Saturday, September 11, 2004


Light and Laughter

One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend is to have no plans whatsoever.  That way I can create my day as I go along.  Today I met Cheryl at the Saturday Morning Farmer's Market by the Santa Monica Airport.  It was blazing hot so we didn't stay long.

I ooh'd over fresh basil and aah'd at these juicy tomatoes.  A few even came home with me.  I'm not usually a big fan of tomatoes but these were unbelievably sweet.  I ate a whole one, with basil and cheese. umm ... YUM!

Love At First Sight

On the way out, Cheryl fell in love with this beautiful cockatoo.  Her name is Bonita.  She's 15 years old.  Her life expectancy is 85 years.  So ... let's see ... fifteen cockatoo years is ... hmm ... ok, carry the one ... yep, about fifteen human years! 


The later part of my day was spent in quiet reflection. [That's not mentioning the frantic running around and hyper anxiety trying to be ready to leave my house by 5:30].  Tonight we're gathering with many of our friends in ceremony under the stars.  We'll circle up and set personal and collective intentions, continuing to hold the space for peace in the universe.

Circle will be at 8pm PDT.  Where ever you are at that time, feel free to take a few moments to set intentions, say a prayer, sing a song, light a candle ... anything in the name of peace.  After that, dance under the stars.  Set yourself free.  And know you are loved.


miarenee24 said...

Aw, I just loved this! The pictures say so much. I love those kind of days too!

I will remember...that'll be 10pm here :)

Love you!

luckyshammrock18 said...

Free~ You are awesome :) What a fabulous idea! You rock! ~ Tricia

coy1234787 said...

    Yea I can see that love at first sight look in Cheryl's eyes, same look my daughter Mandy had today as she played with a white schnauzer puppy at a puppy store we just happened to be passing by:-)
    The group reflection circle sounds cool, not as many of those kind of activities around here as you would think. I've always felt I should have been a California girl  :.:.: sigh :.:.:  ENJOY!
                                          *** Coy ***

redhdka said...

Beautiful pics. I want a tomato and gorgeous bird! I don't like making plans for weekends either

barbaramck said...

i will light a candle for sure ~ i have an half an hour to go~

know that it wiil be me, thinking of you, us together to remember.

loved the entry! (((hugs))) barb~

diannevan said...

Ummm...allowing for three time zones' difference, my candle is lit.  Peace, by way of Freeepeace.  

krobbie67 said...

"So ... let's see ... fifteen cockatoo years is ... hmm ... ok, carry the one ... yep, about fifteen human years!"

You say that I'm good at math! You had me scratching my head with that one until I realized that they are equal in your equation. LOL.

It's past 8pm but I was having some reflective, peaceful thoughts a little prior to that so hopefully that will count for something. I hope you have a great time.

:-) ---Robbie

indigosunmoon said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful entry!

kuhlhiggins said...

I lit a candle in the name of piece at 8:0 and am going out on my patio and doing a dance under the stars. I loved your pictures.

kuhlhiggins said...

Sorry had so many mistakes in the last entry.

luckyaugustgirl said...

Just got home..... Just lit a candle in the name of Peace.....
Glad you are having a relaxing weekend... Enjoy!

floralilia said...

thank god for california -

succulent peace wisdom free -

babyshark28 said...

what a great entry and I will have to say....FABULOUS pictures!!  I love them.  Especially the one of cheryl with the cockatoo!  Great.
I didn't know about your entry until now (11:23pm) but at 8 I was outside, under the stars and howling with wolves at a wolf sanctuary.  And I felt good and free. not too shabby. :D

ryanagi said...

Thank you. This entry was so soothing after reading so many sad and passionate 9.11 posts. Yours is the only one that made me cry.

txsguinan said...

I'm sorry I missed the cirlcle ~ I was just reading about it in my alerts and got so teary thinking about such a lovely ceremony that I had to come running ~ I'm glad I did! I would have missed these great happy colorful pics!  Wonderful.  (That's the bad thing about being lazy and reading in "Alert Box" mode ~ I sometimes miss some great graphics).

Love Bonita, love tomatoes, love Cheryl, love this entry...  :)

ann7inflorida said...

What you just described is my idea of the perfect day! I LOVE the pictures!!! I've been wanting to hit the farmers market & take some photos myself.( If only we could share the sounds & smells with everyone.)  Bonita is so pretty....just a teenager, huh. ~Ann : )

kristeenaelise said...

Sorry I missed the circle....great pics, as usual!  My parental units bought a bird that will outlive them ... what a huge commitment.  I'm hoping they'll leave it to my brother!!

Now I'm craving tomatoes....
=) kris  

andreakingme said...

Gorgeous cockatoo! I'm fascinated by birds, although I've never had one as a pet. Thanks for taking the photos and sharing them. So bee-you-tee-ful and poignant.

It's been a good year for tomatoes. I've got tomato plants growing all over my garden (and I only planted 'em in certain areas). Dang, this reminds me that I forgot to check for the Red Gold can of salsa at the grocery store today! Ahem. Never mind.

On Saturday morning, Ken and I were sitting in the buffet area of a Chicago hotel eating breakfast. The whole room (about 20 of us) was watching the 9/11 rememberance. I almost broke into tears when we all took a moment of silence to remember 9/11 -- it was both heartbreaking and heartening.

clarity4today said...

Sounds like the perfect day, Freee!  I love farmer's markets, and anything is better when shared with a good friend.  Lovely photos, too. :-)

sonensmilinmon said...

When I was much younger we lived at the end of the runway for the Santa Monica airport. I remember the planes taking off and my mom would throw me to the floor.  She was always afraid the planes weren't going to lift up enough.  

I love farmers markets, always so much for the senses.


slowmotionlife said...

The tomatoes look lovely.  I love a good sliced tomato with nothing but salt and pepper.  I really need to find an open market out here. And I know it's already passed, but I hope you enjoyed your circle.  :)

judithheartsong said...

lovely entry Freee!