Friday, December 31, 2004

Christmas Eve Day Recap

It was an ambiguous Christmas this year.  It came and went in a flash.  I had a moment of "oh woe is me" being away from family.  But that passed as I continued to live life and celebrate in the new ways I've come to love.  I do miss playing board games though.  So I went out and got the 90s edition of Trivial Pursuit for tonight.  That was no easy task.  I went to two Targets.  Both were sold out (even though the second one assured me they had them in stock).  I finally broke down and geared up for Toys R Us.  I had three games in my arms when I realized games are not the same price as when I was a kid.  [oh god, did i really just say that?]

There were many people in the store but checking out was easy.  I couldn't figure out where everyone was, until I was leaving.  The crowd for returns was so big, people were sitting in line.  Why don't people just give gift cards? [oh god, did i really just say that too?]

Where does the time go?

Christmas Eve was great.  I spent the first part of my day with Fishboy and a small dogpark group.  After that, we attacked a local mall so I could finally get the video game I pre-ordered for him last summer.  The line just to park was rounding onto the streets so we splurged for $3.50 valet parking.  He mentioned a car wash with valet.  I considered it, since the PeaceMobile could really use a good cleaning.  But we didn't know how long we'd be.  On our way into the mall, we saw the valet/car wash sign.  We were trying to figure out the pricing when we both noticed, "complimentary".  I guess you had to be there.  But we both fell over in a fit of laughter.  "Complimentary $18.00 car wash."  I still laugh at that.  [even though we understand it's the valet price that is waived if we were to get the car washed.]  Still, funny to us.  When we get to laughing, there's no stopping us.  Love that kid!

I hadn't been in a mall (or any store) all season.  Isn't it just like me to go on Christmas Eve?  I don't know what I was expecting but I was shocked to see the line in EB Games.  We felt like we were waiting for a concert.  While there, we used our waiting time wisely to decide what he wanted to get for the adults in his life.  A woman, bored out of her mind, joined our conversation with suggestions (in detail) of Bath & Body Works products.  Later she said she'd gotten all of her shopping out of the way but her husband waited till the last minute.  Fishboy and I looked around and I asked, "Where is your husband?"  The woman rolled her eyes and said he was home watching the game.  You know I didn't let that slide, "You mean, he waited till the last minute so you're here doing his shopping?"  She smiled agreeingly, "Yeah."  We smiled back, "Oh."

After thirty minutes in line, we were bombarded with the upselling techniques, "If you get this with this you get this much off."  It didn't stop.  We knew what we wanted but since it was Fishboy's birthday present (from July) I thought I'd add a little something for Christmas.  I cut off the sales pitch, "How much is the Strategy Guide?"  He started with more pitches.  I said, "OK, bring it on, upsell away, we're all ears!"  Y'gotta have fun during times like these.  Otherwise, it's just ... boring.

That completed my Christmas Shopping.  Other than that, I didn't buy anything for anyone this year.  Not even a card.  It's not about the buying anyway.  I showed up in different ways.  Life is grand.


rgossett4195 said...

Like the title...I didn't do as much for christmas either...very practical stuff...but I got a new grandbaby!  Dakota was born on Dec that was very cool.  My husband was a great guy and actually went shopping with me on Christmas Eve...Have fun!

txsguinan said...

Fishboy's a born photographer ~ Hunny looks great.  But then, Hunny always looks great.

I didn't know you liked 'Trivial Pursuit!'  The Hubs won't play board or card games; it appears he was somehow traumatized by them as a child. We'll have to play at the confluence!  :)

ryanagi said...

I love Trivial Pursuit...I have the DVD Pop Culture edition sitting here in my office. Haven't had a chance to play it yet. Happy New Year!

diannevan said...

OK, I'm changing my plans.  I'm not coming for just a weekend, I'm coming for a whole week.  I'm bringing all my games and I'll whup your butt at Trivial pursuit (we literally have 6 versions at home), MadGab, Pente, Break the Safe, CSI's game, and might even break out the last surviving relic from 1979...The Mad Magazine Board Game (my kids' favorite).  OK, I'm teasing, still only coming for a weekend but I WILL teach you guys how to play my favorite game.  My kids call it "The cussing game" because this evil power overtakes my mind and I start swearing at my mother because she played the card I was waiting to play.