Friday, September 3, 2004

Scattered Randomosities

I am so incredibly tired.  I got up early this morning, stretched, responded to some email, and fell directly back into bed.  I slept for two more hours.  And I'm feeling even more exhausted than when I first got up.

TGIF - and a long weekend to boot.  After today's dogwalking, I'm looking forward to doing nothing over the next few days.  Nothing to me just means having no plans.

There's a lot I want to do.  There's even more I need to do.  But mostly, it's my time to do whatever, whenever the mood strikes me.

* * * * *

I absolutely have to write to my mom and tell her I'm coming to visit in October.  I still haven't done that.  And I have to call my brother again, to confirm dates and plans.  All of that seems easy enough.  But I suppose if it were so easy, I'd have done it already.  [October!  Ack, that's next month already!]

* * * * *

I just finished writing in an email that I desperately want coffee.  I'm almost too tired to go get some.  The moment I sent the email, my phone rang.  It was my roommate.  He called from Starbucks - wanting to know if I wanted something.  I swear, sometimes all I have to do is THINK a thing and it gets manifested instantly.  The power of thought - I'm telling ya!

* * * * * 

I can feel my edges creeping up on me.  This week has been eventful.  But also deeply introspective. The change of seasons is approaching.  I get very internal during fall and winter.  As an adult, fall is my favorite time of year.  I find myself resisting change.  But I'm also anxious for it to happen.  At least with the seasons, I expect the change.  Other changes can be more difficult if they seemingly take me by surprise.

* * * * *

I'm off to walk doggies.  I'll be back to hopefully get caught up around here.  Apparently there's a lot going on in AOL-J.  I just came from SloMo's journal.  She gave me much to consider when it comes to AOL Journals, TOS, privacy, rights and security.

Is there anything else I might need to know about?  Leave a link, comment, email, etc.

* * * * * 

Oh, Mercury went direct yesterday.  So by next week, things should be settled a bit more.  Let's hope anyway.


chrstcharti said...

hi  free  first i want to say wtg to you  and  robbie   for bring  the dogs to peaches
i can't  find  the words to said  how you  two  made mine  day  last nigt  i  stay  up  and  read  yours  and  robbie   journey  and  i pray to god thy  him to  bring  to  angels  to  help bring  home  the  dogs to peaches   so  wtg  both  of you
and god  bless  you both chris p.s  i   am new comminer  to both of your  journels   so see me  offen   chris

derossetfamily said...

I just came from the House of SloMo too, and am thinking about backing up the ol' -J tonight. That Dan guy had an idea at his journal to do a mirror blog in blogger to hold entries, I might do that. I'm tired too. Anxious for fall, in the mood for change, excited for it, but yet still so blahhhhh. Wonder if the power of thought could deliver a Jude Law? I'll have to try that :P

barbaramck said...

it's nice to see you're a cosmic girl. i love love fall too!

hugs and loves, barb~

viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{ Freee }}}}} You angel of mercy!  I am still so in awe of what you and Robbie did for Peachie's brothers dogs. Makes me so proud to be in this community with you.


indigosunmoon said...

I'm still concerned with your lack of energy.  I hope you start feeling 100% very soon love.
Fall is my favorite time of the year too.  I love the changing leaves, and the cool crisp breezes.  

ann7inflorida said...

Coffee sounds heavenly right now, Fall is the BEST time of year --great weather & fashions ; )--, & I'm all about astrology. Thank goodness the Mercury retrograde is over!!! Have a great weekend Freee! ~Ann : )

diannevan said...

"I swear, sometimes all I have to do is THINK a thing and it gets manifested instantly.  "

Ummm... how about thinking about how much you wish my old house would sell?  It'd REALLY help me out, ya know.  You could also whip out BOB and send me your good vibes.  (Yep, I'm gonna run that joke into the ground!!)

txsguinan said...

Autumn, for all it's beauty, is a melancholy time of year.  Maybe that's one of the reasons I love.  Change is always a little about loss, even when it's for the better.

I just came from your link to slomo's censorship, TOS/rights and security entry.  Wow!  Much food for thought.  (And I didn't even know John Ashcroft READ AOL journals ;)

txsguinan said...

um ~ "  I love autumn."  sheesh  :P

slowmotionlife said...

Jeeezzz... DiAnne and her vibes.  ROFL!!!  [OMG!!  FRIGGEN LOVE HER!!]  tehehe.. OK, where to start?  1.  Thanks for the chat today. I've missed you!  2.  Write that letter to your mom already!!  October will be here before you know it!  3.  Dang-blast this Starbucks craving!!  Grrr.. I blame it all on you!!  I never drank Starbucks before you came here!!!!  Grrrr.  LOL  4. Fall is almost here.. Ohhhh, the anticipation.  ::shivers::  ::happy shivers::  5.  Back up!!   6.  :D

P.S. SloMo was here.  :P

jevanslink said...

Thanks to you, I'm finally getting caught up with all the dog stuff.  Now on to the Peach Pages.  Oh, BTW ask your OB-GYN [if you have one] about Ponstel. Great for pre-menstrual BS, the tears, the madness, the bloat, the discomfort, the tiredness, etc.
Mrs. L

miarenee24 said...

I know how you feel! I can't shake the tired feeling these days. I hope you feel energetic soon. :)

You will be heading East at such a pretty time, to see the changing seasons.

I have to read a little bit more of the "goings on" in AOL-J. I've been sort of out of the loop...


kathlyna22 said...

don't you think Starbucks should deliver? We do pay enough!

freeepeace said...

CHRSTCHARTI - Thank you for your support in the Ellie&Scout story. :)

MARY - Great idea about a mirror blog.  And I definitely have to backup my J.  Another thing to add to my long to-do list.  I'll work on that Jude Law manifestation for ya. ;)  But right now, I'm thinking Mraz... "sleeping to dream about you..."

BARB - I'm a cosmic girl when the mood strikes.  LOL  And I've slowly learned to love fall.  It's just a magical time of year.

VIVIAN - If it weren't for the love and support of this community, I don't know that I would've been able to show up the way I did for Peachy and family.  We all pulled it together...whether physically, spiritually or energetically.  This community rocks!  Love you Viv!

freeepeace said...

MIA - Sweet love!  I've been missing you.  Thanks for the check-in.  Love to you and Stephen from me-n-Hunny.

KATHLEEN - Ooooh, Starbucks SHOULD deliver.  I think you're on to something!  :)

freeepeace said...

GIGI - True about change.  Loss.  Even if for the better.  Still, there's a grieving process to be had...just to make room for the new.  [and I knew what you love autumn.]  :)

SLOMO - LOL ::::stamp::::  Thanks for 'stopping by'.  :P  Hmmm...yes, chat was great.  I've missed you too.  Email to mom has been written [finally].  Never?  You never drank Starbucks before I visited?  Believe it or not...neither did I.  I mean, it was always my LAST choice for coffee.  Dang those vanilla soy lattes!!  Yay for fall's happy shivers.  Right, gotta backup.  :D back at ya!

MRS. L. - Thanks for the tip.  I'm assuming you have personal experience with Ponstel?  Knowing me, I'll be online researching it all day now. :P

freeepeace said...

CONNIE - I hear your concern about my lack of energy.  I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with my go-go-go lifestyle lately.  And I've been slacking on my 'diet' too.  We don't get much fall foliage around here.  But I'll see it in the east this year...first time in ... 13 years.  Whoa!  LOL

ANN - I too love the fall 'fashions'.  The colors, the warmer material.  Oooh, now I'm really looking forward to it.  Share some astro-tips with us, will ya?  Hope you're staying safe this weekend.  Thinking about you.  xo

DIANNE - I'm thinking I have to NOT react to your BOB jokes...but I can't help it.  ACKKKK!  [LOL, you nut!]   Don't run BOB too far into the ground. :P