Saturday, September 25, 2004


OK, here we go.  In celebration of the new AOL Journals enhancements, I'd like to make a suggestion (if I may).  Since I'm so far behind in journals - and I know I'm not the only one - I'm surrendering to the realization that this is just the way it's gonna be from now on.  AOL-J is great.  And it just keeps getting greater and bigger.  But sometimes it's just too much work to search for journals.  For me, I get distracted and forget screen names and journal names all the time.  I tend to click on journals that are readily available and easy to find.

So, to expedite blog-jogging or journal-hopping, it would be a lot easier for us (for me) to visit you if you do one or both of the following:

Suggestion #1
Leave your journal link in the comment section
of each journal you read.  Since URLs are now functional in comments, it would be much easier to click on your link, and pay you a visit.

Suggestion #2
I understand how tedious it can be to keep posting your link in every single comment thread.  I never do it.  So, instead (or, in addition) please post a link to your journal in your AOL PROFILE.  That way, we're just a few clicks away from finding you.  [much more efficient than a copy, click, paste, search, click]

Mind you, these are just suggestions.  But if you're looking for visitors - because we're looking to visit you - I do think you'll notice a difference in the traffic in your journals if you make it easier for us to find you.

Thank you.  Happy linking!


kathlyna22 said...

ah! I was commenting on your previous entry and when I came back...this one was here!
Thanks for the advice!

ladydriversammie said...

Great advice freee...that's why I love the new link capability in the comments.  I'm terrible about forgetting journals that I've been to and even if I put them in my favs list, there are so many there now that I don't go through them all.  I tend to check a few favs, read several on alerts, and the rest I may not visit for quite awhile if they don't leave a comment with the address, because it's just rare for anyone to have enough time to go through a long list of J's.

Know what ya mean about typing out the link everytime too though, lol.  It gets to be a pain.  It'd be terrific if we could have a board signature for comments where it would automatically go in, but this is much better than the old copy/past/click method we did have, lol.

Sammie  :)

readmereadyou said...

Good suggestions. Someone had to show me how to put the link in the comment. I'm so dense sometimes. LOL! I don't have a profile for personal reasons but your ideas are good ones.

onestrangecat said...

Great stuff links!  Just got to be sure you key them in correctly. Hope I have mine right.


rgossett4195 said...

I agree.  I find journals that I enjoy reading and then forget to go read them.  If I put them on alert then I have a million email alerts...I am so busy now that I am back to work driving my school bus that I have to spend a day cruising j-land.  I have enjoyed reading your's because I think you life in an awesome state and area...and have many interesting things to say.  Rose

diannevan said...

Woo hoo!!  I've had mine on my profile for a year now, but I'm gonna do it on the comments, too.  I think.

jadzia7667 said...

Good advice.  I've had a link on my profile for awhile, but I think I'll start adding the link in various comments, too.

indigosunmoon said...

Great idea's Trish!  I've had my journal listed
in my profile for a long time.  I wish everyone
would do the same!

krobbie67 said...

I've been thinking the same thing about this new feature. However, I've been leery to do it because I don't want people to feel obligated to come to my journal or that I am pandering when I leave a comment. (Does that make sense?) I've always had my link in my profile though. (When did I get so indecisive? Ergg)
:-) ---Someone leaving a comment ;-)

sonensmilinmon said...

I simply LOVE the new links that we can leave in comments now.  It's been the best and I hope more people will use them.  ;-)  Great suggestions that we should all follow.

See, I did it!

xzasporated1 said...

I just love the ability to click rather than copy/pasting, which became so tedious that I would just plan to do it "later..."  But it never seemed to be "later..."

And, unlike Robbie, who is a classy woman, I am a shameless panderer...

~~ jennifer

aynetal3 said...

Lots going on in your journal Free ... as always :) Caught up a teeny-bit enough to see your life being fulfilled with happy things - especially dogsters, friends (maybe the same thing), and a new computer.  Yahoo!!  I feel excitement when I read your going forward with great purpose.  We're so far behind these new enhancements are brand new since entering your j-space.  Feeling a little embarrased.  I think ... shoot, I didn't pick up ... not sure I should drop an inviting link.  As always your j-etiquette is superb!  


yakima127 said...

great ideas!

yakima127 said...

Let's try again...

freeepeace said...

KATHLEEN - Surprise! :D

SAMMIE - I still think AOL should link our screen names directly to our journals.  Maybe the next incarnation.

ANGELA - I can understand the need for privacy in your profile [or no profile].  Thanks for the linkage. :)

KATHY - When leaving a link, I find it's best to copy/paste.  That way, there's less chance of a key-error.

ROSE - That's what weekends were made for - getting caught up on all the stuff we'd rather be doing during the week. ;)

freeepeace said...

MONICA - Yeah girl.  Your link helped me a lot.  I hopped right over to you! :D

JENNIFER - On some level we're all panderers.  Always shameless I hope! ;)  For me, I'm still waiting for "later".  Chronic procrastinator here.  I got to you though.  Thanks for the link.

AYNETAL - I just learned of the enhancements from Scalzi's journal myself.  You're not "so far behind" at all. :)  And I see there's much going on over at your place too.  Lots of virtual travel and celebration.  Fun fun fun!  Don't overdo it now, y'hear?

YAKIMA - It worked! :)

freeepeace said...

DIANNE - Yeah, mine's been on my profile for about a year too.  If I had it in me, I'd add it to comments but it's just so tedious.  If only our screen names linked directly to our journals... hey, one can dream.

JADZIA - I really like your screen name...but don't know how to pronounce it, so I get flubbed up when I go to spell it.  How is it pronounced?

CONNIE - When I'm lost, that's always how I find you. ;)

SOMEONE OF RR - :P  Hey indecisive-one. You're sounding like me. ;)  I understand what you're saying.  But think about how you feel when someone else leaves you a comment and you find yourself hunting them down because you can't trust yourself to remember to pay them a visit later.  OK, now *I'm* sounding like *you*.  :P

slowmotionlife said...

Good tips!  This is something I've been meaning to address in my own journal for some time now.  I love it when people have their link in their profile.  It makes my job so much easier.

lamove04 said...

Hey Freee, haven't said HI in awhile, hope you're well, and I'm testing out that new hyperlink option, didn't even know about it until Robbie mentioned it and sent me here...let's try it.  --Albert

dockart said...

Great idea!. I just added mine to my profile, which before now, I didn't have!

jadzia7667 said...

Short A, long I, short A - it's from the character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine :)
Jad, like Jada Pinkett Smith, and Zia, like it looks :)

clarity4today said...

I didn't even know about the changes. :-X  But I agree that putting a link to your journal in a profile is the easiest thing.  I'm not sure why everyone doesn't do it.
:-)  Donna