Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Um...Nevermind. I'm good.

Counting my blessings.  It's stuff like this that helps me put everything into perspective.

This woman recently had a (benign) tumor surgically removed too.  All 66 pounds worth!  It took four people to lift and roll it onto a pathology exam table.  That's almost a whole basketball team.

Will someone tell me though -- I understand the difficulty in self-diagnosing a tumor-like-growth.  But how do you not notice the 66 extra pounds?  Oooh, I wonder if I lost any weight last week.

Pictures of my tumor next to this one would be like comparing the difference between an M&M and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

See how I did that?  Brought chocolate into play!  Had to, otherwise any other comparison would just be gross.


babyshark28 said...

66 pounds!   I just don't see how that is possible...but, I guess it is.
thanks for bringing the chocolate in, it cleared up the gross out factor that my mind was heading too.  :D

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Um, eeeyuk.  Seriously, I think most people would notice that.  Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?  Good use of chocolate, though.  :)  ~Peachy

ckays1967 said...

I have to agree with would one NOT notice that thing????

I am so glad you are feeling better.  :)

redhdka said...

Wow that is the largest omg....what was she thinking walking around like that? OH well...I'm catching up here. I'm so glad everything went well. You are just the cutestttttttttttttttttt. So pretty. What a face.

diannevan said...

Actually I CAN understand how it would not be noticed.  OK, take me for example:

1991 - weighed 145 preggers, had the baby, then post-baby weighed 165 pounds.
1993 - preggers again, also 9 months of bedrest to prevent the preemie thing from happening again, so after the baby, I had ballooned to 200 pounds.
1994 - 2004 (yikes), every year I've added about five pounds to my weight.  With a slow growing tumor, you wouldn't really notice a 5-10 pound weight gain every year, but for ten years, it would equal 66 pounds.  

Think I can blame my huge belly on a tumor instead of Chocolate?  Nope, didn't think so.  Damn.

indigosunmoon said...

When I was still working at the hospital, we had
a lady that was admitted for surgery to remove
a large tumor also.  The doctor's estimated
before surgery that it probably weighed about
50 pounds.  This tumor had apparently been
growing slowly over the years, and she had
just adjusted to it being there in her abdomen.
The surgery was a success.  She had to have
8 units of blood during surgery...and when the
tumor was finally removed and weighed, it weighed
72 pounds!  The woman was so tiny afterwards!

I would never have believed it if I hadnt
seen it with my own eyes.  I actually went to the
lab and saw it!  Yuck!

So glad your doing well sweets!

alphawoman1 said...

I'm so gald that is over and that you are feeling better.

andreakingme said...

I remember seeing a similar show about a woman with a 200-pound tumor. Ken called me in from the other room and made me watch it ... and my emotions went haywrire. I wanted to barf. Then I wanted to cry. Then I got mad. Then I got grossed out and wanted to barf again. And I was so sad for her!

She had a happy ending, though. Gigi and SloMo weighed (hah!) in on the topic here:

Read it if you dare, sweetie.

derossetfamily said...

oh. my. god.

luckyaugustgirl said...

Umm EWWWWW! She certainly had the oddest expression on her face...but yeah that would put the kabosh on the complaining now wouldnt it? LOL

txsguinan said...

I second that eeewww!  :P

krobbie67 said...

Why in the world you are looking up stuff like that I don't know. But, if it gave you a sense of gratitude, then I guess it's all good. And...EWWWWWWWWWWW.
:-) ---Robbie