Thursday, September 2, 2004

Counting my Blessings


photo taken by: the butterbean

This doggie-adventure is turning out to be a profound experience.  A trip right out of JournalLand - smack dab into FriendLand.  As each moment passes, I'm moved to find myself reflecting on the levels and layers of blessings and lessons I've received - just by showing up.  [imagine that]

When I really think about it, I get delightfully stunned by the blind trust Peachy put into Robbie and me.  It's a little surreal - picking up two dogs most of us hardly knew.  Then driving in the blazing heat to a place Robbie and I had never before visited.  And landing in a 3-D world that was once one-dimensional and intangible.

Not to mention the twelve hour drive there and ten hours back.  That's a lot of getting-to-know-you time.  By the tenth hour on the first day, Robbie got to experience another side of Freee(not-so-at)Peace.  Luckily, I was able to laugh at my own insanity.  I can't really remember, but I think Robbie was having her own good time making fun of me - as only a friend can do.

Robbie and I have been getting to know each other gradually through AOL-Journals.  We've met for tea.  She's come to see me play music.  We went to Jamey's show.  She's even been here for SloMo's Coca-Cola Cake.  But I can't remember the last time I spent such a concentrated amount of time with anyone.  Well, without hating each other in the end.

When Peachy asked for help, Robbie and I jumped on board as if we were already a team.  My time and space is precious to me.  And I'm really picky about who I spend it with.  I somehow just knew this would be a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn - and have some fun along the way!

Robbie's a great travel companion.  She's deep - with a whole lot of life experience to draw upon.  I think we were both surprised by the amount of talking we did.  She kept me awake and sane(ish) through the entire drive.  We both packed a bunch of CDs to keep us rolling - but as I recall we listened to maybe three songs total.  We kept having to turn the music down to hear each other's compelling stories.  Well, she had compelling stories.  Mine were just...stories.  LOL

If you ever want to get to know the real someone, take a road-trip together.  I'm still learning a lot from our drive together.

Thanks Robbie for a great road-trip.  For your sweet, strong calming spirit.  And for all the many laughs that will last a lifetime.  I adore you.


Who Is Peachy?  ~  The Truth Revealed

From reading The Peach Pages [and before that, Pull Up A Chair] I was totally expecting the Harper Valley PTA Mom, complete with big hair and long nails, wearing high heals, tight jeans and a low-cut shirt.

While all that would've been sexy on Miss Peach, I was pleasantly surprised to see how down-to-earth she really is.  She's as genuine as one gets.  And that alone is most sexy.  She's beautiful from the inside out.  Generous, compassionate and hysterically funny.  And a teeny tiny bit self-conscious.  I think that's what keeps her real.

She's amazing with the dogs.  I'm really particular, and have strong opinions about how dogs should be handled, treated, trained, etc.  And Peachy is on the same wavelength.  The dogs are in great hands with her.  And she's in great paws with them.

To think that before last weekend, Peachy and I really only knew each other through our journals.  Without question or hesitation, she, her family and friends opened their hearts to us and offered all the love they had.  Today I feel like I have known Peachy and her family for if we've just been reacquainted.

I'm enjoying our connection.  It seems we're both learning from each other.  Peachy and I couldn't be more different - in some ways.  Yet, we're a lot alike in many ways.  She's open-minded and open-hearted.  But assertive and feisty.  She totally accepts people for who they are.  But don't think of crossing her.  She's able to see the potential for growth in every moment.

Peachy is incredibly intelligent.  No matter what the subject or topic of conversation, she can hold her own.  And she can pull wicked laughter from me with her quick wit and prophetic humor.  She could have me on the verge of tears with a personal story and BAM - I get blindsided by her punchline.  Before I know it, I'm cry-laughing.  I don't know how she does it.  It's a gift - and she uses it well.  A healthy balance of head and heart.

And whooooboy, that woman can TALK.  We're both zippy spazzes on the ADD Train.  Three hours can go by and I hardly know it until one of our phones starts to die.  And still, we're like "oh wait, just one more thing..."

I can honestly say if it wasn't for AOL-Journals and Peachy's recent personal crisis, I would still only be one of many readers of The Peach Pages.  But thankfully, we both agree we were meant to meet and be friends.  I'd even go so far as to call her family.

As different (or diverse) as The Peach and I are, she totally gets me.  And I'm pretty sure I get her.  What we don't understand in each other, we're both willing to learn.  That's all a friendship takes.

Thanks for your blind trust Peachy.  Meeting each other was karmic - divine intervention - cosmic - meant to be - God's will.  Here's to a lifetime (or two or three) of many blessings and future lessons.

Hugs to you, Wayne, Butter, Trey, Melissa, Curt, Kiersten, Rusty, Devon and Zach!  Sloppy kisses and training bits to Ellie, Scout, Sadie and Casey.  I love you all.


babyshark28 said...

Wow, I read every word like a sponge thirsty for water.  soaking it all up.  I am the kind of person who does not trust very well, I am very guarded.   So, reading about all these meetings between j-landers has been quite a learning experience for me.  Your a blessing freee. :)

ggal3133 said...

What a great entry and picture.
Blessings can come in unexpected ways....

emfeasel said...

What you girls did was was a blessing for everyone all the way around...including the readers that come across this story and walk away after reading it with a warm heart.

I see good karma in your future!



diannevan said...

I bet Robbie and Peach are just basking in this entry.  To have someone (especially someone you've really just "met") talk about you like you are family...that's the epitome of a compliment.  

And how on earth did the butterbean ever manage to get a picture of you three when not a single one of you was talking???

donah42 said...

I think in J-Land we get to know eachother from the inside-out, which is the opposite of the way the world works...

xzasporated1 said...

And, you know, I didn't think this whole story could get any better.  But, with every photo and every account, it does.  Thanks again, to you, Freee, and to Robbie, for delivering those babes, and thanks to Peachy, the world's best sister, for keeping them safe.  Your love and your efforts for those two 4-leggers makes us all better.

~~ jennifer

deabvt said...

Wonderful entry.   Great Pic!

slowmotionlife said...

I'm glad you had such a good experience on this trip.  It's amazing how people can open you up to different worlds.  :)

msyahtzee said...

Ah, love the road trip.  They can change your life!  Thanks for sharing it.  I really love your journal.

ryanagi said...

What can I say...I'm jealous and happy for you guys. :-) -B

gatorspictures said...

This is a great entry, trish. very cool. and love the pic!! c

geminiwilder said... must have those two girls blushing and gushing with giddiness.  your very descriptive insights are a pleasure to read.  and, how is it that ms peachy looks like a 22 year old college girl!?!?  WOW!

Journal-land is more than anyone ever expected.....

xo. phinney

ann7inflorida said...

What an adventure and for such a good cause. I love the photo!!! You ladies are a perfect example of why J-land is such an awesome place. Another great entry that makes me smile!

ondinemonet said...

Trish :)

You continue to be a joy, inspiration and I am always grateful to have known you. Isn't AOL JOurnal Land just the best community of people?

Love you very much, Always, Carly :)

grassriver said...

It's so awesome that so many great things came out of what could have been a bad situation. Just goes to show that the cup is, indeed, half full.

krobbie67 said...

Sniff, sniff. ::::wiping tear from eye:::: You're the best!

Great, dead-on description of everything! I'd hit the road with you anytime.

:-) ---Robbie

s0ngbird1962 said...

Wow, just love, love, love happy endings to a story that could have ended so differently.... And how wonderful to have made friends in the process.  

judithheartsong said...

you ALL are wonderful!!!

andreakingme said...

I've read the entire saga now. (Can't remember if I've commented before this, dang memory of mine ... but I think I have! Yeah. I think I have ...)

Anyway. I'm so proud and thrilled for you girls. And then there's that FEELING that comes with knowing that this is a story with a happy ending.

My tail's awagging!

miarenee24 said...

I've only been able to catch bits and pieces of this amazing story. I have to make time to visit Peachy's page, Robbie's, and read more here too. From what I've gathered so far, it's a very touching story! :)

PS - I love the picture!

freeepeace said...

SHARKY - You're so good to me, to us, to this community.  I love you for being such a good friend.  And knowing how you are about trust, I am honored to call you friend.  You too are a blessing. :)

GGAL - I agree.  There's a blessing in every moment, if we choose to see it.

ELIZABETH - Woohoo!  I love good karma. :)

DIANNE - Just wait till you and I meet in person.  I'm already looking forward to those entries. :)  The Butterbean was pretty specific in his photography.  He took a few shots of us talking and then a few of us like this.  When he talks, I tend to listen.  He's brilliant.

DONAH - Very good point and observation.  AOL-J [and the Internet in general] is a whole new way to communicate and open up and test/set boundaries.

freeepeace said...

GATOR - Thanks.  And thanks.  Hey, how are you holding out over there in FL?  I'm thinking of you guys.

PHINNEY - I don't know about the girls 'blushing and gushing with giddiness' but we really had a great visit.  And I agree, Peachy looks very youthful.  That's about the only part of her 'image' that was shattered.  And I'm pretty sure she doesn't mind that. :)

ANN - We love making you smile. :)  I'm looking forward to meeting more J-Landers in the future.

CARLY - I adore you, love.  Yes, the AOL-J community is wonderful.  It's people like you that make it what it is today.  Always. xo

KELLI - Right on.  cup=half full.  Love it!

freeepeace said...

JENNIFER - Awww...that's such a sweet reflection.  Thank you.  I was happy to show up the way I could.  And the blessings are plentiful.

VINCE - Thanks. :)

SLOMO - I'm glad I had a good experience on this trip too.  Could you imagine if none of us got along?  That's a long time to spend in agony.  LOL  [I'm thinking about Texas again... how's November?]

MSYAHTZEE - Yes, road trips rock.  Thanks.

RYANAGI - Aww, jealous?  No worries.  You're a significant part of this community. :)

freeepeace said...

ROBBIE - ::gasp::  A tear, you say?  My job here is done. ;)  Dead-on description huh? really WERE making fun of me? :P

MICHELLE - I love a good happy ending too.  But does this mean it was boring?  Maybe if there was some more conflict along the, what am I talking about, there was plenty of conflict. ;)

JUDITH - We're a reflection of you, love.

ANDREA - Yes, you have commented.  I know you've been following this story [against the boss' wishes] :P  You daredevil you!  I love you for it.  Thanks for keeping yourself up to date.  [missing you - but KEEP WRITING so you can come back soon]

MIA - The story is really a great one...from beginning to end.  It's almost hard to believe I played a part in it.  This community is amazing.  Love you! xo