Monday, February 28, 2005

A Week in Review-ish

Talk about inconsistent.  I had full intentions to journal every day -- restarting last week.  Where does the time go?  I'm serious!  This is unlike me.  OK, maybe it is very much like me.  Let's see if I can recap the week's events...

I have no idea what I did last week.  I walked dogs.  Ohh, I remember.  I bounced a whole bunch of checks and debits because I forgot to make a deposit.  That threw me way off.  The fees alone cost more than some of the debits.  I left my body for a while.  I think I'm back now.  The thing is, I had the money ... just sitting here ... waiting to be deposited.

On to bigger and better topics.

Let's see ... I went to the movies with Cheryl on Friday night.  It was a toss-up between Million Dollar Baby and Hotel Rwanda.  We opted for deep depression and total outrage.  It pains me to think that I had no idea what was happening in Africa, just ten years ago.  It's not like this was before my lifetime, out of my reach.  This was happening right under my nose.  Horrifying.  Great movie.  But I do wish I saw the Oscar winner.  I'll see it.  I love Hilary Swank.  She's an incredible actress.  And her cutie-pie hubby, Chad Lowe, what a beautiful couple they are.  So supportive of each other.  Nice to see.

I spent all day Saturday with some YakYaks in Laguna Beach.  I was the reluctant tag-along.  The idea was to spend the day gazing at overpriced art in a few "tiny" galleries.  To my pleasant surprise, we spent the day tavern-hopping!  The one gallery was enough for me.  And by the time we left the last bar, all the galleries were closed.  I call that divine intervention.  Although, (ok fine) I admit, I was intrigued by some of the art through the windows.  Sure, that fourth margarita helped.  Dinner was delicious too.  I swear, I haven't had that much to drink, nor have I eaten that much since college!  I'm gaining that freshman fifteen all over again!

I loaded up on all possible hang-over remedies before I fell into bed at 1:30am.  Still, I was awake at 3:30, tossing and turning.  I might've gotten a couple of more hours sleep before getting up at 8:30.  I don't recall.

I had a meeting with a potential new client at 10.  So I had to be somewhat alert.  I was told this dog was wild and needed a good dogwalker.  She had been adopted out and given back twice -- not exactly sure why yet.  I can imagine her breed/look might have had something to do with it.  She's a strong pitbull/ridgeback mix.  So, I geared up and dragged my sorry ass to meet them.

She (the dog) came around the corner to greet me and immediately sat at my feet, wiggling, sniffing.  She's one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen.  Okay, they all are.  But really, she's a cutie!  She's not that wild.  I was waiting for a fish out of water.  She listens.  She submits.  She's smart.  She knows sit, very well.  I took her for a trial walk and let her run in a nearby off leash area (no one was there).  We fell in love.  She just needs consistency.  She's got some cuts that are healing and she could use a little meat on her bones.  I'm looking forward to growing with her.  I hope they take this dogwalking thing seriously.  They say they aren't dog-people, but they are care takers so they want to be sure she's well provided for.  To me, that's what matters.  Melted my heart.  [thanks Danielle!]

After our initiation, I picked up Hunny who had spent the weekend with Cheryl in the animal kingdom (Cheryl had Hunny and Jennifer's dog, Roshi, all weekend.  Plus the three cats).  I almost zonked out there but dragged home to crash in my own bed, with Hunny by my side... all day long!  What a couple of slugs we were.

Later Hunny was really sick.  My poor baby.  Nothing I could do.  She just had to work it out.  I laid on the floor with her for a while.  She seems better today.  I imagine the boiled chicken for breakfast raised her spirits a little.

Today it was business as usual.  The sun was shining when I left.  The rain came out of nowhere.  And I drove home in sunshine.  I guess we're not out in the clear just yet.


indigosunmoon said...

Can't wait to see Million Dollar Baby!  I love Hillary too!
Cute pics as usual!
Love ya,

phlskygirl said...

I'm so feeling your pain... my account recently went bouncy-bouncy too, because I'm a debit queen, and keep forgetting to jot down my usage like I would if I'd written a check.  Some were $20 fees for $4 coffees.  Ugh.  I did everything but offer the bank manager a blowjob/foot massage combo to get the fees "undeducted".  She politely declined.  <snort>

I have a solution to your next Saturday gathering, if Divine doesn't intervene again like she did this weekend.  Have your favorite pub deliver a pitcher of margaritas (or daiquiris -- mix it up a little) and a basket of fish'n'chips directly to the gallery of your choice... I'm sure the gallery owners won't mind as long as you bring handi-wipes and act like you're seriously deliberating over a purchase...

krobbie67 said...

Something's wonky here. IE kept shutting down on me as I tried to read your entry. After about the fifth time, I decided to come in here and try it out. It seems to be fine.

Give some kisses to Hunny from me. Poor baby! :-) ---Robbie

kristeenaelise said...

Here comes the sun...we had it for a bit too!

I've paid $21 for a $4 Subway run myself.  Frustrating as heck, I know.  Sometimes if you give the bank a sob story they'll go easy on you, but that's a rarity.  (its always worth asking!!)

Hilary's dress!!  That was gasp-worthy.  She's amazing.

ps can you let me in on some of those hangover remedies?  I had a doozy the other day and nothing worked.  LOL

=) kris

ryanagi said...

I am so happy someone ELSE manages the banking in this household. LOL And that new potential client...the dog sounds sweet! What I really need is a kid walking service. Someone to come and play with my kid outside in the snow for a while. LOL

andreakingme said...

Good thing I wasn't with you and Cheryl on movie night ... I'm never one to vote for deep depression and total outrage, even when my biorhythums are topping the chart. ::sigh:: Gimmie something that will inspire and entrance me!

Love the photos. Still can't believe you drank 4 drinks. Doesn't matter how much water I drink or how many aspirins I pop, I still toss and turn when I drink a wee bit too much. Alcohol raises the body's temperature and even just one weenie glass of wine will make me feel logey the next day. Ach, it's a sacrifice. A good glass of wine, some cheese, maybe some grapes ... so goood.

Looking forward to a photo of the potential new doggie client. Seems as if you've done what you could and now it's up to her owner/s. (Fate? You here?)


rgossett4195 said...

You have such a big heart!  We are animal people too!  It' s like an orphanage here!  Seems like you had a ton of fun!!  roseg

earpatchgoddess said...

Hunny Bunny...oh feel better sweet puppy!
I can't wait for you (Trishy) to meet my Michael! Can't wait...when? huh?

babyshark28 said...

Yes! It's been raining here in Washington, so maybe we have begun the switch to achieving balance. :)
I read this entry yesterday, but am commenting today.
We used to have a dog that was pit bull/ridgeback.  It was a lovely dog, but unfornately didn't mix with our family (we recieved the dog from a friend with no kids).  My oldest was 6 at the time, and the poor thing either had been abused or it had problems we didn't know about, he just couldn't be trusted around our child. After a couple of quick snaps to my daughter head and we HAD to put him in a shelter. I figured that was best, they could deal with the dog and figure out his needs and place him appropriately.  He was willing to love, just most likely not in a home with children. :(
great entry, loved reading about your good times. sigh.

onestrangecat said...

hope that hunny is feeling better.


txsguinan said...

A Friday of bounced checks, deep depression and total outrage, followed by a Saturday of too much art and tequila, capped off by a poor sick little Hunny.  Gosh, it just doesn't get any better than that, does it?  :P

Feel better, baby!   Business is looking good!  Just don't forget to go to the bank...  :)

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Ok, just reading about this exhausted me.  I hope Hunny is feeling much better.  Totally sucks when the pups get sick and we can't do anything about it.  ~Tara