Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Earthmother's Cupboard

Earthmother's Cupboard -- Potpourri and Sachets hand made by J-Land's Hippie (In Yuppieland).

Timing is everything.  And this gift, I must say, is perfectly timed.  Obviously it looks beautiful.  But that's not even half the beauty.  I almost passed out last night as I was sniffing and huffing each bag of potpourri.  And the lavender sachets are potent enough to fill a bathroom, a closet or even the PeaceMobile with a much more relaxing scent than (the scent that now overwhelms the cargo area).

I spent (too much) time playing eenie-meenie-minee-moe with all the different potpourri mixes on the website.  I finally decided to start with these items:

[text from Earthmother Cupboard's website]

HeartSong - This was inspired by the fabulous JudithHeartSong. Vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow with a touch of gold, combined with a heady jasmine scent, capture her lively and beautiful spirit!

Peace - This blend was inspired by FreeePeace's journal, Journey to Peace. The colors are the natural and down-to-earth tones of green, brown and cream, with the scents of sage and cedar and lavender.

I chose HeartSong because I'm a sucker for the scent of jasmine.  Plus, you know, I just love Judi.  So that's a bonus reason.  I don't know how Hippie did it, but the Peace scent and the colors really speak to the core of me.  Very earthy and calming.  Exactly what the doctor ordered.  Thank you Hippie.  Already I want more.  And so I shall get more.

Our community is blessed to get the chance to experience J-Land's artists and creators, like Hippie, during their start-up and experimental stages.  Because honestly, her prices cannot be matched anywhere!  Potpourri is only $4.00 for a two-cup bag.  Three handcrafted sachets with cultured herbs and lavender oil for only $6.00 plus shipping is practically unheard of.  Hello???  That's three gift-package toppings.  Or three stocking stuffers.  Or one whole gift as is -- perfect for holidays, birthdays, grab-bag office parties, or that well-deserved, long-overdue gift to yourself.  Thank you, Self. That was very thoughtful. Aww don't mention it. I just wanted to show my appreciation...

Ten bucks goes a long way at Earthmother's Cupboard.  Where else could you buy more than one thoughtful gift for under $10.00?  With the ever-growing selection, you're sure to find a mix that suits anyone's style.  If you're anything like me, you'll have a more difficult time deciding what NOT to order.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Before you rush off to place your orders ... I just had to post this.  The following is the epitome of Hippie's journal name: Hippies In Yuppieland

My package arrived very securely wrapped in recycled materials ...

... consisting of a grocery store bag and a SpongeBobSquarePants Cereal box. 

Commercial-Hippyism at its best!


derossetfamily said...

LOL mine came in an oatmeal box! And I've been telling everyone about her potpourri and fully plan to stock up for christmas gifts! Yours sound yummy, the one I got was Leo....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :D

kristeenaelise said...

Woohoo!!! I got Gemini and Aquarius, along with some lavender sachets....I was giggling about your huffing them until you were light headed - I did the exact same thing.  I'm feeling a little neglected here because mine came in a regular priority mail container.  LOL

I put one of the lavender sachets in the car, and with the heat of the afternoon my car smells simply divine.  Here's to my favorite hippy!!

=) kris

sistercdr said...

It's just about impossible not to love the hippie chick.  I huff my Comfort potpourri too, and she was right on target with both the scent and the appearance about "mine" as well.  She is truly gifted.

donah42 said...

Glad you liked my *classy* packaging---LOL! And what Mary doesn't know is that the oatmeal box I sent hers in was the oatmeal box that SloMo sent me some fabric in, so that was recycled TWICE OVER! Yeah baby!!!!
Seriously, glad you liked your stuff :)

geminiwilder said...

OOOOh, you lucky duck!  I can't wait to get mine!!!!  ERM....first gotta place my order,  yeah.....THEN I can't WAIT to get MINE!!!  Teehee.

your PEACE blend is on my list, along with about 5 others....YAY!!

Enjoy!!!   And, Freee.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  

Love, Phinney

krobbie67 said...

Oh yeah! I forgot I got the satchets too. She has new stuff since I ordered. I might have to revisit. :-D ---Robbie

babyshark28 said...

I have been wanting to get some of that potpourri, but I keep forgetting.  thanks for the reminding, the holidays are a comin'!  and I know someone who would really enjoy this.
thanks freee. :)
thanks hippi :)
and LOL at the packaging!

sonensmilinmon said...

I LOVE the potpourri's I ordered.  I ordered $20 worth as I couldn't get enough, and you get your moneys worth.  What an excellent gift idea.

Stopping by to wish you a ...

aims814 said...

Thanks for providing the link and the details. I have a feeling she's going to get a lot of orders. :) I can almost smell it now!

Oh, and I couldn't help but laugh at how she packaged them. I do the same thing! Last year, I wrapped my brother's Christmas present in a 'Nilla Wafers box. He tore the paper and gave me a puzzled look. ;P

Take care! Happy Thanksgiving!

ryanagi said...

LOL I love the recycled packaging!

aynetal3 said...

Freee, the scents are all you and you them.  Hope they help to make your Thanksgiving Terrific!  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.  Love you!

indigosunmoon said...

Amy's talents are extraordinary!
And I just love her packaging!
My Moonglow potpourri still smells
wonderful, and I've had it quite a
while now...and talk about beautiful!
Much love to you Trish, on this
Thanksgiving Day...

sunflowerkat321 said...

I got to step INTO the cupboard when I visited Amy this fall. It is amazing what she has done...there is an incredible variety of blends and each one is delightful.  AND they're as beautiful to look at as they are to breathe in.  No matter what you CAN'T go wrong.

judithheartsong said...

Thank you Freee.................ahhh, Amy's stuff is delicious. Happy Thanksgiving toyou and yours! judi

alphawoman1 said...

Word of mouth is the greatest advertisement! Too bad her journal is private now, I miss reading it.

johnn60504 said...

What's the point of trying to promote another journaler's journal, not to mention products, when the journal is private??

xzasporated1 said...

Her journal is private, but earthmother's cupboard is open, public and great.  I love Amy's potpourri.  But if mine ever came in a wine and spirits bag, I think I would pout unless I got wine.  Or spirits.  You're right.  You can't get such delicious gifts for that price anywhere.

~~ jennifer

ann7inflorida said...

Amy rocks! I just received an order for Scorpio & Capricorn along with some Lavender sachets & some bath tea. EVERYTHING smells delicious! She puts out a GREAT product! : )

floralilia said...

amy's creations are smelly  

- in all the most wonderful smelly ways!

i have been delighted with everything that i've ordered!

diannevan said...

C'mon, admit just did it because one Amy created the website and another Amy created the products.  You've got Ami on the brain.  LOL!!