Monday, February 21, 2005


Well, that didn't last long.  I thought we had taken care of the nasty leaks in my room (and other areas of the apartment) last night when Cute Neighbor Boy and I hopped up onto the roof with some kind of miracle solution from Home Depot.  It worked for him.  He hasn't had a leak in months.  It worked for me too -- for a full twenty-four hours.  I survived an entire night of heavy rain and thunder storms without so much as a single drip.

That's part of why I spent time organizing and putting things out on previously empty shelves.  It was exciting.

To celebrate, I went out to dinner with Cheryl.  OK, so it wasn't to celebrate, but it could have been.

I couldn't believe my eyes -- and ears -- when I came home to more dripping and water damage.  Cute Neighbor Boy told me to come banging on his door if it starts dripping again so we could run to the roof while it's happening and see if we can find the source.  So, I did (happily).  More patching took place and now the leaks are even worse.  We think it's coming from the upper part of the roof.  And unfortunately, neither of us has a ladder tall enough to reach.  So for now, this is how I'm living.

I had to remove everything from the shelves so I could move the unit out from under the drips.  I should move the TV and its table too but they're both just too heavy.  Plus, where would I put them?

I don't understand.  We don't usually get this much rain in a season -- outside or inside.  And you know what?  It doesn't just 'rain' out here.  It dumps an insane amount of water all at once, in waves, over and over.  Like right now, there's a stampede on the roof.  And just when I think it's coming down as hard as possible, it intensifies.

I know when these storms pass, I won't be phased by any of the drippage.  But, now that some of the ceiling plaster has fallen off, I'm actually feeling the effects of mold allergies.  Sneezing, coughing, burning eyes and nose, scratchy throat, headache, tightness in my chest.

We've made several calls to the apartment manager.  We wrote a formal letter to the building owner.  Nothing is being done to rectify this situation.  I would call this an emergency.  There should be someone on the roof right now, trying to patch things up.  [and it would be me if I could get up there.]  But I can't make someone do something.

The best I could do was call the City Department of Housing and file a complaint.  An inspector is scheduled to come -- in March.  I've also made an appointment to see my doctor -- in March.  Everyone's busy.

I don't even want to go that route.  I just want to fix the leaks, stop thinking about it and live my life.

In an attempt to relax in here, I put my fan on high, hoping for some white noise over the multiple drips.  I'm listening to classical music.  I'm about to watch a movie on my computer with the headphones.

Still, I can hear a ruckus in that corner.  I'm afraid if I ignore it too much, I won't notice if it starts flooding, or if a new spot starts dripping -- like near my desk.

Well, my bed is dry.  For that, I'm thankful.

You know, it's too bad the building owner doesn't care enough to put some effort (or money) into his investment.  This place has such great potential.  The building is only 15 years old.  The apartments are huge, bright and airy.  It's basically quiet.  It's centrally located.  Maybe if someone would buy it from him... Then again, I'm sure my rent would skyrocket.  See, there's always a compromise.


coy1234787 said...

    OMG, you poor thing! The total disarray is bad enough but the mold and the allergy eyes ... eeek!
    Well, there is one bright spot to all of that rain you've had this season, maybe there will be fewer wild fires this year, right?
    I guess you could always write a song about it!

                                 *** Coy ***

dockart said...

Wow! Be careful! Keep an eye on that ceiling. I don't want to read about how it finally caved. I hope the apartment manager does something soon. I'm sorry about the all the rain. Hope you dry up soon.

isabelzmia said...

black mold is bad.  real bad.  Keep documenting everything, and keep sending things to your landlord and/or owner often.  Trust me, if you don't have renter's insurance, they could be liable if your stuff is damaged (think, bed, computer, t.v., flooring, clothing, YOU.)  I used to work in property management, and we took this stuff seriously -- all because of liability, and property owners and managers have a big responsibility, your health being first and foremost.
XO, Isabel

chattiekimmie said...

My hubby is a roofer by trade, an excellent one at that.  Want me to send my to Cali?  I'm sure he'd love the drive from Okie.  ;)  I do hope you get it fixed soon.  It can't be fun dealing with junk like that. I look forward to the "repaired" entry... for your sake.  Have a great day.

deveil said...

Oh no!  I hate your having this dripping problem.  No more rain!  Hope they get it fixed for you soon!  No more allergy eyes.  I'll send you some visene!


andreakingme said...

Poor Trishy with the pretty allergy eyes.

Oh, if only I had the _I Dream of Jeanie_ blink power! I'd blink you a new cathedral ceiling with sky lights and a view of the beach. While I was at it, I'd blink the owner AND the manager into a leaking room. And there they'd stay until they acknowledged the evil of their heel-dragging, excuse-making ways.


karensull12 said...

I've learned that it's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled.

If all attempts at having the manager of the building rectify the situation have failed, I'd contact the local news station, or write a letter to the editor of the local paper and tell them my story as you've told it here (pictures and all).  I bet someone comes to fix it once they see they are getting bad publicity.  

sunflowerkat321 said...

Little drip problems turn into big drip problems if they're ignored.  Your manager is a fool to let this go...I'm afraid your ceiling is going to collapse.  Water is nothing to mess around with.  Have you sent HIM these pictures?  I would keep calling if I were you...YOU shouldn't be the one up on the roof.  Good luck Freee...

babyshark28 said...

Well, this is definately a health concern AND an irritant.  Mold lately has been linked too many health problems.  This could very likely be a sue-able offense if the owner doesn't step up.

what a pain!

lovely eyes, even if their irritated. :)

martinsek5 said...

What a nightmare.  I hope you get it taken care of soon and that it stops raining!  It's strange how much you are getting.  Cute neighbor boy sounds interesting though.   Pamela

ryanagi said...

15 years old, eh? Most roofs are only rated for 10 years. Sounds like your building is in need of a new roof. That is a big expense that the building owner probably isn't prepared to shoulder, but he should. I agree with a previous commenter. Call the local "trouble" reporter. Here we have 2. Fox and WB local news have reporters who are dedicated to tracking down stories like yours and shining a big bright spotlight on the problem. Embarrass your super into doing something. :-)

onestrangecat said...

I thought "it never rains in calif".  LOL  Sorry about the leaking.  It was nice of cute neighbor boy to try to help you out.


gatorspictures said...

keep calling your building owner.
squeaky wheel and all that....
i hope it gets better soon, mold
is nothing to mess around with...

freeepeace said...

ANDREA - How's that blink coming? We could both use a little magic right about now eh?  I like how you think.  You little imp. :P

KAREN - I'm being squeaky.  But I'm also recognizing the benefits of a lazy landlord.  It's definitely a compromise.

KAT - You're right too.  Little drip ignored = potential big problem.  I'm doing what I can.  Thanks for the hugs. :)

SHARKY - Aww shucks. Lovely irritated eyes.  heehee.  Yep, this is a big pain!

PAMELA - Cute neighbor boy is interesting.  Very nice guy.  Guess the rain has been good for *something*.  ;)

RYANAGI - The thing is, I've been told the roof was replaced 5 years ago.  But it's been crap since I moved in 2 yrs ago.  So, something's off.

freeepeace said...

COY - Indeed, I could write a song about it and you could do some dancing in here. ;)

DONNA - I don't get the sense that the ceiling's gonna cave but I'll keep you posted. :)

ISABEL - You are absolutely right about black mold.  Thank you.  I saw my doctor today (she fit me in) and I called the manager again.  I'll call him every day.  I'm also looking to move.  Trying to keep it all in perspective.

KIMMIE - You lucky woman.  Why don't you both take a mini-vacy to LA?  You deserve it afterall. :)

DEREK - Rain is expected to last through Wednesday.  Only two more days.  ::achoo::  heehee

hestiahomeschool said...


phlskygirl said...

It sounds as if your landlord is completely taking advantage of a situation that allows him to slack off on his duties - like, California having tons of more pressing issues to worry about than a little mold in your apartment.  Not that that's how *I* feel, but in the big scheme of things, I'll bet it'll take a while for whoever regulates these things to get around to this guy.  What a putz.  I can't imagine living with that kind of mold... I'd have to be put on albuterol orally, rectally AND intravenously.  Ack.  My heart & wheezy lungs go out to you.

P.S.  Don't think for one second that, despite all of what you're going through and the seriousness of it all, I'm not green with envy at how stunning your eyes are with no makeup AND allergy-ridden.   Grrrrrrrr.....