Monday, February 28, 2005

Some Winter Cheer

As winter woes have smacked some of us face down in the gutter, I am here to spread a little cheery sunshine by introducing some newbie Journalers for your arousal -- I mean, perusal.

AOL-Journals has never been smaller (as if) and lacking content (not true).  Many of you have been begging for new reads. (ha!)  Please Freeepeace, we're bored.  What can we do?  (yeah right)

OK, so it's more likely that (like me) you made a pact with yourself to stop reading new journals because it's nearly impossible to keep up with current reads.  Yep, I hear ya.  Yet, I still find myself visiting newbies all the time.  I'm a recovering addict afterall.  It's a tough one to kick.

Honestly though, every time I do visit a new journal, I'm like, what took me so long? 

Thus leads me to my plight.

Since breaking my pact, there are a few journals that have become a regular daily click.  Two of which I cannot go one more day without mentioning.  It would be a shame not to share this information.  It was fun at first, being one of a few to have these journalers all to ourselves.  But they're just too good to go unnoticed.  And you know, it's time to spread the wealth!

~ * ~    

Mikethedawg - By Popular Demand

Meet Mikethedawg -- aka earpatchgoddess, aka Drew, aka Andrea's-friend-now-our-good-friend, Carol.  Personally, I love her journal screen name!  She's the last of the YakYaks to join J-Land.

Her writing is honest and raw with weaves of humor and a base of humility.  Reading her is like getting subtle -- and not-so-subtle -- reminders of the universal truth that resides in us all.  She has me laughing and crying in the same entry.  I'm often left wondering, how does she know all this stuff?

But don't just take my word for it.  See for yourself.  Hop on over to her journal where you will surely understand why this old soul was conjured up By Popular Demand!  

~ * ~  

Phlskygirl - My Waste of Space

Next up - Aileen!   I actually found her through Andrea.  I was hooked by her journal description alone: 

If you thought AOL Journals were screaming for a vapid and thoughtless alternative to those annoyingly deep and thought-provoking entries out there... Welcome to my humble abode!

Crass and funny as hell, she writes with witty intelligence.  A former flight attendant turned optician, about to embark on a cross-country journey to plant new roots ... in Vegas, of all places.  ;)  My only wish is that she'd update more often.  Maybe if we cheer her on...

Her Waste of Space is anything but a waste of space.  It's no place for the kiddies, unless of course, they're smart-mouthed 9-year-olds from a Park called South.

~ * ~  

Add these journals to your list of dailies.  You will not be disappointed.  My recommendations come with a lifetime guarantee.  If you are dissatisfied for any reason within this lifetime, simply remove the link from your dailies and you will receive a full refund.  No questions asked.  OK, maybe one or two.  But really, what's it matter?  It's a lifetime!  Just click and move on already.  Sheesh.


bridgetteleigh75 said...

Hi doll ~

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll be checking them out shortly.  Honestly though, people have got to quit recommending journals to me!!!  I don't have time to read the ones on my favorites list...yet I keep adding.  LOL  Go figure.  

Lots of love,

annalisa135 said...

Thanks for the heads up!  I'll take a stop over.  ((((much love))))

judithheartsong said...

great entry... so glad to be here as well!!!! judi

aims814 said...

Thanks, Freee! I'll check these out soon!

Love you!

lamove04 said...

Will check them out Freee, thanks for the pimping. I've discovered one or two new ones too, I should do an entry like this.  :-) Albert

chattiekimmie said...

I've recently cleaned up my alerts and began looking for journals that would be of more intrest to me.  I'll go check them out.  Thanks.  :)

andreakingme said...

Umm hmmm, two good ones, fer sure.

phlskygirl said...

Damn, woman!  Talk about performance anxiety -- I felt my creativity bone go flacid the instant I read your lovely synopsis/commentary!  I'm now feeling absolute empathy for all the guys out there with not-so-good circulation...  

Seriously... thanks for the advert!  My inbox is now joyously full of new comments to read, which I'll do as soon as I clear several inches of snow and ice off of my car (as if having to do it last night after work wasn't enough!), as well as check out Ms. Dawg's journal.  If she's Andrea's friend and yours, then she must be witty, intelligent and fun.

Note to self:  acquire a life so I can post more entries for Trish...

Ms. Waste

babyshark28 said...

hmm, I have been to both of these journals, they are great reads. :)

earpatchgoddess said...

Aww Trishy thanks for spreading my seeds! You're the bestest!
Friend stealer...ha.

onestrangecat said...

thanks so much for sharing these finds with us.  i am on my way to check them both out.


yakima127 said...

Thanks for the links!  JAE

kathlyna22 said...

wonderful suggestions...
a lifetime is a really long commitment though...
I'm still having a hard time committing to my 30 day glad plug in,
but I'll try them out!

krobbie67 said...

So, you're the dirty rat! It's standing room only over at the Dawg's place. ::sniff-sniff::: She'll soon forget about us. :::sniff-sniff:::
;-) ---Robbie

ondinemonet said...

Hey Trish :)

Thanks love for the two ew nifty reads. I will be paying them a visit later today. Sleepy right now and I want to be full awake for the fun reads. Thinking of you hon and good to come by and say "Hi." TTYS lovey.

Always, Carly :)

grassriver said...

Great Journals, Freee! Thanks for the links!

txsguinan said...

Excellent recommendations as always, Pimp Mistress Freeepeace!  Aileen is clever and gorgeous (no fair both), and our pal Mikey warm, lovely and lovable too.  They are 2 of my faves.  What's not to love here?

(Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go check the 237 alerts currently in my mailbox. problem keeping up with current reads....why should anyone ever go offline...for any reason?  Ever?...mumble mumble mumble..)  

{{Welcome Grlz!}}  ;D

jcgeorgiapeach said...

I totally loved Waste of Space...she's hysterical.  Good recommendations...I've read her a couple of times before...she cracks me up.  Especially love the latest entry...(Trishy...No TrishTrishTrish!)  ~Tara