Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Weighing In

Did I mention I saw my doctor yesterday?  Got on the scale and nearly BROKE IT.

She came in (it was more like a social visit) and I was like, "Hi, I'm fat again!"  She laughed of course, because that's just so absurd.  But she did say she noticed I put the weight back on.  The last time she saw me, I was at my lowest emaciated mono weight.  ::sigh::  I miss those days. 

Kidding!  [kinda]

Anyway, I'm not happy with the numbers.  I don't even wanna THINK about the inches all over.  This is partly why I haven't wanted to visit my doctor.  That scale thing just freaks me out.  I already know how heavy I feel in my body.  I don't need the numbers to announce it.

I suppose it's a good thing.  I've been threatening to get back to my healthy habits.  But you know how it is, winter sets in and all I want to do is eat fatty foods.  I don't eat a lot as it is.  But I eat the wrong foods.  Starches and fats.  Yum!

Is coffee a starch or a fat? 

So, I guess it's essential for my health (and my spirit) to consciously say I'm ready to think about getting back on the wagon.  Notice how non-committal that is.  Ha.  Whatever.  A hike a day plus protein, veggies and daily supplements.  I want to lose inches and tone muscles.  It won't matter then what the numbers say.  As long as I feel better, lighter and more fit.

But if we were to talk numbers, I'll be happy with eleven less pounds.  I'll be thrilled with fourteen less pounds.  But who's counting, right?


kristeenaelise said...

Sweetie?  You're gorgeous!  As long as you feel good and you're taking care of yourself, who cares.  Scale, schmale.

I'm just so elated that I found someone else who spells dammit as it should be, dammit.

=) kris

ryanagi said...

Oh lordy...I don't even know what to do with 11 pounds. I can lose that with one trip to the little girls room. LOL I wanna leave this extra 100+ lbs somewhere where it can never find me again. ;-)

sistercdr said...

Comments like this scare me so much.  I know you're a healthy person, and I know that you know that winter weight gain is just basically normal.  When you said you kinda missed the emaciated mono weight loss days, it just reminded me so of my daughter when she was in the worst grips of bulimia and anorexia.  I am NOT saying you have an eating disorder.  Please don't think that's my implication.  I've just often wondered if I had caught and done something about remarks like that before the girlchild got so sick if things in the last couple of years might have been very different.  Love your body -- it's home, even if it's a fixer-upper, because they all are.

andreakingme said...

Coffee, alas, is just plain bad for you. Probably ranks right up there with fat.

I should be thinking about eating better and working out, too, but the truth is ... is that I just don't friggen FEEL like it.

I'm waiting on the weather to get better. Yeah. That's it.

babyshark28 said...

From the pictures, I can't imagine you being 11 less pounds....
but, I do understand wanting to feeling healthy and fit within' your own skin. I do understand that.  It's something I am trying to accomplish right now.

I am finding, portion control is the best way to go for me.  I have lost an additional 5 pounds from just doing that.  Now, I just need to start my Tae Bo.

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Um. coffee is a diuretic.

You know, with spring and summer coming. chances are, you'll drop the weight rather quickly as the heat and the humidity kick in...together.

However, I know the weight thing is bugging you.  You are drinking your water, right?  Let me know what you do that helps it to fall off, when it starts to fall off, I should say.


krobbie67 said...

I put on a pair of slacks for work yesterday and they were snug. They used to be so loose that I had contemplated not being able to wear them anymore. So, I am hearing you on this, but you fat??? I'm not seeing it. :-) ---Robbie

phlskygirl said...

Six days ago, I went to my doctor for my yearly wheezer checkup.  My shoes gained 11 lbs.  I did quit working out cold turkey a few months ago when I got flu-ish (no hiking or rock-climbing or Ironman-athons, or whatever else you do - just Pilates and the treadmill, but still), but I still think it's my shoes.  Because a 5'2" midget can NOT gain 11 lbs. in 3 months.  Not possible.  When my pants get so tight that I get that dreaded fat-chick camel-toe (we've all seen it - don't roll your eyes), THEN I'll blame my ass.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Coffee is only classified as fat or carbs if you drown it with dulce-de-leche coffee creamer like I do.  Or ask the cute boy at Starbucks to "put an assload of whipped cream on it, please and thank you."

kathlyna22 said...

Is coffee a starch or a fat?  

oh no no, coffee is neither, its a necessity

deabvt said...

Tone muscles, Yes! But eat!
{Hi hunny}