Saturday, January 22, 2005

In-N-Out in LA with AOL-J

What do you get when you take five different people from different parts of the country and give them an AOL Journal?  Well in this case, you get a mini AOL-J private convention in Los Angeles next weekend.

For the past couple of months, Andrea has been planning a get-away week with her good friend Carol.  After researching a few areas in the country (not to mention a few bats of the eyelashes and big smiles -- sprinkled with a dash of manipulation -- from yours truly), they finally decided to take their vacation in San Diego. 

Even though SD is a two hour drive from here, I threatened to crash their party if they wouldn't see to it that they come early enough to spend time in LA with me.

Then DiAnne threatened to crash our party on the weekend -- but not before I had already presented the idea to Andrea.  Included in the gaggle of gals are our good friends Robbie and Gigi.

So the past few weeks have been filled with emails to/from each of us. -- To the point where I went to hit "Reply All" on an unrelated email today and was shocked to see it wasn't an option.  That's because it was from a different friend, addressed only to me.  Imagine that.  A personal email.

Yesterday's round robin included ideas of what the first-time LA visitors might want to see or do for entertainment.  I had previously mentioned how important it is to experience an IN-N-OUT Burger while here.  Since it is not a national fast food chain, Andrea, Carol and DiAnne hadn't heard of such a place.  And honestly, the first time I heard it, well, we've all had that visual.

Somewhere along the line, IN-N-OUT Burger became INSIDEOUT Burger (a mistake easy enough to make).  "As long as I get to see the beach and eat a famous insideout burger..."  The repeated Reply Alls came flooding in with descriptive visuals and concerns about the kind of food it might be.  The meaning and the real name of this fine establishment was lost on some.

It's the best drive-thru fast food in the area.  Accept no substitutes.  If it's not IN-N-OUT, it's an impostor!

So please pay attention, this is important:



luckyaugustgirl said...

LOL the song, goes well with this entry, im trying to educate myself on MIDI files so i can put some background music on my journal! Very cute!

I love San Diego, i went there the year i graduated high school. I traveled down there from San Francisco and went through L.A. on PCH and made it to San Diego... We spent time on the beach with all the wood boardwalks and shops next to it and at the end they had a "Joes Crab Shack" right over the ocean. It was also where i got my butterfly tattoo, (a small one on my ankle, I was 18 and young and wanted something) by a Fred Durst look alike... :)

Man, I miss California, and Im vowing to make it out there in the next couple of years.  Those were the days.

Hope you and the ladies have an AWESOME time together:)


krobbie67 said...

LOL! I love the inside out burger. Too fricken funny! :-) ---Robbie

yakima127 said...

There are IN-N-Outs in AZ, too...we would drive thirty miles to eat there!  Love it!  Miss it immensely!  Would eat it inside out, too!  CA is closer to me than AZ...maybe a trip next summer...Have fun with the J-landers!  JAE

andreakingme said...

Hah! INSIDEOUT burger is only ONE of many Andrea-isms. ::Andi takes a bow and squeals as she narrowly misses conking herself out on the edge of the desk::

Cute entry, Trishy. I LOVE the image of the insideout burger. They should all come that way, no?

rgossett4195 said...

:::weep:::weeep::: really crying now!!  I miss the beach!!!!
Hopefully next winter!!!  The Fox river outside my door just doesn't match up to a beautiful day at the beach!  You guys have fun!!  And all the snow blowing around here in Illinois just makes me blue!  roseg

diannevan said...

::hanging my head in shame::: yes, I'm one of the culturally undiversified masses who has never heard of such a place.  But you know me...if it involves food (and not yoga), I'll be there with bells on.

txsguinan said...

Brilliant graphic!  I think you're giving the good people at IN-N- OUT some ideas there.  In fact, all your ad copy is really exceptional; you sold Andrea and DiAnne on the idea that SD is a triflin' 2 hour drive ~ you scamp!  I'm packing a canteen, a compass and an Indian guide to make it across the border ~ see you girls on.....Monday.   ;)

coy1234787 said...

Moo ... anything in black bean or soy? You are talking LA after all.
    Free, you know we are all sooo jealous of your upcoming gaggle of gals, hope you have a blast.  

                                       *** Coy ***

onestrangecat said...

how great is it that you all are getting together?  who would have thought the friends that would be made when you first started journaling?


ryanagi said...

Mmm burger...LOL! Have a nice visit, y'all!

phlskygirl said...

It is my humble opinion that it's called In-N-Out Burger not because of its fast service, but because it leaves [slides out of] your um, system, as quickly as it went in.  If you're planning to continue your road trip while munching on those [laxatives] burgers, hide the emergency road-trip toilet-paper stash; Andrea totally strikes me as the type to hog it all in one [squat] sitting.  Blame her for my rude intrusion, by the way... she shouldn't showcase your journal link on her blog and not expect me to eventually sully it with my presence.   :o)


s0ngbird1962 said...

You gals are going to have a GREAT time!!  LOL, on the inside out burger....

andreakingme said...

Yep. Um hm. Figures that Aileen would tell us the REAL truth about the INSIDEOUT burgers, as only she could.

And THEN! She wrote:

"If you're planning to continue your road trip while munching on those [laxatives] burgers, hide the emergency road-trip toilet-paper stash; Andrea totally strikes me as the type to hog it all in one [squat] sitting."

What a brat! But yeah, she's right. I wipe until I'm clean, baby!

Trishy, you gotta check her Journal out. She talks about all of her quirky-n-disgusting little habits with abandon! The woman has no shame. And she's pretty, too.

phlskygirl said...

   Ok, I'M disgusting and have no shame??  Hello, Ms. Pot, my name is Ms. Kettle!  Freee, I'd like you to take this opportunity to exercise some good taste.  And while you're blocking Andrea from making any further comments to your journal <wheeee!>,  may I link your Mahna Mahna journal entry to my journal?
   My sister would loooove it... that was the only song we could "sing" along with back before we could speak english - we felt so "american" being able to follow along!  Wowee, I'd forgotten about that one!


cw2smom said...

OMG, I bet they'll want to get the In and Out bumper stickers and alter them like everybody else does!  LOL!  Lisa

slowmotionlife said...

Sheesh.. I may have already commented on this one - I have NO idea.  LOL  I've been reading about your girl trip on the other girl's journal too.  Jealous!!!  LOL  Ah well.. eat an In-N-Out for me, yeah?  :(

babyshark28 said...

LOL.  amusing entry. :)

we have an In-N-Out somewhere in Washington...but, no where close to us.

at my high school, in the 80's, it was popular to have an "In-N-Out Burger" bumper sticker.  But, it's not what you think, they would scratch off the B and r on Burger.  and well, I think you can figure out the rest....

deabvt said...

Have a Great time!
Yo, Hunny!