Monday, February 7, 2005

Invoking SloMo

It's unfortunate that SloMo wasn't able to join us for our visit last week.  She's a big part of my life and the lives of some of these women.

I had planned on invoking SloMo during a ritualistic ceremony involving frostbitten  Coca-Cola Cake.  I had just enough left in the freezer for each of the YakYaks to take a bite. 

But sadly, the cake was missing -- most likely dumped to make room for all the fresh-frozen food a mama's boy [and an army of mama's boys] could ever need.  I'm not really sad about it.  I'm angry.  But that's a story for another time, dammit.

Not all was lost.  The invocation was still to be had.

One thing I've learned from SloMo is how to take candid photos.  Point and shoot and don't be afraid.  What's to lose?  They're digital images.  Don't like em?  Delete em!

I'd say I'm getting pretty good at it too.  She always said it takes weeding through about a hundred shots to find that one good, clear one.  Well, I'm still looking for some of those but I lucked out in Paradise.

Andrea put her sunglasses on top of her head -- something I think we all do.  I didn't think anything of it till a few sips -- I mean, moments -- later when she checked herself out in the reflection of her spoon.  Then she caught me capturing her checking herself out.  And still, she didn't even notice I captured her catching me capturing her! 

Ask Adorable Andrea about the feet around her neck.  I think it's a pretty profound symbol.

Thanks SloMo.  You were missed but not forgotten.


babyshark28 said...

Yes, it is too bad that slomo couldn't attend.  But,  I am sure there will be more Yak-Yak gatherings to come. :)  

I think you are doing a real great job with your camera, I have no doubt there isn't much you can't do, once you put your mind to it. hmmm, that sounds like my mother...yikes.
thanks for sharing freee. :)

sunflowerkat321 said...

Isn't that the best thing about digital.  It's easy to take that 100 pictures to yield the handful of gems.  I think I paid for mine in non processing in about a week...LOL!!

The photos are great...the thoughts of this confluence are so heartwarming.  I am living it vicariously through you all.  I want to be a Yak Yak too!!!

{{{{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}}}

andreakingme said...

::Primal Monkey Bark!::

This is too cute. Really. Me like! I remember I was a bit embarrassed that you'd caught me looking at myself in my dang spoon. And then! When I realized you'd snapped a photo! Perfect. You little sneak!

And ... you've just given me another Journal entry idea for the feet thing. Wah-hoo!

SloMo? You there, SloMo?

coy1234787 said...

    Great photos ... I'm happy, thrilled, elated for you, yet admittedly just a little envious:-)
    You've gotta know Free that there are so many of us out here wishing we could have been a Yak Yak too!
     I will say however that as much as I would have liked to have been there I would have liked it even more if SloMo could have been there! Yeah ... she really should have been there:-) Where is she anyway? Sloooooo Mooooo ...
                                             *** Coy ***

mallory4284 said...

Very cute pictures. I'm actually enjoying all of your guys' pictures. (I've been doing rounds to each journal of those who were there...) That's so much fun! I would love to go on vacation somewhere to meet people I've met online. But one) I have no money and vacations like that take money and two) I always feel like people would think I'm too young to do something like that, being as how I'm only 20 (nearly 21 though!!) and most people I've met online are over 25.....but I could be thinking into that too much. One of these days....

Anyway, you know there's a commercial on TV that makes me think of you. That Mahna Mahna...dodododo song plays on a commercial for the new Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. It's funny. I don't know if you've seen it....

-- Mallory

andreakingme said...

... breezing by again because work is boring and I'm a bad, bad girl. Anyway, I wanted to address Coy's comment of: "You've gotta know Free that there are so many of us out here wishing we could have been a Yak Yak too!"

A part of me feels a tad guilty that we're having so much fun yakking up our vacay because I know there are others who wish they'd been included. But, Coy? And Sunflowerkat Girl? And any other girl (or guy) who's reading and wishing they could have been there? Please know that this visit with Freee was a spur of the moment thing ... based on a friendship that we'd been cultivating for over a year-and-a-half. That she included Krobbie, MTHeaded and LotusMartini was also pretty much unplanned. It just all happened to work out beautifully.

My advice to anyone who feels envious about the Yak Yak group is to form your own, based on your interests and those people who share those interests. Just grab that bull by the horns!

Of course, who knows what'll happen this time next year? Maybe there will be another meeting and we'll initiate new Yak Yaks. (This will involve martinis, nakedness and singing the South Park Uncle F*cker song. Just FYI.)

Don't kill me, Freee Girl!

diannevan said... sing the Unkle F*cka Song, don't you have to be riding in the PeaceMobile?? ooh, the irony!

BTW, SloMo is my hero..."take a million pictures and throw away the junk ones!"

slowmotionlife said...

Ohhhh... I feel so... ummm... err.... INVOKED.  Mmmmm....  tehehehe...

I wish I could have been there too.  But I wouldn't have been any fun, fielding mobile phone calls from mortgage companies, dialing up insurance companies, yak-yakking with the Credit Union about a car refinance, etc. and so forth.  I will admit I'm jealous, though.  But it's good to know that I was there in spirit, at least.  Love you girls!!!  :D