Friday, December 17, 2004

Post-Op Hunny

This is hanging on our fridge.

Hunny had her oral surgery today.  She's my hero.  She had a major chewing tooth extracted.  It was so badly infected, the surgeon had to "drill up into her skull."  Her vet said he didn't want to freak me out by telling me that but he went on to say the infection had gone into the bones of her mouth.  Apparently it had been there for about four to six months.  (how do they know these things?)  Even though he thought that was a long time to have an abscess -- or, basically, a rotting tooth -- I was relieved to hear this wasn't something that started years ago.  Of course, now I'm thinking about all the things I've been giving her in the last six months.  More treats than ever.  Greenies.  People food.  Not a lot, but I had never given her table scraps.  She has her food.  I have mine.  I've gotten soft in *our* old age.  Apparently, so have her teeth.

Her vet is so nice.  I really like him.  He gave me detailed information and specific instructions regarding her medication, feedings, care, etc.  I thanked him for being so wonderful and he said, "Oh please, thank you for letting us take care of her and for being so good at what you do."  I'm not sure what that meant.  But I do know Hunny proved to them how attached to me she really is.

When we brought her in this morning, I said to the technician, "I'll walk alongside you. Otherwise Hunny won't go with you."  He smiled and allowed me to pretend to go with them.  As I made a quick U-turn to duck out of Hunny's sight, I heard BANG, CRASH, SCUFFLE, SCRAPE!  Another technician and the vet ran to help as Hunny was trying desperately to escape back to me.  She almost made it.  I had to hide.  Everyone was chuckling and a little surprised.  You know, 'cause Hunny was so sweet, gentle and quiet the whole time before.  Even her weight surprised them.  I'm pretty sure by then they understood then what I meant when I said she's solid.

When they finally got her to the back room, the vet came out to me and joked, "Maybe if you beat her more, she'd be more willing to leave you."  Yeah, she's a tad bit attached to me.  For a moment I wanted to cry.  My poor baby.  I wasn't scared or worried.  I know she was in good hands.  I just felt bad for being part of a moment that caused her so much fear.

She was so disoriented when we brought her home, it broke my heart.  She was bug-eyed and ditzy from the anesthesia.  I spent a lot of time laying next to her, holding the space for her to find some restful position.  She fell asleep by my side a few times.  When she wanted space, she took it.  When she needed attention, she asked for it.  And I jumped for her.

At one point she heard a knock on the door.  She instinctively barked, jumped off the bed and headed right past the front door to the kitchen.  Then back through the living room.  Then I think she forgot what she was doing because she sat down, gazing to the floor.

I dropped to the floor with her and told her how wonderful she is.  I gently led her back to the bedroom and guided her to lay down again.  I can only imagine what kind of hallucinations she's having -- sound asleep with her eyes wide open.  I can see her reactions.  I hear her responses.  Light whines, some singing, purrs (yes, she purrs).  And I wouldn't be a mama if I didn't stop everything in a moment of panic, checking to be sure she's still breathing -- at least once ... every hour!

She and I are on the same antibiotics (yeah, I laugh at that).  She's on different pain killers.  And she has a personalized homeopathic tincture from her vet. (right on!)  We're both on the road to recovery.  And we both need to see our doctors for follow-ups in two weeks.

Hunny's a Warrior.  She ate a little, drank some water, and now she's sleeping again, at my feet.  Sweet Love.


sistercdr said...

You're a good mommy.

sunflowerkat321 said... girls are SO lucky to have each other!!

aims814 said...

Aw, please kiss her and hug her for me.

Gee, y'all really DO do everything together. :)  

Sending love and hugs!

diannevan said...

The blind leading the blind...or the sick healing the sick.  I wish I was there to take care of both of you!

onestrangecat said...

Your poor little baby. I am sure she will continue to improve like the little trooper we know she is.


donah42 said...

If she's anything like a kid, she'll bounce back quickly...probably quicker than you! Rest and take care of eachother---I'm glad both of your ordeals are finally over! {{{hugs}}} to you both!

babyshark28 said...

awwww, the little warrior. :)  Sounds like post-op is going like it should, for the both of you.  :)    soon you'll be both back on your feet and with new energy for life.

alucard1dvt said...

Hunny IS a Warrior!

alucard1dvt said...

Freee, I hope you both feel better by Christmas!
{{{ Hugs, freee, hunny }}}

riverdaughter196 said...

My Siberian Husky had to have a bad tooth extracted.  They had to go in throw his cheek to get all of the tooth.  Whenever my dogs have surgery I read to them when they come home.  The sound of my voice soothes them and they rest better.

ryanagi said...

Aww! I hope Hunny heals up fast and is back to her normal puppyish self soon.

sonensmilinmon said...

Both of you are warriors.  Hunny is got to be one of thee best dogs and of course cutest (besides my sweet Toby) dogs I've seen in j-land. :-)  I'm having to take my sweetie to the vet too.  But, nothing like Hunny.  He's been biting ALL his fur off his thigh.  I don't know why or what's causing the problem.  I thought a hot spot of fleas but, nothing was found.  Geeesh, he has NO frickin hair there now.  I've been putting egg and a little oil in his food, still nothing seems to help him with that darn itchy gotta bit area. :-(  I don't want a bald doggie, he's too cute for that.   Now give Hunny a BIG hug from me and well, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a BIG hug from me too!


andreakingme said...

I thought about Hunny (and DiAnne's fur baby, Evie) last night as I was following alseep. I was also thinking about a hippopotamus for Christmas because I couldn't get the damn song out of my head. So I guess you could say my head was filled with wild life.

ANYway ... this entry touched my heart. It made me smile, giggle and put that look of sad, pained understanding on my face. You know the one. Our fur babies don't understand about the vet and surgeries ... their little lives are in our hands. I feel the same sadness and guilt when we have to take the babies to the vet. And I swear my heart was in my throat the entire time Buddy Cat was in the "sleep box" last year (which was about 5 minutes). They had to put him asleep briefly because he wouldn't let them near him to draw blood.

::big sigh:: It upsets me just remembering it!

I'm so glad the tooth extraction is over with for Hunny. And for you. Get well soon, Hunny Girl!

andreakingme said...

Uh, yeah. I type just like I TALK! (Sheeshush. Help me.)

indigosunmoon said...

She's just precious!!!  I'm so glad she did
well!  So glad your BOTH doing well
Sending you both much love!

luckyaugustgirl said...

Awwwwww- So glad she made it through ok. We all get a little worried about her you know. :) Shes the most precious little thing ive ever seen. Hope the BOTH of you get to feeling much better soon. And dont beat yourself up there too much, Mom. Your an excellent caregiver and mommy. :)
Lots of love and well wishes to you both..... Sarah

yakima127 said...

You are an awesome Mom!  JAE

montaukny said...

{{{Hunny & Freee}}}  I understand totally how you feel!  So glad to hear that Hunny is doing ok, the little cutie!!!  Smooches, ~~Aunt Nub~~

aynetal3 said...

You are the champions ... of the world!

rgossett4195 said...

After my poor kitty's had surgery they walked around like they were drunk all night...poor baby's they don't understand, especially after they lost their manhood along with their dignity!
You're a great friend to your hunny!  Roseg

txsguinan said...

Aww...poor babies!  It cracks me up that you're taking the same meds :D  

Just don't mix up your painkillers or you're liable to find yourself jumping off the bed, forgetting what you're up to and gazing disconsolately at the floor.  ;)

krobbie67 said...

That picture is too cute! And, Kevin seconds that. I guess he's started reading your journal too. :-D ---Robbie

judithheartsong said...

you and Hunny are both warriors.......... this post made me tear up. I never understood "holding space" until Virginia did it for me................ she  holds space so that I can heal.
love to you and Hunny.

xzasporated1 said...

I would rather endure horrendous pain than to see my babies go through it, not being able to understand.  But Hunny's gonna be fine and better than ever.

You too.

~~ jennifer

deabvt said...

Freee, what a beautiful love story.
{{{ Hunny, Hugs }}}