Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

Whoooooboy!  I'm tired.  Ha!  I'm headed out the door to David's.  I'm basically staying in tonight, but at his place instead of mine.  I generally don't like to be on the road after dark on New Year's Eve.  But I'm looking forward to "hanging in" with friends.  No huge plans...whatever happens.  Perhaps a game of 90s Trivial Pursuit.  Chess.  Boggle.  Cards.  Martinis (not much for me).  Maybe some CD-burnage and Photoshop lessons.  I'm bringing my computer -- so I just may update while I'm there.

The dogs have been walked and fed.  That still doesn't guarantee a pee-free carpet.  Hunny has a pretty clear way of expressing how "pissed" she gets when I leave.  Hopefully the Greenie will take the edge off for her.  I wish there were some kind of doggie martini or 'greenie' in another form.

She and Sparky have been playing keep-away with all the bones I've allowed back in sight since Hunny's surgery.  I'm blessed to know they get alone so well.  I've never seen Hunny roll on her back for any other female dog -- especially a younger one.  She does with Sparky.  Hunny's still top dog.  She makes sure of it.  But it warms my heart to see her play like a pup again.  I had pictures of their fun times but I can't seem to find 'em.  Guess that's my cue to head out.

Happy New Year everyone.  Be safe.  Remember love.  Prayers to all who are suffering.  It's not outside of ourselves.  We are one.  Peace, Compassion and Laughter in the heart always. 


yakima127 said...

Happy New Year to you!  Have a great evening!  JAE

grodygeek said...

Have a wonderful, entertaining, and safe New Year's Eve.

the cycling curmudeon

aims814 said...

Have a fun, safe and happy new year!
Love ya girl!

fyrecracker1 said...

Happy (east coast) New Year, Freee!

kuhlhiggins said...

Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun tonight. Happy New Year.

coy1234787 said...

Sounds like the perfect way to start the New Year,
what more could a girl ask for?
Happy New Year Free!

      *** Coy ***

grassriver said...

I did the same thing last night. Staying in at a friend's house is always better - at least that's what I think. Hope you had a great time!
Happy New Year!

ann7inflorida said...

I love how you ended this entry. Happy New Year, Free!!! ~Ann : )

indigosunmoon said...

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve,
and that the coming new year brings you
nothing but love and happiness!

heartsingr said...

Happy New Year!


babyshark28 said...

Happy New Year Freee! :)
I wish their was board games where we were, I love board games.  
There was just people and alchohol.  though, I did sing some karaoke.
here's to some peace for the New Year.

viarbooba said...

hope you had a wonderful time bringing in the new year and hope 2005 holds lots of happiness for you!!

gatorspictures said...

happy new year, trish and hunny!!
hope it is awesome for you both!! C

redhdka said...

Happy New year..i enjoyed all the pictures. You are so beautiful!

luckyaugustgirl said...

Happy New Year, (a little belated):) Have a wonderful safe and happy 2005~


jcgeorgiapeach said...

I'm so happy to hear that Hunny is recovering so well and having fun again.  Would've loved playing 90's Trvial Pursuit with ya.  Happy New Year!  ~Peachy

deabvt said...

Seems like everyone is doin` fine!
Happy New Year.

msyahtzee said...

Happy New Year- 3 days late.  Hope you are fairing well with all this rain we are having!  -Kari