Friday, September 24, 2004


I admit, having a laptop is doing wonders for my laziness.  It's doing absolutely zero for my social life.  But this is where I want to be.

I finally watched my Netflix movies.  Not bad.  Only took me six weeks.  I had to polish them to get through the thick layer of dust they had gathered.  But I wasn't completely impressed with the movies I had.  So, three more came today.  Normally that would be exciting, right?  Yeah, well instead, I'm a little nervous.

I went out on a limb and put Lolita at the top of my queue.  Everyone seems so intrigued by the story.  We all know what it means when we refer to the Lolita Syndrome.  It's been the talk of controversy since the book was written.  The positive reviews are outstanding.  The only (few) negative reviews I could find were consistently in comparison to the book and/or the earlier film.  I couldn't find one negative review about the subject matter.

I just want to see what the big fricken deal is.  We'll see if I can put my personal opinions/reactions aside while watching a grown man fall in love with a 12-year-old girl.  Ha! Argh!  Already my judgments are rising.

To keep the balance - and to be sure I wouldn't kill anyone in a fit of rage - I also got two comedies.  One stand-up performance by Ellen DeGeneres.  And the bubblegum pop-movie 13 Going On 30.  I'm not necessarily looking forward to that one.  But sometimes a little mindlessness is beneficial.

Speaking of mindlessness...I neglected to mention that I bought [yes, purchased] a few DVDs - pre-owned of course.  One of my choices surprised me a little.  But I remember really enjoying the humor, (plus the dim-wit) and sensitivity of the characters in 50 First Dates.  Talk about a no-brainer.  It's one of those movies I could put on in the background all day - like Airplane! or Superstar!

I bought two other DVDs.  Hmm ... I'm not gonna tell you what they are.  So, you tell me!  The first person to guess both of the other two DVD-movies I purchased gets an autographed Teaser CD.

edit - I had an obvious hint in here before I posted the entry.  But I removed it ... uhh, because it seemed obvious.  But someone wants a hint.  So, here it is ... are you ready?  HINT : read my journal. 


pollysci said...

Oh, ya gotta give hints!

~tara :)

mallory4284 said...

A League of their Own, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Fletch, Better off Dead, Legally Blonde, Thirteen, Adventures in Babysitting, In America, or Spellbound

Those are the movies that were either recommended or listed as a "favorite movie" in entries. It probably won't get me an autographed teaser CD, but I already have the CD, and I feel like I already have an autograph cause you wrote a little note and stuck it in there with it. So it doesn't matter LoL. So, am I right?? (are the two in that list somewhere?)

-- Mallory

barbaramck said... only guess is "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind"

hehehehe.....No Clue! *wink* Enjoy, reguardless!!

your balance is perfect! i love loved both of those flix : )
            (or rather, 1 flic, 1 stand-up)

take care, barb~

diannevan said...

Oh wait, no mean you want me to actually THINK while I'm here???

pollysci said...

But but but!  I read every entry and I still can't you're gonna make me work for this one, darn you.  It's not like I'm already behind on my blog jogging! Geesh. ;D

I'll just make a W.A.G.   ummm...  Wag the Dog & Garfield?  AAGGHHH I dunno!!! :D

~tara :)
ps: thanks for the edit!

andreakingme said...

You tease.


krobbie67 said...

I couldn't figure out what you were talking about regarding Lolita. I'm glad you finally mentioned the child thing. Yeah, it would get my judgements roaring quite a bit too. It's probably why I haven't watched it or read the book.

However, I did see 13 going on 30 and loved it. Jennifer Garner's acting in the beginning was a wee bit forced and unnatural but I thought the plot was wonderful and something that anyone who has been 13 can relate too.

:-) ---Robbie

luckyshammrock18 said...

Uhhhhh...Passion of the Christ??? Ugh! Such a brutal film but thats my (extremely bad) guess ~ Tricia

geminiwilder said...

ummmmm. you bought Airplane! and Superstar!

babyshark28 said...

You know what...I am not going to read through your journal, dang it! I just should know.  So, here is my guesses.  (Don't hate me if I get them wrong)  oh, wait...previously not movies that are just coming out?  like one of my guesses would have been Angels in America.   Because it's a new release.  So, let's throw an older one in..hmmm. I remember you really liked A League of their own...but, I was kind of thinking you had that one already??  Maybe you don't.  Well, that's it.  my two guesses, I am running out of room and I am very tired. :p  ::hugs::

deabvt said...

Mallory HAS to be the winner.

derossetfamily said...

I'm not sure if Lola is the same thing as lolita but I read that and saw the 60's Lolita. Honestly, I wasnt all that impressed by the movie. The whole time I'm just thinking, thats messed up. ew. Yeah yeah love love blah blah but when it comes down to it---ew. But, you might like it, alot of people do. I've been in serious dvd withdrawal lately, thanks for picking up the slack! LOL :P

luckyaugustgirl said...

I read all the time and i do remember the Adventures in Baby sitting thing but thats all i remember.... Kudos to you for taking some time out to catch some great flicks!

dockart said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has Netflix movies collecting dust. I guess we are paying, what..$22 to watch them? So much for no late fees. LOL!

I actually enjoyed 13 going on 30...nothing wrong with a bit of mindless entertainment. ;)

msyahtzee said...

13 going on 30 is a fun movie for anyone (especially female) who was ever a teenager in the 80's.  I loved it.  Good story line with some good messages to think about, although the ending is completely "Hollywood."  But for this movie that was okay with me.

jadzia7667 said...

13 Going On 30 was pretty good......we watched it the other day.  I always love Ellen, no matter what she's saying - lol.

heartsingr said...

I love DVDs!  We never seem to find the time to go see movies in the theatres, so renting them is our thing to do.  My daughter wants to see 13 Going on 30.  We'll have to rent that one soon, too.

Man, I wish I could think of the DVDs you bought.  I guess I'm not a very good journal reader.  ::::hanging head in shame::::


cousinoftrish said...

What other movies did you rent?  Hmmm, maybe something with Rick Springfield in it, or perhaps Karate Kid so you can look at the sweater you loved?  He, he he.

xzasporated1 said...

I say what Mallory said.  

~~ jennifer, who's hoping it's A League of Their Own, one of her faves!

kathlyna22 said...

ooh good hint, but I quit.
I was never the kid at school who was good at games.
I was good at kickball.
That doesn't help in AOL jland though

pollysci said...

After much research ;)  I third what Mallory said! ;D

I saw 13 Going on 30 last weekend and really liked it.  I agree with Robbie that it was forced at first, but it was really sweet how she came into her own person.  Wouldn't it be great if we at 13 could have a talk with our 30 year old selves.  Once you got past the freakiness, I bet it'd be an enlightening experience. :D

~tara :)

freeepeace said...

HEY EVERYONE - what fun!  I had to laugh because Mallory listed *almost* every single movie/DVD I've ever mentioned since the beginning of J2P.  The challenge was to choose only two and name them.  But, Mallory found that loophole - leave it to a smartie-college-student! ;)

When I read Mal's list of movies I was like, "Ooh, good movie."  and  "Awe, wish I got that one."  and  "Why didn't I think of that?"  [thanks for the reminders Mallory!]  And YES, two of the movies you listed are indeed two of the movies I bought.

For that, you get an autographed CD.  And if you don't want it - no worries.  Just choose someone for me to send it to.

NOW ... for those of you interested...

HERE'S A SECOND CHANCE ... Tell me WHICH TWO MOVIES from Mallory's list I bought. Name ONLY THE TWO MOVIES I BOUGHT and I'll be happy to send you a CD.

Oh, and COUSIN M. - It wasn't the Karate Kid but now that you mention it, I'll add it to my list.  I still love that sweater!  Rick Springfield? Only if it's from the early 80s. ;)

mallory4284 said...

Woo Hoo me!! (and you know I've been checking this entry since I commented to see if I won) I don't win many "contests" LoL. So now I DO want the prize. But I feel so selfish cause it could go to someone that hasn't gotten to experience the greatness that is your CD, and they would get it for free. But since someone else has a second chance, I'll take my autographed CD and put it with all my important letters/cards/memorobilia/etc.

Anyway, I'll have to send you my address cause it's different than last year. I'll do that later today. Have a great day, Freee!!

-- Mallory :)