally cute.  But his voice!  His Vans should've been a telltale sign.  He totally sounds like a Cali-boy.  A little skater/surfer hottie boy.

His dialogue this week with his daughter, Athena, is endearing.  One thing I notice about Athena is her desire and ability to make an informed decision.  When Scalzi uses a word she is unfamiliar with, she takes her time to think about it and inquires about the meaning before she commits to stating her honest opinion.  That's a brilliant child.  And that's a reflection of attentive parents.  That he's a great dad makes him even more attractive.  I swear, I'm all giddy over here. 

I'm almost afraid to know what his wife, Krissy, sounds like.  I'd most likely be crushing on the whole family.  No worries about finding me stalking them all the way over in Ohio though.  Brrrr

Now, if he were still a little skater-boy living in SoCal, and we were in the 8th grade, there might be hope for us.  Ah, who am I kidding.  I'd probably just be one of the guys, skating in the wash, watching him pine over a real girly-girl, like Krissy.

Some things are just meant to be.


luckyaugustgirl said...

Hi-  I know i havent been here for awhile but ive been reading your journal and keeping up... sounds like you have had some adventures!

Ive been a silent reader for a couple of months.

Hope you are doing well, and it sounds like you have some great friends in the Yak Yaks.

Keep in touch will ya? (the little people miss you too.)


babyshark28 said...

skating in the wash....hmmm.
what the heck does that mean?!  
you crack me up.

yakima127 said...

Hearing his voice had the opposite effect on me...I though he was cuter before..I sure hope he doesn't read this...!  His child IS brilliant.  And sweet, and cute...JAE

earpatchgoddess said...

Awww...Trishy has a crush. That's sooo sweet. Ha, Vans...that's so rad. I too have memories of half-pipes and skateboards...ah skater boys.

txsguinan said... like John "Mr. Aol" Scalzi!  

*Freee's got a crush on the teacher..*  I'm tellin'... ;)

onestrangecat said...

You are so right about John's daughter.  She is such a smart little girl.

Don't ya just love crushes?


montaukny said...

{{{Freee}}}  I have to agree with you...I just loooove those audio entries he does!  I'm in love with that whole family!  Maybe we should meet there in Ohio & stalk them together!  LOL  Waiting to hear you do an audio entry someday soon, sweetie!

~~Aunt Nub~~

phlskygirl said...

"What is 'concerned' mean?"... adorable!  Yes, I played the wave, copping an attitude beforehand, thinking, 'it's gonna take me 45 minutes to upload, and it'll be totally cornball, but if Triiiiiiish thinks it's cute, then I suppoooooose I'll take a gander'... and I was wrong!  It only took 45 seconds!  Hee... ok, and it wasn't cornball, either.  My favorite part was toward the end where she actually deliberated over which cat to eat if they were snowed in and ran out of food... eww!

andreakingme said...

Yup, Scalzi is disgustingly cute, intelligent AND funny. The AOL overlords knew what they were about when they chose him to lead us J-Landers forth into Journal Land. And you're absolutely right when you say Athena (who IS such a neat kid herself) is a reflection of her parents; it's obvious they adore her and that she adores them.

The first time I heard his voice, I was a bit surprised, too. He sounded younger than the voice I'd been hearing in my head. And geekier, bwahahaha! (Well. Too many compliments can be bad for a man's constitution.)

You rule, Scalzi. Now wipe that grin off your face before it freezes that way ...

coy1234787 said...

How cute are you?
*** Coy ***

chattiekimmie said...

lol  This was a fun entry to end my day on.  Night!  :)

s0ngbird1962 said...

LOL, had to go over and listen to that entry....  Really is cute, Athena is adorable and sounds like a lil' firecracker.  Gotta say though, :::no offense John::: Even with his cute surfer-guy voice, he's just soooooo not what my fantasies are made of....  : )

Hey, you been watching AI?  

judithheartsong said...

you crack me up..... judi

jcgeorgiapeach said...

I loved listening to that.  He's got a great voice and she sounds sooooo smart.  I can totally see the   ~Tara

krobbie67 said...

You're such a geek! I mean that in the sweetest way of course. :-D I have yet to listen to his voice so maybe I'll change my tune should I break down and listen.  I tried the other day but soon found out it's an AOL only link. I never knew that.
:-) ---Robbie