Saturday, October 30, 2004

Say G'night Gracie

I've only participated in like one or two of Scalzi's Weekend Assignments (I'm such a slacker).  But when I saw this week's assignment, I couldn't pass it up.  Quick, easy and fun.  Happy Halloween to all.

And for those of us in the country who DO participate in daylight savings time, remember to set your clocks back to standard time tonight.  That means we gain an hour ('cept for you, Peachy and Andrea). 

Good thing for me - cause, I'm exhausted.  I'm also behind on some DVD watching.  I always set ambitious goals for that extra hour.  Ha!  Maybe it'll just allow me to play around with my photos more.

Now, on with the homework so I can get back to playing!

Weekend Assignment #31 : Your Own Epitaph

This week's Weekend Assignment is another reader suggestion, this time from isckwootton, and just in time for Halloween:

Write your own, preferably rhyming, epitaph.  For example,

Here lies Jed,
He fell out of bed.

Extra credit:  Write a cute epitaph for your favorite loved one, relative, or family pet. Suggestion: keep it light. You might want them to continue being your favorite loved one, relative, or family pet. Nothing is worse than having Fido dissing you over some silly words on a gravestone.

here lies freee in peace at last
geez, this life's journey went really fast.
don't be fooled, it's not all done
another journey has just begun.

next to her lies hunny bunny
they share a grave cuz they ran outta money.
traveling companions through and through
dying together was the least they could do.


babyshark28 said...

good lord freee.
"Ran out of money" and
"was the least they could do"

I might do this's kind of scary writing your own Epitath though.  I find, it just might come true.  eeeek.
love your new additions!!  CUTE picture of you up there, I will miss the other one though....but, I do like this one too.  J2P...VERY nice.

happy  halloween freee, take care! xo

coy1234787 said...

LOL Free, that's pretty good.
I thought I might skip this assignment but
it seems to be going over pretty well.
           *** Coy ***        

geminiwilder said...

of course hunny will follow you anywhere!!  
very clever...

txsguinan said...

I love it!  It's happy and adorable ~ just like a good epitaph should be.  :)

danielled1 said...

Awesome, I love 'em both!


martinsek5 said...

lol.  love the epitaph!  Pamela

onestrangecat said...

Great.  love the one for hunny.


readmereadyou said...

ah! so sweet and cute.


barbaramck said...

you are the cutest thing!!! love the epitaphs and especially your new sidebar!!!

Well Done!!

Rest In PEACE *wink* barbie~

krobbie67 said...

Teeheehee. Loved the Epitaphs. Um..why not Andrea? I thought AZ was the only state that didn't participate in DST. Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting.
:-) ---Robbie

mallory4284 said...

I don't have to set back my clock either. Which is really nice, except for those clocks that have the automatic day light savings feature thingy, then I have to re-set those clock back to the right time. Oh well...

Anyway, good job on the assignment. I like yours, and the part about Hunny was funny. :p

-- Mallory

ryanagi said...

LOL good one

ann7inflorida said...

OMG..This is great!!! Morbid -but great! lol : )

slowmotionlife said...

Love it!!!  :D

deabvt said...

Yea, freee.


madmanadhd said...

For a slacker you sure done good on this one. Love the way you wove hunny bunny in there. Please feel welcome to come on by see my stab at this assingment. Hope to hear from you. Wamest regards.

diannevan said...

I love it!!  Especially the way you combined not only your screen name, but the title of your journal in just the first two sentences.  Woo hoo!

redhdka said...

I love yours!