Sunday, September 5, 2004

CyberBall Memories

Just got my pictures back from the AOL-J Anniversary Ball.  Mad rumors were going around about me and some kind of ping pong ball trick [Gregg!]  But here's proof that I was out back all night while y'all were inside being all glamorous and high-class.

I loaned my camera to Gigi that night.  I suppose that explains this picture of me and SloMo.

Apparently SloMo's date stood her up.  ...  I was just trying to comfort her with a smoke and a smile.

Suddenly, the ping pong ball rumor doesn't seem so bad.


riddlinatari2 said...

You didn't invite me out back? Hmph. You probably saw me streaking once or twice while I was running around outside. LOL. Jesse

barbaramck said...

yeah, but where the hell was johnny? we all thought he was outside with you. oh, that's right he was on his way to me *wink*

cool peace, out......


derossetfamily said...

aww, too bad I missed the ball. You KNOW I would have joined you for a smoke LOL. ping pong ball trick, eh? I'll just leave that one up to the imagination :P

ladydriversammie said...

Too funny freee!  Love this one.

Sammie  :)

ondinemonet said...


ROFLMAO! I was there! I was wondering where my date had gone I know..sniff, sniff! LOL The horrible truth is revealed! LOL.

Love ya pumpkin :)

Always, carly :)

babyshark28 said...

errrr umm. Yes, I helped pass that rumor along didn't I.  I am kind of ashamed, that is so un-me.  Nice picture, I thought at first you were giving slo a tatoo :D  but, I see and read now that you are smoking instead.  And slo has her hand where?  :p

viviansullinwank said...

OMG {{{{FREEE}}}}}  I love this! The CyberBall was a blast!

I love you woman!!!

deabvt said...

{{{ Freee }}}

slowmotionlife said...

Ummm... why does it look like your hand is up my shirt???  HELLO!!!!!!  LOL

But damn, my hair looked good that night.  LOL  Gigi Rocks!!  :D

luckyaugustgirl said...

Umm Trish..... Where is that hand??

Too cute drawings..... :) I didnt know we had cyberballs around here...........ummm maybe i should of spaced that.... cyber balls...Thank you again for everything


freeepeace said...

JESSE - You are always invited out back with us. ;)  I thought you just *knew* that.  You don't need an invitation.  I'm sorry if you felt slighted.  I'll make it up to you at next year's anniversary ball.

BARBIE - ::thinking::  ::thinking::  Hmm... not only do I now know 'where the hell' Johnny was.  But I don't know 'WHO the hell' Johnny is.  LOL  Fill me in girly!  What's the scoop with you and this Johnny character? ;)

MARY - I think it's best to leave the ping pong ball trick up to the imagination too.  I can't wrap my brain around that one.  We would've loved to have you out back with us.  We missed you!  Next time.  Promise.  I won't let it slip by.

freeepeace said...

VIVIAN - The CyberBall WAS a blast.  You did an amazing job with all the Anniversary festivities.  Thanks for everything.  I love you too woman! :)

VINCE - Hugs back - thanks friend. :)

SLOMO - Ummm...maybe cuz it IS.  I did say 'a smoke and a smile' - mission accomplished.  Yes, your hair looked great that early in the night. [:::gasp:::]

SARAH - LOL 'cyberballs'  Too funny!  If you haven't been there already, go to Gigi's journal and check out her other cartoony images that correspond with her writing.  She's incredibly talented.

freeepeace said...

SAMMIE - Thanks.  I love this one too.  Gigi is amazing with her cartoony-art.  I just love her to pieces.

CARLY - LOL!!!  Ohhh, from what I understood, you stood her up.  Better take that one up with your date.  Bummer.  Now I'm the one with the memories. heeeheee!! [love you too honey!]

SHARKY - Yes, you actually brought the ping pong ball trick to my attention!  I can always count on you.  LOL - giving her a tattoo.  And SloMo's hand is at the end of her arm. :P

redhdka said...

LOLOLOL very cute!

miarenee24 said...

ROFL!!! I love it! =D


alphawoman1 said...

Just what is that in your hand?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

txsguinan said...

um...yeah ~ about that hand.  Since I can't really draw (or snap really good pictures) it's where most of my hands go whenever I think I can get away with it...lost into the mists of cyberspace ~ or so I thought!  Moonlight can play funny tricks on the eye... :D  (Or was it the smoke...?  ;)