Sunday, March 6, 2005

10 Things Explained (1)

01.  Flew in a private jet to be a weekend nanny in Vegas.

I was working for a guy who liked to spend money.  One weekend, on the side, he hired me and my roommate (who also worked for him) to babysit his two little terrors while he, his wife and another couple played with the high rollers.  He neglected to ask if we would also watch their spoiled little rich girl. 

We were miserable.  These were no average children.  These kids had every single thing they wanted the moment they opened their mouths and screamed bloody murder.  My roommate and I wouldn't tolerate it.  We ignored their screams and responded only to pleasant tones.  We monitored their buckets of quarters (because they were dumping them in machines and walking away before games were even played).  At first the kids didn't know how to respond to, you know, boundaries.  Soon they discovered the power of "excuse me, please and thank you."

They eventually calmed down and we had some fun.  The next morning the kids spent some time with their folks while we had a couple of hours to ourselves (I guess to breathe and maybe shower).  When we went to meet them for breakfast, each of the kids had picked out a rose and greeted us with hugs and thanks for a great night.

The jet was small and wobbly.  But definitely cool and fun.  Games and videos for the kids.  Drinks for the adults.  Kinda like a mobile home, but you know, with wings.

02.  Moved cross country with $300 to my name.

I was 24 and miserable.  A painful breakup woke me up.  I quit my dead-end job, sold most of my things, packed my car and started driving.  When I got to LA, I knew I was home -- finally free.  They say what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.  The breakup was one of the best things to ever happen.

03.  Played a cop in a movie who was killed by a bullet to the head.

One Late Knight was the movie.  Lt. Benson was my character's name.  Unfortunately, it's not rentable.  It was a student film, written and directed by John Perry (dir. for The Dr. Phil Show today).  My ex-boyfriend (the painful breakup from above) played the lead role.  We had a lot of fun.  My favorite clips are the outtakes.  where is that video tape?


bridgetteleigh75 said...

It's a shame the movie isn't rentable...I'd love to see you get your head blown off.  LOL -- wait a minute...that doesn't sound very good, does it?  You know what I mean....  <grin>

About the spoiled kids...they scream for things to get attention.  It's not the material possessions they want.  It's love.  You and your friend gave them love...and look what happened.  Good for you.  


P.S.  You've got me addicted to Aileen.  =)

babyshark28 said...

very interesting. very courageous.
astounding really....

phlskygirl said...

I hate bratty kids.  Downright allergic, actually (thank God there's a pill for that!).  Wobbly air-trailers... ack.  You really ARE a saint, woman.  

Sounds like, when all was said and done and the dust settled, the breakup was exactly what you needed.  I know mine was.  I'd have never gotten to experience being a sky bunny with sweater muffins! (alas, not my words; I'm plagiarizing a friend)

[Bridgette:  Stop it with those comments, woman!  You'll have my head swollen to match the size of my ass!  That and it reminds me that I reallyreallyreally need to bite the bullet with this dial-up clunker PC and check out Freee's friends' journals.]

krobbie67 said...

And you are indeed stronger! :-) ---Robbie

dockart said...

Can't wait to read the rest!

yakima127 said...

You are so amazing...JAE