Friday, December 31, 2004

Journey to Lotus Martinis

Obviously these are rough sketches.  GO HERE for actual pictures of our visit.

Sunday was spontaneously spent driving through the Orange Curtain to visit one of my favorite J-Landers. We know her as TxsGuinan of Lotus Martinis.  The cartoony yoga goddess whose writing always has me laughing, crying and thinking.  I still don't understand why she's not a published writer -- except that she may not be pushing for a book deal.

If you're familiar with her journal, you know she accompanies her entries with cartoony images of herself, the hubs and her mother -- and others who may come along her way.  So, when I went to see her, I was half expecting to enter ToonTown.

Mid-writing this entry, she contacted me to show me her recent entry -- depicting us actually in ToonTown.  I like her images better.  We all appear to be about twenty years younger and twenty pounds lighter.  Even Hunny looks like a little whipper-snapper in the picture.  She's just the greatest.

She's very much like her cartoony-self.  She's beautiful, fit, fun, cool, smart, down-to-earth. I can't say enough about how I adore her.  Her cartoony-hubs is dead-on.  I could pick him out of a line-up based on his cartoony images alone.  He's a very handsome man -- kind, generous, sweet.  Hunny kept checking in with him while the girls were cackling and howling in the computer room -- then in the kitchen.  Gigi got right down on the floor with Hunny and they loved eachother up.  Oh yeah, this is a friend for life.  No awkwardness.  No insecurities.  Just a day of fun, talking, laughing, cookie making, and martinis of course.

I look forward to many more visits.  Just another reason AOL-J Rocks.


aims814 said...

What a great story!!! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I look forward to many more entries about your visits!

Happy New Year!

Love you~ Mia

grassriver said...

Apparently California is the place to be!
Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time. YAY!!!! :o)
p.s. All the pictures in these entries look awesome. Well done!

chasenkids said...

I love Lotus' journal! It was really neat to see these pics. I wish I was in Cali!
(Cold in Alaska)

babyshark28 said...

Sounds like a perfect time together. :)
it still boggles my mind, to meet someone
from aol-j.  I guess I have to do it someday.
it's kind of scary, though...right? :p
that's just me though.
Mrs. TxsGuinan looks down to earth and fun.
not scary at all!

txsguinan said...

We (few) Lefties still languishing behind the Orange Curtain appreciate all emissaries from LA LA Land.  I'm glad you remembered your passport.

I told the Hubs all the nice things you wrote about him here, and he's worried that you think you could pick his cartoony-self out of a lineup.  Because, let's face it: someday someone'll probably have to.    xxoo  ;)

luckyaugustgirl said...

Sounds like you had a great time your martinis and girl time. Its nice when J-landers can meet and share experiences.... Hope you get to see a lot more of each other..... :)

Sarha--- Umm did i really just type so sloppy that i cant even type my own name? Lets try that again

Sarah- Hmmph, thats better....... :)

andreakingme said...

I'm so glad your visit went well! And hah! I think Gigi looks exactly like her cartoony self ... and a little like her cartonny mum. (You should hear me giggling over these photos. I'm such a simpleton.)

Don't tell me you two drank that bottle of Vodka and ate those cookies (like ... together?). Oy vey! I can't wait to try a martini ....

krobbie67 said...

It sounds like great fun and I'm glad we finally get to see the lovely lotus in the reality version. :-) ---Robbie

alphawoman1 said...

Gigi is beautiful! It is such a treat to see that faces behind the words.