Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Rainy Hike

When it rains once in a while, I don't mind canceling my day to rest and play.  But when rain continues through most of the winter, at some point I just have to push through it.  Dogs need walking.

The dogparks are too muddy and gross.  And most of them will stay that way for at least a week after the rain stops.  Rain is bad for business. 

Two of my clients canceled due to the rain.  I took the remaining group on a hike.  Good for them.  Good for me.  That is, until twenty minutes into it.  Another round of downpours swept in.  That means twenty minutes away from the car or anything resembling shelter.  Fun for them.  Not fun for me.  It was a quick reminder that the jacket I was wearing isn't exactly a raincoat, nor is it waterproof.  I was drenched to the bone.  Three layers of clothing dripping and stuck to my chilling body.

But a hike is a hike.  I kept my heart rate up and felt that slow burn in the backs of my thighs.  Had it not been cold, I might've broken a sweat.

I would've stayed out much longer with the dogs.  We were having a great(ish) time.  I'd like to keep it up.  I wonder how Otis would do on a hike.

Next year I absolutely must invest in full body rain gear.  I suppose if I had known how intense this season was going to be, I might've taken care of that already.  I used to think buying expensive rain gear to wear for two weeks out of the year was just a waste.  Go figure we're hitting record levels of rainfall this season.

Just gotta get through tomorrow and hope this is the end of the season's storms.

Oooh, I wish I still had my garden.  Could you imagine!  Spring is gonna be gorgeous around here.  And the farmer's markets -- Fresh fruits and veggies for this hiking body.  Good stuff.

I may be a grump in this weather but I just know the earth is smiling right now.  So it's all good.


krobbie67 said...

Great pictures! The picture of the ominous clouds is a great representation of what our days are looking like. I'm amazed that the dogs are enjoying the rain. Practically every dog that I have known hated getting wet. Yes, definitely invest in some good rain gear. Last time we had a winter like this, it was followed by El Nino the next year, which was even worse. Oh joy! :-) ---Robbie

sieblonde said...

It looks like you definitely need to invest in full rain gear, or an ark!  Hope it dries out soon.

andreakingme said...

Awwww! Hee, hee, hee, you're making The Squinchy Nose face!

And those doggly-wogglies. Is that Winnie at the front of the pack, looking back to make sure you're there? SUCH personality she has! And there's Hunny right beside her, tee-hee. Gasp, is that Blau doing the deed? They're stars, you know. I feel silly and crazy with excitement that I've seen them in person.

Great photos, Trishy. Skeery looking one of the clouds, but fascinating. It's so neat to get to see your world, gray though it may be right now.


mallory4284 said...

I know I'd be sick of them, too by now...but I'm weird and I like thunderstorms. Not in the massive amounts that you've been getting them, but every once in a while. We haven't had one in a while because we only get them in the summer....

I'm sick of the cold though. I need some warmth....

Have a good one, Freee. Try and stay dry. Get some good rain gear!!

-- Mallory

stephweiss said...

Be happy that it was just rain & not the humongous hailstorm we got in Arizona last night from SoCal's leftovers! (http://journals.aol.com/stephweiss/SmallAdventures/entries/1259)

onestrangecat said...

hope it soon stops raining there!  
all those wet dogs in your car?  poor car.  lol


barbaramck said...

Peace <oops, i spelled your name wrong in my last comment lol i'm gunna stick with thisin cuz it suits and fixes a multitude of sins *wink*>

I'm completely amazed and Blow Away <hehehe> by this weather and Auntie Em is nowhere in sight, sheez!!

You're such a good puppy walker, will you be my mama?

Love you Sunshine, @~barbie>~~

aims814 said...

Hey Hon! I've thought of you a lot lately. Watching the news about the rain you're having out there... Trying to send some good vibes and prayers your way. You're right, spring will be awesome. And it's just around the corner.

As always, I love the photos you got up there!  Is that milo taking a  nature break on the side of the road? ;) It's hard to tell who it is, just by seeing their back side. hehehe.

I know I haven't been around much, but I've though of you often, girl!

Love you!

Mia and Stephen

judithheartsong said...

oh Freee... I loved this entry, wish I could take a hike with you. judi

phlskygirl said...

Dare I post a completely unrelated comment?  Oh, if you insist!

How about picking some of your own music as a wave for your journal?  It's only flagrantly self-promotional if unsolicited, but I'm officially requesting you do so!  I've been curious about your talent ever since Ms. Andrea ranted ON and ON about it (when she wasn't busy making faces while dolling herself up or bragging about her trip to Cali, that is), that I checked your website out, but my puter's telling me your "Listen" links are invalid (could be my crappy dial-up connection, for all I know).

I can't listen to Ms. Trish via the website, so I urge her to take this BLATANT OPPORTUNITY  to let us hear her on her journal, and let us know if the info on the website is current (order info, etc).  By the way, kudos to Slowmotion Designs; it's a lovely and well-done website.

P.S.  Stop blushing.

andreakingme said...

Oh! I second Ms. Aileen's comment.

Do it, Trishy. DO IT!

kathlyna22 said...

oh how much fun...
I wish I had dogs to walk here
or at least play in the rain with

deabvt said...

Spring IS comin`!