Saturday, February 19, 2005


Every month since Judith started her artsy essay contests, I've wanted to participate.  And every month passes by without so much as a trial run.  I'm determined to get an essay in -- if not to win the coveted artwork, then for my own sense of accomplishment.

So I sat down with great aspirations this evening and got two whole sentences before I was sent into a tailspin of internal emotional processing.  Isn't it just like the written word to get to those unspoken places?


I haven't written a song in over a year.  I haven't been playing much music lately.  As we can see, I haven't been updating my journal regularly either.  I have been doing more personal journaling.  That's always enough to take me to other levels of production (or non-production, depending on my perspective).


Winter is always a time to hibernate.  It's when nature slows down and turns the lights out early.  It's a time to reflect, rest, be quiet, rejuvenate and prepare for the next seasons.

This works out well for me.  Spring and summer are busy dogwalking times.  It's already starting.  Calls and emails of inquiries have begun.


I'm toying with the idea that a different guitar might break this dry spell.  Tonight, as I forced myself to play, I realized I'm singing songs from a different era of my growth, on the same guitar I've had for 24 years.  There's a lot of energy stored in that old wood.  A quarter of a century of memories.

I also just right-this-very-moment remembered that I wrote a bunch of my songs on a borrowed guitar that I played for two years.  It was that guitar that brought me out of my livingroom every week.  When was that?  1997-99.

I loved that Takamine -- as big and awkward as it was at first.  We became good friends.  I learned to play some fun stuff.  Found my groove.  Came up with new strumming patterns and styles.  I hardly put it down.  Until it was time to return it. [thanks old friend, where ever you are.]

Yes!  I need a new/different guitar.

OMG - that's totally it.  I'm tripping out on some kind of epiphany. Right here. Right now.

I just always thought I was in a lull, or  ::gasp::  losing interest.  But thinking about playing a different guitar shifts my entire perspective.


Gigi, thanks for the chat earlier.  It kick-started this whole bunch of something!  I love you for it.


babyshark28 said...

a new guitar sounds great. :D
it makes sense, for some woman feeding their soul is a night out with girlfriends that makes them feel renewed and fresh, some, it's a makeover or a new hair cut.
some, it's a fresh sunny day after many days of rain.
your soul is music, and you need a new guitar. :D
good luck. xo

sunflowerkat321 said...

A new guitar... like a new box of crayons...
Just waiting for a creative soul to use them to make magic.

Go for it Freeee!!

coy1234787 said...

    Now there's a great idea ... a new guitar! The Takamine is a small bodied guitar yet you called it big and awkward, I expected to see something large and round like an Ovation or something.
    I can't wait for spring time, J-Land has been a bit gloomy this winter ... can't wait for everyone to feel a little better.

                                         *** Coy ***

andreakingme said...

I've wanted to give Judith's essay contest a crack, too. I'd love to win a painting! And it's a great thing to share my writing (what tuh hell IS it for if I don't USE it). I guess I've just been waiting for the right topic ....

I'm ECSTATIC to read, Trishy, that the thought of a new guitar is looking like a good thing to you! You're too talented to let that part of you be silent. Woo-hoo! Isn't it a great thing to feel that excitement? And to have an epiphany?

Happy, happy for you.


jennipooh3597 said...

:)  I hope the new guitar helps to set you off and inspire you :)  Thanks for stopping by Puddles, Trish - have missed you - and I've been lax in my my journal visiting!  Hope you are well!  L, Jenn

mikethedawg said...

Oh Freee, inspiration comes and goes...but a new guitar is exciting and I say go for it! I just want to say how much your music inspires me. I loved the livingroom superstar show, and I can't go more than a day without listening to my Freee CD. It's great to slip that CD in my player on my way home from work and I sing my little heart out along with my Yak-Yak. It's a powerful, powerful thing baby!
Loves! And get to the new music because some of us can't wait to hear it!

deabler3 said...

Aww, Freee; here comes the Sun!
{{{ hugs to you & Hunny }}}

deabler3 said...

Oh, & love your voice and lyrics!!

chattiekimmie said...

I told you nearly a year ago that you inspired me, then I sorta let it carry me to where I am now.  I would like to tell you what that inspiration has done for me in this past year.
1. I've gone from 210 pounds down to 153, with just 25 pounds to reach my goal.
2. I decided to get back in the workforce in a field I love, finance, after over a decade of being a SAHM.
3. I have taken up regular exercise, and love it.
4. I have created a circle of friends that I can relate to and laugh with.
5. I have started trying to do things that help me grow as a person.

All because of an entry you once wrote about being a better person that loved.

Thanks for being you.

The guitar sounds really cool.   That may be another inspiration I've gotten from you! *winks*  Have a great day!

yakima127 said...

Go get it!  JAE

barbaramck said...


Major Congrats on the musical epiphany, Woo Hoo!!!

God Speed, Happy New Guitar Hunting, and Many Happy Strumming Returns!!

Much Love, @~barbie>~~

readmereadyou said...

Great description of winter. And, enjoyed your wise thoughts about "the written word." You're very insightful at such a young age. I don't think I was at your age.
Write that essay. : ) : ) : )

indigosunmoon said...

A new guitar.  What a fantastic idea!
New guitar, new ideas, new journey!

txsguinan said...

Oh, this entry just makes me want to sing.  (And nobody wants to hear that ;D)  But it's all you, baby!  You are an inspiration to us all.  xo :)

ryanagi said...

Oh totally. A new guitar that begs to be played. I'm down with that. A new digital camera jump started me a year ago. I'm looking for the next thing to give me a boost.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I say, 'Happy Guitar Shopping!'  I've become addicted to internet shopping.  Seeing as how I never get out of the house these days, the internet has been a Godsend.  It's really hard getting 3 people ready and out the door...

Doug and I just ordered a new digital camera with a web cam included.  I'm really excited about it.  Got any ideas about what would give me a jumpstart??  =)  I'm in dire need of one.  

I've actually thought about having a fundraiser to raise money for autism awareness.  Perhaps you could perform some of the new songs you'll be writing on your new guitar??  <grin>

Take care, hun.


rgossett4195 said...

My son plays and he has his favorite guitar but is always looking for something else.  He's getting a bigger apartment with a garage so he can form a "garage band" for fun.  My hats off to him, most kids his age (20), living in a college town are out partying and getting stoned.  Create dear!  What ever works do it!  roseg

grodygeek said...

New guitars.

Man, I'm so envious.

Of course my leanings are toward electrics, but so what. Good wood, quality straight neck, tone, tone, tone.

Do you think you have the patience to make one yourself? Maybe as a way to kick start you?

I have a cousin that has built 2-3 martins from kits they sell. Some he farms out to an expert, but ther is a lot he does himself. He says when he fells he, "just wants to get it done" is when you have to quit for the night. Patience with a capital "P".

Ever consider an electric? With a little battery powered amp to fool around with? Just a thought.

Smell ya later

the cycling amplified curmudgeon

krobbie67 said...

Disclaimer: I did not intentionally rip off your title. I read this yesterday so it must have been in my subconscious. If that doesn't work, remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Buy the guitar! I need me some new Trish music. :-D ---Robbie