Monday, September 6, 2004

Letting Go


To the fire, I offer:

~ Mono
~ Car troubles
~ Negative reactions to negative responses
~ Resistance to visiting my folks
~ Financial struggles
~ Starbucks vanilla soy lattes

From the ashes, I request:

~ Continued health
~ Love in its purest form
~ Honest reflection
~ To finish my CD project
~ To work from my heart
~ To play from my heart...often
~ Coffee Bean vanilla soy lattes

Goodbye Summer days.  Thank you for all you brought this year.  I am enjoying your last couple of weeks.

Hello Autumn.  Take your time.  I'll be right here waiting for you.


Feel free to make your offerings and/or requests here.  The flame burns for us all.


luckyaugustgirl said...

Perfect timing--
To the fire i offer
- my insecurity
- my worry over everyone else, and not myself
- college student destitude
- family conflicts
- homework woes
- situations for which i have no control
From the ashes I request-
-Gratefulness for what i have and an appreciation for what i dont
-Free moments of joy and bliss
-A cheerful heart
-A clear mind
-Continued inner peace.

Wow that DOES make you feel better...... GREAT entry.... :) here i was wondering what to write to make me feel better and the entry was already in front of my face.  Thanks for the therapy.... how much do i owe ya?

slowmotionlife said...

To the fire -

~ Hurtful things
~ Fear of change
~ Helplessness and self doubt
~ Chocolate donuts
~ Those pesky gained lbs.
~ Self-persecution

From the ashes, I request -

~ Growth and happiness
~ Love and an openness to love
~ A deeper appreciation of my friends
~ A more successful business year
~ Calorie-free chocolate donuts
~ Realization that most of what I want, I already have.

::smile:: That was fun.  Thanks!  :D

irun01 said...

To The Fire:
Poor Decisions

From The Ashes:
Continued Health

jeffcomedy said...

to the ashes, I offer:

this dang headcold
uncertainty and doubt
the pounds I have gained

from the ashes, I request:

inner peace
peace with my family
pure unfettered laughter in my life

msyahtzee said...

To the fire, I offer:
self doubt
negative energy
needless value placed on money
Coldstone Creamery Vanilla Icecream with Snickers

From the ashes, I request:
for a more centered spirit
continued physical strength
a clearer spritiual path
deeper connection with those I love
an open heart
Coldstone Creamery Sinless Sweet Cream (small)

Thanks for a moment of perspective today.  -Kari

perkysgrl said...

Wow. What a great entry.  I don't know what I would put right now, that is something I'd have to think about.  But thanks for the idea.  And thanks for stopping by my journal!

donah42 said...

I will have to ponder this...thanks for posting it...

puffee17 said...

I love this! this is the simplest journal but it says so much you artistic ability girl. DO YO THANG!!!!!

heathyrxmarie said...

To the fire I offer:
*painful memories of my past
*negative thoughts and energy

From the ashes, I request:
*positive energy
*a happier me
*to be a better friend to those I love and care about

What a great entry!! Thank you!

aims814 said...

Aw Freee! I love this, girl! I will have to give this some thought and come back with my list!

Love you!

babyshark28 said...

into the ashes I toss:
the negative feelings from my boss
any extra weight
financial struggles

go on flame, take it all.

Thanks freee, that felt good. :)

indigosunmoon said...

I love this entry.

To the fire I offer:
~My negative Nancy moods of late
~Leaky roofs
~Financial woes
~Chronic back pain
~My negative feelings about my sister.

From the Ashes, I request:
~A wonderful outcome from my weight loss surgery
~Clear positive thoughts on the future
~Help with my smoking habit
~Continued love and growth in my relationship
~To continue working daily to be a better person.

Wow.  That was hard!  Loved it though.
Much love to you Trish!

kathlyna22 said...

oh what a good idea!
I'd like to offer up smoking...I just have to quit! I don't want anything in return, just help me stop!

luckyshammrock18 said...

What a great journal :) Mind if I add you to my faves? Plus, you have the BEST name ;) ~*~Tricia~*~

ggal3133 said...

What a great idea :)

To the fire, I offer:

* sleeplessness
* financial burdens
* medical issues
* negative thoughts

From the ashes I request:

* Good health for my loved ones
* Dealing with negativity in a positive way
* Love
* Less stress

viviansullinwank said...

Loved the idea {{{{{Freee}}}}}. I did mine in an entry


s0ngbird1962 said...

Great entry....

To the fire, I offer:

The silence that has estranged my oldest brother from me....

From the ashes, I request:

My brother back....

dockart said...

Brillant! Not only can I come here to read great entries but it's therapeutic too:)

To the fire I offer:
~My poor health habits
~My current health concerns
~My old job
~lack of motivation and energy
~my excess weight

From the ashes, I request:
~better health habits
~energy and motivation
~good health and healthy weight
~better time management
~a fresh start

montaukny said...

{{{Freee}}} What a marvelous entry & idea...may just have to do something like this in my own journal...if you don't mind, of course!  Love ya, sweetie!  ~Aunt Nub~

clarity4today said...

((Freee))  That sounds like a great idea. :-)

I'd throw things in the fire, too.  If only I thought I could really let them go.  

kristeenaelise said...

Wow what an awesome journal entry!  Simple, yet powerful - I love it.

To the fire I offer:

*financial worries
*aches and pains
*bad habits
*general negativity, in attitude and environment

From the ashes, I request:

*a bright new outlook for each new day

& maybe a giant diet coke with a lemon wedge, on the rocks.  =)

Big hugs.  Thank you so much.

ryanagi said...

I soooo need this right now.

Into the fire:
*Computer Addiction
*Food Addiction
*Chronic Pain and Swelling
*Couch Potatoitis

From the ashes:
*Renewal of Spirit
*Self Control

judithheartsong said...

To the fire I offer:

the pain of the past
my resistance to change
a need to control
fear of failure
any relationships that did not serve my highest good

From the ashes I request:
continued zest for life
the understanding of my children
the love of good friends
inspiration to be the best person I can be

Thank you Freee........... this was lovely. :):)

deabvt said...

Beautiful Pic, Freee!

riddlinatari2 said...

I made one. I just put it in an entry. Awesome picture. Its amazing. Jesse

jeanno43 said...

Wonderful picture!

To the fire I offer:

The pain and ill health of the last few months
The anxiety I have caused my family
Any hurt I have caused to others
My negativity
My fears

From the ashes I request:

Far better health
Renewed Hope
The continuing love of my family and friends
Peace in the world and a secure future for our baby grandson.

ann7inflorida said...

Awesome photo & an awseome entry!!! This has given me something to think about! Vanilla lattes are Y-ummy, never tried the soy version though. ; )

karensull12 said...

to the fire...I offer...
sleepless nights
negative thoughts

from the ashes...I request...
continued good health for myself and family
sunny days
quiet happiness
courage to be the best I can be

digiartist said...

To the fire, I offer:

~ Indecision
~ Trying to be something or someone I am not
~ Fear of success
~ Perfectionism
~ Stagnation
~ Distance between friends

From the ashes, I request:

~ Natural Health
~ Contented Wealth
~ Loving Relationships
~ To start my art project
~ To start my webpage(s)
~ Strength and Vitality
~ Mmmm really good coffee and fresh french bread

Fall is my favorite season, let it be a new beginning for us all...
I love your Journal Freee!

sistercdr said...

To the fire, I give self doubt, excessive guilt, emotional eating and exercise resistance.  From the ashes, I reclaim laughing til I snort, the freedom to savor food, unscheduled time and self forgiveness.

ladydriversammie said...

Great entry!  I should make some offerings and requests here too, but I need to think on it some more.


hempenhomespun said...

What a profound entry!  I'll have to think on that one.

heartsingr said...

To the fire, I offer...
~financial difficulties

From the ashes, I request
~health and happiness
~peace and strength when things don't go my way
~the ability to grow past petty complaints and whining into true contentment
~if I can't find true friendship to ease the loneliness, I would like the ability to find within myself the love and encouragement I need when life is tough

cneinhorn said...

To the Fire I offer:
*bad vibes
*jealousy, my own and others directed towards me
*worries of any kind

From the Ashes I request:
*peace of mind
*goodwill to all and from all
*financial freedom