Friday, December 3, 2004

For the Love of Dog!

The other day I gave Hunny one of her favorite treats - a carrot.  Her usual reaction would be to chew it and swallow it fast, in hopes there's another one in the wings waiting for her.  Instead, her response to this carrot was more savory, rolling it around in her mouth, nibbling the edges and finally biting small pieces, letting some shreds fall to the floor here and there.  When she was finished eating the broken pieces, she eagerly, but gently, ate the shreds.

No big deal right?  I mean, a whole carrot might seem too big for such a little dog to eat in one mouthful.  That is, unless it were a baby carrot.  Poor thing.  She was definitely babying that carrot.  Broke my heart.

Concerned, I lifted her lips to expose her back teeth.  I'm not quite sure what I was looking for but I knew I needed to look anyway.  Her gums looked red and there was visible tartar buildup on the teeth at the gum line.  That all seemed normal for a 10-year-old dog.

She hasn't been showing any signs of pain.  But, she's a dog.  Most dogs have an insanely high pain threshold.  Hunny may be small(ish) but she's strong and solid.  I've only heard her yelp once.  I've always had to be her pain gauge.  She was dying one time and I wouldn't have known if the vets didn't make me sign that "I will pay this bill even if my dog dies" paper.  I knew she was sick.  I didn't have a clue she was THAT sick.  Obviously she survived.

Now I know her "dying" signs.  When she's really sick or very uncomfortable, I usually know.  She tells me.  But she doesn't whimper, whine, yelp or cry.  She stays silent.  She sits up a lot, even during the night.  She stares with a certain glazed look.  She gets close and needy -- and sometimes even [gasp] cuddles right alongside me.  I love those moments, but I also know it could be a sign that she's not well.  She's a strong, dominant, independent dog.  She plays, walks and runs like a puppy sometimes.  She has a lot of energy.  She eats her Greenies, bones and dry food with no qualms.

Still, the carrot incident hadn't escaped me.  So we took a field trip to the vet today.  Upon first glance the vet confirmed there is indeed tartar buildup and a good cleaning is in order.  When I asked if Hunny was in any pain (my main concern) he double-checked her mouth, this time looking further back.  BAM!  An abscess.  My heart sank.  It's one of her major chewing teeth -- and most likely it will need to be extracted.  Beyond that, we don't know what to expect until he gets in there. 

My poor baby.  I felt like any mother when her child is in pain.  I dropped to the floor with her -- "I'm so sorry.  I should've known.  Bad mama."  Why didn't I take her in sooner?  How could I have prevented this?   The vet was like, "Um, no.  This stuff happens.  She's here now.  You're taking care of her."

Yeah well, she's also 3 or 4 lbs overweight (a lot for a dog her size).  While there, I also asked that he check on some small lumps I found on her.  He thinks they're no big deal.  But to be sure, we had them tested. 

While the technicians were poking and prodding her, our vet came out and told me, "She's just sitting there, very calm, quiet and gentle.  We put a cloth muzzle on her, as we do with all dogs, but I'd venture to guess we don't really need it.  She's a great dog."  [Atta girl!]  They needed to do a full blood panel on her.  At her age, she's considered a senior dog -- a geriatric.  Huh?  When did THAT happen?  She'll always be my little pound-pup.  [I do love telling people she's almost ten ... most of them think I mean ten months.  It's a fun game Hunny and I play.]

Assuming her lab results prove it's safe for her to have general anesthesia, it appears as though Hunny and I will both be having surgery this month.  What are the odds?  Interestingly, her abscess is on the right side of her face.  So is my tumor.  I'm thinking chicken broth will be on the menu around here for a while.

Click the image above for a sloppy, cheesy, sappy windows media video I created for Hunny.  If you have trouble loading the link from AOL, try Internet Explorer -- it's a quick and painless load time.  Even better, copy the link and paste it right into your media player.


yakima127 said...

You're a GOOD Mama!  JAE

diannevan said...

Oh man.  You have me literally weeping here.  I watched the video and I just can't get over the love between you two.  It's easy for the rest of us to love Hunny just because she looks so damn adorable, but it's far more than that.  Her personality, as it is impeccably described by you, makes me think of HER as a friend, too.  

kuhlhiggins said...

Sorry to hear that you and Hunny will have to have surgery this month. I hope all goes well for the both of you.

coy1234787 said...

Awww ... Hunny-Bunny-Boo ... your mama takes such good care of you:-)

                                        *** Coy ***

babyshark28 said...

awwww, so sweeeeet!!!
that was really impressive freee. :D
the link didn't work the first two times, but it did the third, not sure why.
but, I'm not going to complain. :D
again, great job, everything was sweet and tender.

gatorspictures said...

way sweet, i loved this!

geminiwilder said...

AWWW!  I don't know how you do that, but it was awesome.  ::tears::

Hunny does, indeed, have the BEST mama.  Don't doubt yourself.  

All the best to both of you.  love, Phinn xo

deabvt said...

Yea!!   There`s my Girl!!

aynetal3 said...

Wonderful job on your production Free!

krobbie67 said...

Poor Hunny and mommy. :::hugs:::: to both...Now, I'm going to IE because the link didn't work for me. :-) ---Robbie

krobbie67 said... worked perfectly going through IE. It figures.

That was adorable! And, what a perfect song to pick. :-) ---Robbie

mallory4284 said...

Aw, I love that little video!! Hunny is such a cutie! My favorite is that last picture of the two of you.

Poor Hunny though. That's gotta be painful, but your vet is right, there's nothing that you could have done. Except take her to the vet to see what's wrong, which you did! So you shouldn't feel bad.

Hope she gets to feeling better!

-- Mallory

grassriver said...

Oh Trish - I love it! What a great tribute!
Hunny is seriously the cutest dog. She's always smiling.
Don't feel bad about the abscess, the Vet's right. You're a great Mom.

slowmotionlife said...

OMG.. how cute is that?!  So original!  Love it.  Poor Hunny.  I think the way you feel about Hunny is definitely how many of us feel about our kids when they get sick - it's heartbreaking. You almost wish YOU could go through it for them. At least you both get to have sympathy pains for each other! Chicken broth and Rice Dream Ice Cream, yeah?  LOL  :D

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Poor Hunny Bunny!  You are such a good mama...don't ever tell yourself otherwise. So sorry I was um, so yappy dappy at 1 this morning that I couldn't take the time to say, "Hey, what went on with your day?"  I'm all ears for you....and will be keeping you both close in the days to come.  ~Peachy

ryanagi said...

Aww poor Hunny! Do they do root canals on dogs? Dental implants? Well...I'll just hope they can save her tooth. :-/

dakotarose2852 said...

Aww, poor little Hunny Bunny.  But don't blame yourself.  My Lucy had a broken tooth last year and I didn't know it.  The vet found it during a routine exam.  She had to have the tooth extracted.  Our girls are tough.  I'm sure Hunny will be fine.  You will be a wreck the day of the surgery, and you'll feel awful for her when you bring her home, but the next day she will be a little better.  Hang tough for Hunny.  You know she'll be there for you after your surgery.  Both of you will be in my thoughts and prayers through the upcoming days.

luckyaugustgirl said...

I hope you and Hunny feel better very soon..... I still say thats the cutest dog on the face of the planet......

So sweet for you to do an Ode to your best friend :)

Good luck girls, you are definately in my thoughts and prayers this upcoming week.....


indigosunmoon said...

Oh poor Hunny!!  Bless her little canine heart!
And you are not a bad Momma!  That tooth
just absessed the day before you found it ok!

xzasporated1 said...

Sloppy puppy kisses being sent to Hunny.  Can't stand it when the pupsters are hurting.  Can't stand it.

~~ jennifer

martinsek5 said...

I'm sorry your baby is not well.  My Gabby Sue is getting bad... she has that lab/bad hips thing(she also has the lumps) and you can just see her dread as she approaches the stairs.  My FIL is a Vet and gives us some meds for her for it, but she is starting to fall down the stairs now.  Anyway... it's hard when our four legged friends get old.  My baby girl will be 10 years old on Christmas Day and I'm starting to wonder how much longer she will be around.  Your Hunny is so adorable = I hope she is better soon.  Pamela

kathlyna22 said...

oh your video made me cry!
I feel the same way about my kitten, and I just found out I have to leave her for a year with my parents, and I just can't imagine it.
I hope Hunny is o.k.!

derossetfamily said...

poor baby! I hope sweet Hunny's ok. Look at that pretty face--almost 10?! Wow, she really doesnt look it! I know you'll keep us updated and I'll be eager to hear that she's just fine--gonna go check out this video.

judithheartsong said...

I am wrapping both of you in hugs............ judi

andreakingme said...

For once, I'm glad I'm only on weeny dial-up because if your entry can make me cry, the video's going to double me over.

I'm vibing like a dervish for Hunny girl. Poor sweetheart.

freelanceryter04 said...

Such a cute little doggy.


cste609371 said...