Friday, December 31, 2004

Christmas at Home

I love surprises.  Well, the fun kind anyway.  (heehee)

I mentioned earlier how I received cards and tokens of love from all over.  As I've gotten older, gifts have been minimal -- but always thoughtful.  I receive with an open heart.  You could wrap dirt and I would marvel at how wonderfully thoughtful it was to even have it wrapped.  I'm not great about presentation.  I put my heart into the gift but often forget about the wrapping and bows and such.  So when something arrives all pretty and decorated, I have a difficult time opening it (ruining the artwork/wrapping).


I'm also impatient.  Usually I can't be trusted around a package that isn't clearly marked "Do not open till Christmas."  I love the anticipation.  But if I think I have permission, I'll open it right away.  Not this year.  I put most of my cards and gifts by the ... um ... wreath.  No tree this year.  The wreath was my pine smell for the season.

On Christmas Eve (after I got home from dogwalking and gatherings) I lit candles in my two favorite candle holders.  One was a gift from Mia for my birthday this past year.  The other was made by Nadine last year.  Both are gifts that keep on giving.

Instinctively I turned the TV on.  It was exactly midnight.  Midnight Mass had just begun.  After years of avoiding all things Catholic, I left it on in the background while I sat with Hunny, the candles and cards/gifts, mostly unopened.  I was surprised to find myself speaking the prayers in response to the services.  It was a beautiful ceremony -- being able to look beyond the "do as I say and fear me" aspects of all I was taught growing up.

My intention was to open the gifts and cards that night because I was scheduled for six dogwalks on Christmas Day.  Instead, I fell asleep immediately following mass.  As you can see, Hunny was fast asleep before me.

So, just like when  I was a kid, Christmas Day was the gift-opening day.  One package that took me by complete surprise was the box delivered from Andrea.  It was like the never-ending stocking, stuffed with little trinkets and thoughtful gifts -- including two boxes of gourmet chocolates from her home town.  Oh, and do you recognize the Life Savers Man?  Andrea's the only one I know who would find a Hershey's Kiss Candle (with a note: don't eat the candle).  Thank you Andrea.  I'm teary all over again.


grassriver said...

Seriously Trish, Hunny is the sweetest dog ever.
I also have "issues" with the Catholic church, but Midnight Mass always calls me - it's amazing.
Glad to hear you opened your gifts on Christmas morning!

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Since I'm not Catholic, I've never much paid attention to services that are shown on TV here...especially since I was never really up until midnight for Mass.  However, this year, I did happen to catch a few Masses from different parts of the state (and the Vatican) and was completely enthralled by the solemn ceremony that was also in a way, very joyous.  Watched for quite a while.

Merry Christmas, hon.  :)  ~Peachy

fyrecracker1 said...

Hey, Freee!  I was just reading through some missed entries and I came across something that I am TRUELY taken back by.... Your admiration of the votive I made.  I am SO pleased that you USE IT!  :o)  Most of the people I talk to never want to use theirs....  That's what it's there for!  LOL!  It looks so lovely next to your cards...

May you have much love, peace and happiness in this new year...


andreakingme said...

I'm so glad I was able to take you by surprise and make you feel loved, Trishy. Except for chocolate (tee-hee), that's one of the very BEST things we can give to each other.

Happy New Year!

krobbie67 said...

Aww...that picture of Hunny is sooooo cute. I want a dog. Errggg but know it's for the best, like with kids I'll just be an Aunt to my friends' pets.

You are so better than I am. I could not have waited, nor did I! :-D have a little somethin somethin coming from me but it's a project so it may take a week or two. :-D ---Robbie

diannevan said...

I bet I'm not the only one planning to get you a prettily-decorated box of dirt next year!!  Which reminds me of a little funny story.  My mom's closest friend decided to give her a special gift for her 50th birthday.  The box was exquisitely wrapped with gold foil paper and ribbon with a bow that seemed to go on forever.  Upon opening the box and separating the tissue burst into hysterics.  She was laughing so hard she couldn't even speak.  Inside the box was this...well, umm, it was a bone.  A raccoon's penis bone, to be precise.  Mom and Pat had discovered that raccoons were one of very few animals to have a REAL boner. Mom has her coon pecker hanging from a gold chain in her bedroom.  NOW you know where I get it from, eh?