Monday, November 29, 2004

For the Love of Survivor


If you read DiAnne's journal, you're likely to know by now that I'm a newbie Survivor fan.  It's only my second season but I'm a bit of a psycho-fan.  That's kinda redundant ... seeing that fan is short for fanatic.  If you notice, the last four letters were removed so they could be used in the more-popular lunatic.

Anyway, since DiAnne and my friend Jennifer turned me on to Survivor, I feel incomplete if I miss an episode.  Thankfully, DiAnne had sent me the first five episodes of this season to keep me updated.  I'd missed two in a row while I was in the Northeast this past fall.  I've been caught up since.  But last Thursday was Thanksgiving, so I completely forgot it was a Survivor night.  And (of all nights) I missed what is now being referred to as "the best episode of the season."  Go figure.

I've been a fan of one player from the very beginning.  However, some people find it perfectly acceptable to sway their opinions of these players from week to week.  Keeping with the consistency of my feelings, I've created the above bumper sticker for myself.

Even though I'm pretty sure Ami's head is on the chopping block from here on out, I'll love her forever.  She'll have to win immunity for the rest of the season to stay in this game.  They're all on to her.  Know why?  She's their biggest threat.  She's assertive, smart, wise, strong and she has yet to lie or cheat to get this far.  She's been open and honest about where she stands from the very beginning.  I love her integrity.  And come on, how cute is that skirt she wears?  A skirt. Deserted. On an island!  Contrary to popular belief (DiAnne!) it's not about the blue bikini - or what's in it.  That's just a bonus.

So not to start a cat-fight over here, I've done the democratic thing by creating another signage for those of you who are members of DiAnne's "I Hate Ami" Fanclub.

Frankly, I'm tickled that Ami's popularity is plummeting.  I was getting freaked out that I liked one of the "popular" players at the beginning.  Conformity scares me.  So, for all I care, y'all can have your Chads and Julies.  As long as I can have my Amis.

But seriously, if Eliza doesn't go soon, I may have to hunt her down and gag her myself.  If Ami doesn't make it to the final two, my vote will go to Scout.

Survivor logo ripped off and used without permission of CBS or its affiliates.  It's just a journal, folks.


irun01 said...

I'm with you.  I think Ami has the ability to win it all.  Smart, assertive, wise and strong, just like you say.  And, oh yes, what's in that blue bikini is certainly a bonus.

diannevan said...

Oh, I totally LOVED this entry!!  

First, I disagree on the lying thing.  It's just that she's so sneaky you don't know when she's lying.  Her big downward spiral happened when she conspired to get Lisa voted off.  In my opinion, her telling everyone else that Lisa was trying to get rid of Ami was a lie.  All Lisa did was say that Ami shouldn't be the only one who knows where the food is because you never know what can happen.  

But is Ami all bad?  Oh, heck no!  This week, when Ami's girlfriend was there and they won the immunity challenge, I got this huge grin while Ami was chanting "ooh, I love my girl, ooh I love my girl..."  On top of that, Ami is a hard worker, and when it comes to Survivor those people get the biggest kudos from me.  

The skirt, though, has GOT to go.  And just for your sake, we'll make the bikini go, too. LOL

mallory4284 said...

I'm not much of a survivor fan, but my mom and sister have "survivor nights" at home, so I feel compelled to watch so that when they go on about it, I at least know what's going on. (But I have been watching since last season....) I'm still up in the air about Ami. I can't decide yet if I like her. She is smart though. I'd be scared of her if I were on that show.

And I totally agree about Eliza. I was hoping she'd go this past Thursday. She annoys me to no end.

-- Mallory

donah42 said...

I'm in the "I hate Ami" club. I'm finding it hard to get psyched up about anyone this season---Rupert will always rule! But right now I'm rooting for Chris, mostly because he's kinda cute ;)

krobbie67 said...

You are so bad! Rubbing this all in DiAnne's face. Sheesh, I'm surprised you don't have a big 'ol pic of what's in that bikini to rub in her face. Hmm...she might have a change of heart about silicone if you did. ;-D

"And (of all nights) I missed what is now being referred to as 'the best episode of the season.'"

::::hanging head in guilt and shame:::::

NOT! :-D ---Robbie

P.S. Loved the disclaimer!

babyshark28 said...

awww. you love me.  ha ha ha.
yeah....I started work and so ended my time watching survivor.
It's still a family favorite around here, it's just...I'm not here to watch it!
I'm working.
so, I have no clue about anyone anymore :(
So, I decided to find my own "surivivor" like series for myself
and now watch "the amazing race".
it's all so crazy.

readmereadyou said...

I don't know why but I couldn't get into that show. I watch a lot of reality TV but the stuff on there, I couldn't handle. Okay, so I'm a wimp. : )

ryanagi said...

Husband and I are both pissed we missed it on Thursday. I mean, come ON. Who puts new episodes on a holiday? No one is watching TV...cept maybe football. Everything ELSE was reruns. Grrr! Now I have to find someone that taped it. LOL

dockart said...

I have to admit, I'm in the <b>I hate Ami club</b> too. She is right up there with Eliza for me. Most of my faves got voted off already but at this point anyone not Eliza or Ami works for me. LOL!!

I missed Thurdays episode to but if you go to:
You can always get a great recap there!

s0ngbird1962 said...

I tend to always root for the under dog.... and in this case, that would be Twila.  (Last year it was Rupert).  I think that it would be a smart move to keep Eliza around to the final two....  Most in the jury would not vote for her,  because she was sooooooooo lazy.  At this point, not really about how much you like a person; but rather about keeping those around that you believe the jury doesn't like.  Strategy... : )

alphawoman1 said...

I always end up rooting for one of the guys...guess I'm a traitor, but I can't help myself!

derossetfamily said...

I'm in the 'I hate Survivor' Club, actually. Amazing Race fanatic here! :D

xzasporated1 said...

I'm a Twila fan.  Have been since day one.  I liked Ami until she got too big for her britches, uh...skirt.  She has to be the most presumptive, cockiest female contestant since Jerri.  But Jerri didn't pretend to be anything other than what she was.  

I don't want Eliza voted off.  I want her drowned.  Sorry.  Violence in the peacemaker's journal.  Totally uncool.

But your signage is terrific.  I'll take the slashmark, please.


~~ jennifer

sonensmilinmon said...

I guess I burned out on Survivor.  But, give me Amazing Race any day! :-)  I'm clueless as far this season goes.


bridgetteleigh75 said...

LOL ~  I haven't really been watching this show (I'm addicted to Cold Case and CSI), but it amuses me to see hard-core fans discussing it.  For your sake, Freee, I hope Ami wins.  <grin>

I'm glad you and Robbie had a great Thanksgiving together.

I've been missing you, girl.


ondinemonet said...

Hey Sweetie

Ironic, you just wrote an entry about being a psycho-fan for Survivor and I just wrote an entry on my new favorite must see TV..."The Real Gilligan's Island!" ROFLMAO! Oh my, pass the popcorn!

Love, ya...Carly :)

judithheartsong said...

Yep...... me too. Go gettum Ami. :):) judi

z7snowflake said...

Hi! Was browsing thru journals and stop by, hey...I like survivor also. Stop by my journal if u get the chance.