Sunday, September 19, 2004

Clean Sweep!

I spent the entire day Saturday, cleaning out and organizing my closet, drawers, cabinets, old files, boxes, shelves, books, art supplies, desk ... and still there's more to do.  I don't know what got into me yesterday.  I started around 9am and finally crashed well-after midnight.  My back is sore, just from leaning forward to go through boxes and files.  I actually organized current files and drawers.  I hung bulletin boards, pictures and Carly's Creation (finally).  I figure, if I'm really going to paint my walls like my sidebar implies, I'll just take everything down.  It's been over a year and that project is still on the back burner.

It's amazing how a little something on the walls can give a room that warm, lived-in feeling.  I should've done this last year.  Ah, whatever.  It's looking and feeling great in here.

Something I did - that I haven't ever done - is toss out old files, papers, organizers and notebooks.  I'm talking like, ten bags stuffed with recycling - one for each year.  I went through every single piece of paper to make sure I didn't have some "important" notes I wanted to keep.  By the tenth hour of my day I was ready to get lazy and chuck the last stack of notebooks in the bin.  But I kept trudging through when I found, tucked in an envelope of a three-year-old notebook, seventeen-dollars!  Ah-ha!  THAT'S why I go through every piece of paper.

I wish I had before and after pictures.  But there's not really much of a visible difference.  It's more of a clearing, from the inside out.  My closet was becoming like Pandora's Box.  I kept adding things and avoiding the piles.  I could barely step foot inside.  But now, when I open my closet door, it feels so spacious, I could actually lay down and chill out in there.  It's still a bit of a mess in my room.  But that's because I'm mid-clearing.  I haven't even gotten to the northwest side yet.  I still have to go through my altar (shrine) stuff.  I need to clear shelves under the TV.  And my bookshelf needs even more work.  Oh, and two more drawers in the bathroom.  I totally organized under the sink first thing yesterday.  And I finally installed hooks for extra towels.

Oh my!  I'm suddenly acutely aware of how boring this entry is.  Ha!  I mean, I'm excited about the progress.  But reading it back, it's like ... yeah .. ok .. so?

Whatever.  I feel good.  And I'm seventeen bucks richer!


sistercdr said...

Doesn't it just feel so good?  The office and laundry room are the only rooms I haven't done yet, and when I'm finished with those, I think I'll feel so much better.

danielled1 said...

Found money is ALWAYS a good think :)


msyahtzee said...

A change in season always makes me want to do some major cleaning out.  I am sure you feel very accomplished after ridding yourself of so much "stuff."  I love it when money is found, especially when doing the laundry!  : )

pollysci said...

Yet another J-Land cleanout!  Praise be the paper purge!  I have three shopping bags full of credit card offers and old mail to shred.  I might just go do that now--I could use a $17 find! :D

~tara :)

yakima127 said...

Finding money is never boring!  Cleaning your space can help clean the mind, also!  Good job!  JAE

krobbie67 said...'s great to hear. Nothing like a good clearing. Funny, I spent a good portion of this weekend doing that too. But, I still have a ton more left. It's a great feeling though, isn't it. Everything in its place. :-) ---Robbie

luckyaugustgirl said...

Moola?! Perk up?! MOOLA? Do you need help spending it?!
(Im kidding) :) Im jealous... my bedroom has been calling my name for weeks and ive had NO time to do it... So glad you can get inspired to do such things on the drop of a dime....... **hey i like my pun!!** :D Glad you got things accomplished

jadzia7667 said...

Feels good, yes?  LOL.....that wasn't a boring entry atall :)

slowmotionlife said...

Getting organized is a huge relief to me, but something I rarely get done.  So I'm jealous.  :P

donah42 said...

"I'm suddenly acutely aware of how boring this entry is."
I must be boring too, cuz I was riveted the entire time! LOL! For some reason I always enjoy other people's cleaning spree stories...maybe because I'm constantly fighting (and losing) the war against clutter :)

frostyflakegrl said...

I am forever dreading digging out the winter clothes. (I live in WV so you need an entirely different wardrobe for each season because of climate changes).  A few years ago I found a $20 in a coat pocket and was estatic for days.  So now when I'm packing away my winter things I throw a few bucks in a pocket or two so I have something to look forward to in the fall other than gray skies and cold weather : )  This posting has made me's the simple things of life that are most fullfilling...

kristeenaelise said...

Ugh...something I've been putting off for forever.  Wanna come help me too?? least you got paid for it - the little organization spirits made sure of that.  There's some incentive, huh...maybe I'll find some $$$ stashed somewhere.  (NOT)

Congrats, anyway!
=) kris

magogos said...

It is great to find "lost money" isn't it. I wish I had your energy-just reading about your day made me tired- and jealous! I need to do the same thing, but am procrastinating! Margo

babyshark28 said...

Well, not really all that boring. It just makes me think how I need to do this for myself.  Maybe if I had a day by myself....but, then.  Why would I clean and organize if i had a dy by myself? LOL  ignore me. :p
but, wow...17 bucks!  It's like you got paid to do your own work, lol.   But, that feeling of waking up in the morning...knowing it's done.  priceless. :)

onestrangecat said... are a brave soul.  I painted my living room and hallway this past year.  I painted over paneling so I had to prime first.  But wow, what a change.  The rooms seem tons bigger and I used the change to buy new pictures/art for the walls.


freeepeace said...

SARAH - I actually may need help spending the money.  LOL  It's still sitting here - almost like art, ready to be framed and hung on the wall.  Funny, I could get rid of old papers and files but I'm having a hard time getting rid of old money. :P

JADZIA - Feels good, yes! :)

SLOMO - Your place is very organized - or, it was when I was there.  I still have a lot to do, so you don't have to feel so jealous...yet!  [wouldn't it be great if I actually *do* paint my walls!]

DONAH - Riveted?  LOL  Writing this entry was exciting.  But reading it practically put me to sleep.  But hey, that's why I'm here with a wide variety of topics.  There's something for everyone.  And clutter IS a never-ending battle!

freeepeace said...

TARA - Make sure you go through those bags carefully.  You never know what you'll find between old pages.  Have fun.

JAE - That's exactly how I'm feeling.  Needing a clearing of the mind, space, spirit, etc.

ROBBIE - It's amazing how we notice that there's always more clearing out we can do once we start.  It's constant.  Unless you're like me, and you let it pile up.  I still have a lot to do too.  And it feels so good to just do it and get it done.

freeepeace said...

SISTERCDR - Yes, it feels great.  Fifteen hours and I'm still not finished.  I haven't done a thing in here since that cleaning day.  I really do need to get another burst of energy so I can finish what I've started.

DANIELLE - I'm so thrilled about the found money that it's still sitting here on the desk.  I almost don't want to spend it.

MSYAHTZEE - Yes, good point.  Change of seasons.  I've been ready for this for a while.  Even though it's been blazing hot here, this weekend was the first "fall feeling" day of the season.  It's nice.

freeepeace said...

SHARKY - Totally!  I hear ya.  A day by yourself should be spent with yourself, doing what you WANT to do.  Apparently, that's what I wanted to do this time.  LOL

KATHY - Painted over paneling - wow.  What a task.  I'll have to search your journal to see if you posted pictures.  That might inspire me to finally paint my walls.

freeepeace said...

FROSTYFLAKEGRL - That is a GREAT idea.  How exciting.  We should all do that.  Even though I'm in Southern CA, we still get season changes.  Hats, gloves, coats.  The only things we don't really need are shovels, snowplows and window scrapers.  Thank GOD!

KRIS - I'd been putting it off forever too.  Walls are still white with specs of dust and fingerprints.  You never know about stashed money.  This was totally unexpected - and in a place that I wouldn't normally keep money [which is why it took me 3 yrs to find it, I suppose] LOL

MARGO - I don't always have that energy.  If I did, my walls would be painted already.  And I wouldn't have ten years worth of papers to sort through.  LOL  Procrastination is about the only thing I do consistently and always right on time. :P

grodygeek said...

Are you for real?

This is not a boring entry, it is inspiring.

My only question is: Are you for hire and what do you charge? I think there is big money in teaching organization skills. Do they have dog walking shows on television? I think not. There are organization shows on HGTV.

Cool? I think so. Boring? NOT.

The unorganized comic

diannevan said...

Ugh, I thought I was the only one wasting my time on painting walls.  Since our house STILL hasn't sold, we asked our Realtor what we should do differently.  She said repaint the two bedrooms (which needed it) and the bathroom (which didn't, 'cause it was a pretty lavendar color, but she said everything should be beige.  UGH!  And I didn't even find any moolah!  No fair.

grassriver said...

I feel like I should go clean something. And this entry's not boring, it's empowering!

andreakingme said...

You know, your busy bee productivity is making me tire-ert. (Tired with an accent.) But I know what it is. It's of the I Gotta A New Computer adrenalin high variety. Innit?

I think I better get me one of those.

And ... congratz! On the compie, the moola, the sweep, the hanging up of stuff. The whole shebang. Let's eat some cake.