Monday, February 14, 2005


I've done nothing today.  All day.  Nothing.  No. Thing.  Not one-single-thing.

Well, that can't be entirely true.  I did get up.  Drank tea.  Watched bananas ripen.

Geez, I messed up.  I'm supposed to buy one banana from different bunches so they don't all ripen -- or in this close case, start rotting -- all at the same time.  I guess it's banana smoothies for me for the next few days!

So, I got up.  What else?  Drank tea.  Oh, I already said that.

I kept waiting for something to happen.  Some motivation to kick in.  Some inspiration to stir up.  Seems I'm still waiting.

I read.  Ate fruit.  Sulked.  Read some more.

Didn't want TV or music.  Didn't feel like writing, editing or playing solitaire.  Didn't want to be social but didn't want to be alone.

I napped.  Got up.  Considered indulging in pizza or ice cream -- or both.  Made more tea instead.

If it weren't for Hunny, I wouldn't have seen the light of day or felt the crisp air.  Not much though.  She's a great partner.  We're going out? Great.  We're napping? Great.  We're eating now?  Great.  We're napping again? Great.  (she probably has more to report than I do today.)

Everyone I did talk to (or email) said they were having a similar day.  It actually made me feel better being a slug for the day.

I know I need these days every once in a while.  And there are many times when I crave these days.  But when they spontaneously happen, I find myself wondering what I should be doing instead.

Shower.  Shower might be a good place to start.  Oh, I'll take one in the morning.  It's time for bed already.

One banana down.  Seven to go.

There.  I did something today.

[damn.  this entry didn't even make it in today.  since it's after midnight, it's technically not even today anymore.]


andreakingme said...

Yep, we all have days like these. I certainly seem to have my share of them. And I kind of like them when there's no guilt hanging around about all of the other stuff I should be doing. Or stuff I shouldn't be eating.

Hey, guess what? I'm eating a banana RIGHTNOW. Hmmm, would that be an odd coincidence or Fate?



s0ngbird1962 said...

Ooooooooh, I remember those *do-nothing* days....  Don't have them anymore because with the two toddler's, they won't let me.  I'm truly jealous... I wanna nap! lol...

LOL, on watching your banana's ripen.  Last week I picked out a bunch of banana's...they were very green.  But I thought it good, so they wouldn't ripen so fast.  Well yesterday, I noticed they were still just as green and VERY hard.   Apparently I picked out plantains by accident. What the heck do I do with plantains?  : )

PS.... You know, banana's go REALLY well on top of ice cream.  

krobbie67 said...

LOL! Oh how I can relate! The guilt sucks. I like it when I revel in my sluggary. But, knowing so much needs to be done takes all the fun out of it. However, yesterday is gone so fogetaboutit! :-) ---Robbie

sonensmilinmon said...

Pass some of those banana's over this way.  My daughter has been NAGGING me to make banana bread yet, she eats ALL the bananas!  As for the other stuff, I know  how you feel, and if it wasn't for Toby, there are days I might not get out.  Toby is such a trooper, eat, sleep those are his favorite things!  Besides playing outside ... and that's what gets me out on the funky days.


judithheartsong said...

I never thought of buying bananas from different bunches.... see, you did something else too! Taught me a thing or two:):) judi

heartsingr said...

I had one of these days Saturday.  My son finally said to me at about 3 in the afternoon, "Mom, are you going to stay in your pajamas all day long?"  LOL
I said, "Uh, yeah.  That's the plan."  

ryanagi said...

This is the kind of day I WANTED to have yesterday. But instead I was wrestling with an unruly 3 year old at a funeral. Ugh.

rgossett4195 said...

I LOVE DAYS LIKE THAT!!!  I have one every once and a will too...makes up for all the crazed days!  rose

babyshark28 said...

lol--well, it's just your body's way of trying to catch up with you.  It happens from time to time. Your bod takes over your brain and says, hey!  it's MY show today. lol.

but, in the mean kinda sucks. :p

txsguinan said...

These are GOOD days ~ mind and body are taking a little well-deserved down time.  As Hunny would tell ask ~ Problem?  What problem?  We have no problem.  (It's all GREAT!)  Love the idea that she'd have more to post than you! ;D

That's a very complicated banana-rotation thing you've got going on there....  :)