Monday, March 7, 2005

10 Things Explained (2)

04.  Sang in bars 2-3 times a week when I was twelve.

My dad was a musician.  That's where I got my introduction to music.  He played talent shows, gong shows and guest nights.  Today we call them open mics.  He brought me along to give me stage experience.  For a while it was fun.  And folks thought it was cute to see a 12-year-old jamming to Proud Mary and singing backup harmonies of Eagle's tunes.  I got bored.  I wanted to sing pop songs and show tunes.  You know, kid stuff.

05.  Danced with Paula Abdul at her home.

I was working for the company who distributed home videos.  They were holding an open casting call for a new Paula dance/workout video.  They wanted non-dancers.  Real people.  To show how "easy" it was.  That "anyone" could do it.  We were invited to audition.

The audition was in her home studio.  We signed up and had to introduce ourselves into a video camera.  Then we learned a few moves and "auditioned".  There's no way anyone could see me.  I was tiny and way in the back.  Even when they mixed us up a bit, I ended up closer to the front, way off to the side.  And then I had a meeting, and had to leave early.

Still, I made the cut.  I have no idea how that was possible.  I can't dance.  I mean, I can move and keep rhythm.  But really, you're looking at two left feet here.  All I could think was that they saw my video introduction and thought, "Hey, she's not too much taller than Paula."  That's it.

One of my dancer roommates made the cut too.  One other didn't.  She was pissed.  She was a dancer.  I wasn't.  So, I showed up for the first rehearsal.  Sweated with Paula.  Laughed with her laughing at me.  My ears heard her words but my feet ignored her.

The next day there was a message on the machine, "We have too many dancers and unfortunately there's no room for you. We're sorry."

I was disappointed.  But mostly relieved.  They said they wanted average people with no dance experience.  But that's not what they ended up with.  Which makes total sense to me.

I went to the video shoot.  It was a long, long, long recording.  I was thrilled to be watching (and not sweating).  My roommate who was in the video was visibly drained.  And she's a dancer!

Fun memories.  I think the video is still floating around out there somewhere.

06.  Lived on a 10-dollar-a-week food budget for almost a year.

This was off and on for at least a year.  I was temping and trying to make ends meet.  I ate practically nothing -- oatmeal, apples, cheese sandwiches, tuna.  Then I got a long term temp position in the promotions department at a major motion picture studio.  I worked 10 hour days.  Since we worked through lunch, it was often paid for by the execs.  I would eat half at lunch and the rest for dinner.  Snacks and drinks were in the break room.

I was living with three other people, paying a ridiculously low rent.  But because I was so used to scrounging for food and living on such a tight budget, I didn't notice how much money was in my bank account till I decided to consider moving.  I had first, last and deposit ready before I knew where I was headed.  Basically, it afforded me to finally move to Venice Beach, where my heart resides.


phlskygirl said...

   I looooved CCR and the Eagles as a kid.  Ok, and Abba.  And the BeeGees.  But I couldn't name one showtune if my mascara depended on it.
   Gee... could having been so damn cute and perky have had anything to do with making Paula's video cut?  Hmm...  
   I know, I know... it's not you're fault you're annoyingly adorable.  But still.  It's just sooooo annoying.

andreakingme said...

Holy crap! I just might HAVE that Paula Abdul dance/workout video! The one I have is called PAULA ABDUL's GET UP AND DANCE! and was made in 1994.

I think I tried it two or three times before I gave up on it. I can't follow dance moves. (It took me forever to learn the Electric Slide and The Macaraena.)

Tee-hee-hee! Your face. Nice smile there, girly-girl!

jennipooh3597 said...

Awwwwwww - what a sweet and interesting entry!  (made me do the head tilt "awww" thing :)  You're just a little bit of sunshine in a rainy kinda day :)  L, Jenn

yakima127 said...

These are great!  Love your explanations...

bridgetteleigh75 said...

It's funny to hear about Paula Abdul since I just watched her on American Idol.  Are you watching this year??  Because I just have to say, there is some REAL's truly the best year yet.  I think you might enjoy.  


krobbie67 said...

You look so freakin cute in that picture. And...Happy! :-) ---Robbie

deveil said...

I love the picture, so cute.   You've done a lot, I have to think of my ten.  I've lived a boring but torrid life.  Anyway enjoying every entry as always.   HOpe your doing well.  

My sister's getting married in May so I'm happy for her.  Check out her wedding wedsite I did for her at    She's marrying Enos from the "Dukes of Hazzard" son.

indigosunmoon said...

Aww...what an adorable picture!
You cutie pie!!!!

kathlyna22 said...

Look at little Free!!
How adorable!
I would have given my left arm to dance with Paula Abdul
I used to be so jealous of that cartoon cat!

babyshark28 said...

great pic freee. :)
It has that '94 feel to it.
I was living in a VERY small cow town
with a 1 1/2 year old then.  
ahhh, them were the days.  :p

I enjoyed reading your explainations.
you have lived a very interesting life....

deabvt said...

Wonderful smile!