Sunday, February 6, 2005

YakYak Sistah-hood

Dropping back in ... I don't know where to begin.  It's been a whirlwind of a week  -- from DiAnne's arrival last Thursday to Andrea and Carol's departure Friday afternoon.  I'm a zombie.  There's so much to take in.  So much to be thankful for.  So much to release.  So much to laugh about.  And even some to grieve.

This world of AOL-Journals continues to amaze and inspire me.  Even though I have been absent from much of the outer community for a few months, the close friendships I've come to know, continue to grow deeper and more lovely.

I had a home full of women -- women I'd only known through the written word at one time.  Strong women.  Beautiful women.  Intelligent women.  Opinionated women.

My life is forever changed.  For-e-ver. 

For the past month, in preparation for our in-person gathering, six of us have been emailing, getting to know each other on more levels than just the surface of the weather.  At one point our inboxes were so overloaded with personal daily babble that we joked about our connection being sweet like sisters -- schoolgirls sharing in giggles, who just couldn't shut up.  Thus became the YakYaks.

I love each of the YakYaks uniquely.  DiAnne, with her quick-wit and vibrant smile kept things rolling for us those first couple of days.  She's got a lot of energy.  I wonder if she was a cheerleader, ever.  She, Robbie, Cheryl and I went to dinner last Friday night (my god, was it really that long ago?).  I believe there's a group photo somewhere in her stash.  I was too involved with getting to know them to be bothered with the camera half the time.  Thankfully, DiAnne was on top of every possible photo op!  I can hardly wait to see her pictures.

The following day, DiAnne and I drove to San Diego to pick up Andrea and Carol from the airport. Their flight was long and Carol was still stoned from her Dramamine patch, but it was Andrea who didn't recognize her bag on the conveyer belt (nor did she recognize the identifying ribbon she tied on the handle).  The four of us had a couple of hours to get comfy with each other while driving back to LA in the PeaceMobile -- but not before a few cartwheels in the parking lot to break the ice.  [if memory serves, DiAnne has photos of that too.  Be afraid. Be very afraid.]

Robbie and Gigi joined us back at our secret, undisclosed location (referenced here, here and here.)  This is where the meeting and greeting continued and more eating began -- and it didn't stop till, well, I don't know about them but I'm munching on chips as I write.

So much!  There's just so much!  Drinks. Star sightings. Food. Robbie's convertible. Photos. Giggles. Talks. More food. More drinks. Laughs. Tears. Music. Love. Light. Fear. Again, more food, more food, more food.

At this moment, my heart is filled with a varying range of emotions, my head is spinning from all that I'm learning and my stomach is bloated (for obvious reasons).  I need at least a week to rest from this vacation.  [yet I wasn't on vacation and I didn't really go anywhere.]

I've made lifetime friends in Andrea and Carol, but they are now back in their Indiana homes -- too far away, if you ask me.  Writing and talking with each of them takes on a whole new meaning today. 

Most of you know Andrea from her journal Unhinged.  We had begun our friendship in the fall of 2003, based on similarities and connections through journals -- still, nothing could have prepared me for this adorable little (teeny-tiny) shy beauty.  I'm blown away.  Truly, she's more beautiful in person.  Intelligent and strong.  Wise and deep.  I have to cut myself off somehow because I gush when I think of how adorable she is.  When she smiles, she lights up a room.  She has so many quirky facial expressions -- all of them, adorable!

Carol needs a blog.  She's a great writer and her in-person personality is even more dynamic than the hysterical antics I've been receiving in her emails all these weeks.  Gentle, intuitive and wise beyond her years.  A young, beautiful mom of two boys (and two dogs), she has the softest hands I've ever held.  Andrea's are right up there in the soft zone too.  How do you girls do it?  And why didn't I ask for tips while you were here?  ::sigh::  I miss you.

Even though I have known Robbie (in real life, as they say) for a while now and Gigi and I had spent some time together before this convention, I was able to experience a deeper connection with each of them last week.  I know I can count on Robbie for her honest opinion.  Her reflection helps me gain perspective in many situations.  Gigi and I were the late-night gigglers during the sleepover Saturday night.  What was it, 3am when we decided to crash?  I could've stayed up past dawn talking with her.

She and I were later blessed with the opportunity to spend an evening in Paradise with Andrea and Carol the night before they left.  We continued our connection there.  [more drinks. more food. more fun.]

Saying goodbye to the Indiana girls was bittersweet.  We sipped on lattes, reminiscing about the week's events.  As the security line at the airport began to swing around a corner, we decided it was time they get in tow.  Still, the line moved way too fast for my liking.  I wasn't ready to let go.  But it was time.

Strange how it seems there wasn't enough time to experience all we wanted to (Venice Beach, Hollywood).  Yet, we experienced more than we ever could've imagined.  There were beautiful moments where it felt like time stood still and we were connecting on that unspoken level where no words are necessary.  Just breath and love.  Very few things in life compare.  Like chocolate.  Or a sneeze.


sunflowerkat321 said...

Every j-land meeting I've had so far has had this magic.  It's really unbelievable.  I wish there was a way that I could meet eveyone that I've become so fond through their blogs (YOU included).  Well...hopefully most of us are here for the long haul.  There's always tomorrow....

coy1234787 said...

Finally an update!!!
    WOW ... I can understand that you hardly know where to start. We are all a little envious no doubt that we are all making lifetime friendships here, who would have ever thought?
    How great for some of you to get to meet! Will stay tuned for further updates.
                                 *** Coy ***

andreakingme said...

What a great recap, Trishy. And there you go again making me feel ... well, special! Sheesh, I'm never going to be able to fit my head through the doorway again.

This trip was a major success because of you. Like Carol and I told you before, you opened up your house to us and made us feel welcome. Such wonderful memories!

We need a special handshake now, don't we?

yakima127 said...

How wonderful!  All of it!  JAE

kuhlhiggins said...

It sounds like a wonderful time.

chattiekimmie said...

I use to own a chat site.  It was a learning experience to say  the least.  I met several interesting people through that work.  At one point several of us met in person here in Oklahoma.  I opened my home and my life to them.  It was the absolute most wonderful thing I experienced from my online encounters.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Glad your time with your friends went so well.  :)

babyshark28 said...

aww. so sweet. I just watched "divine secrets of the Yah-Yah sister hood" last night, fell asleep before it ended though. :(
Love this entry.  whenever I read about j-girls getting together, I just sigh.  it sounds so lovely.  I just think about all my imperfections and how no one would like me.  poor pitiful me. LOL.  what a learning lesson to read all the joy here, and the total acceptance, and love.
great entry.

viviansullinwank said...

I've been waiting for your entry   {{{{{Freee}}}}}!  It seems you all had a most memorable time...the beginning of the best Yak Yak Sistah-hood ever born!

I'm looking forward to reading more in the Sistah-hood blogs!


onestrangecat said...

I have been wondering how the visit went.  Can't wait to read more about it.


txsguinan said...

I LOVE the title picture!!!  And accompany music!  Could NOT be more perfect. ;D

Oh, this is such a beautiful and heartfelt entry!  It makes me want to cry, somehow.  (Is it too late for me to have a breakthrough?  Cause I CAN, you know.  Dammit.)

But let me see...your head is spinning, you're bloated and exhausted.  Yep...a fine time was had by all.  

Thankyou, Trishy, for making it all happen.  You were the Prime Motivating Force behind this confluence, and (although you hate the word) a Wonderful host!  My universe has expanded in subtle but perceivable ways as a result (and I'm not just talking about my waistline.)  I'm puttin' it down to you, girl... You ROCK!  :)

indigosunmoon said...

What a wonderful picture you painted in my mind of your
get together with the Yak Yak's!  (Love that name!)
I'm so glad you were all able to get together!
Much love,

aims814 said...

Aw, Trish! I've read all the entries but will comment here since my time is so limited today...

I'm so happy to hear of the good times you all had. I'll have to visit each of their journals and read about it too! It sounds like a dream! If I ever go back to Cali, I want to come during a moment like this! D'yall have room for one more yak yak? ;P

love you!


alphawoman1 said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, it looks like such a great time.  So many of my favorite AOL-J-landers.

slowmotionlife said...

Awwww... sounds like you guys had a great time.  I somehow knew your interpretation of the girls was going to be gushing, but sheeshhhh... where's the dirt, woman???  LOL  :P