Monday, August 2, 2004

Ode to Vivian


I humbly post and present this award to honor Vivian -- The Goddess of J-Land.  Without her, this community would not exist as it does today.  Her enthusiasm for AOL Journals has been consistently vibrant from day one.  From the First AOL-J Community Awards to the Birthday Journal to AOL-J's First Anniversary.  And we all know it doesn't end there.

This is just the beginning.  Her love and support reaches far beyond Journals and the Internet.  She genuinely cares about each and every member of this community.

On a personal note, Vivian is a true friend.  When I joined the community last September, she embraced me without question or judgment -- and we know how powerful her cyber-hugs are.  She encouraged me to keep on keeping on.  She taught me how to post my first AOLbyPhone entry to showcase snippets of my music.  Together we've shared cyber-laughs, and shed cyber-tears.

Thank you Vivian.  You are the backbone of this community.  You make things happen.  J-Land wouldn't be what it is today without you.

With Love and Peace Always.  {{{{{{{{{{Vivian}}}}}}}}}}

P.S. Congratulations on being this week's #1 AOL Journals Editor's Picks.  [AOL Keyword: Journals]


riddlinatari1 said...

She is an amazing person and she is most certainly the backbone of this community. I just met her yesterday and wow I already feel connected to her. Jesse

ggal3133 said...

She is an amazing person and I'm glad we all have her here :)

miarenee24 said...

Right on, Freee! She's an amazing woman! Everyone's best friend-type of person. I was so happy to see her beautiful face, shining as editor's pick this week. You are so right, AOL-J land would not be what it is without her.

coy1234787 said...

Well said!
    No one deserves this award more than Vivian.
J-Land is indeed a much better place because she
is in it:-)
                  *** Coy ***

lucylouladybug said...

Very nice tribute, Freee!

Love, Penny

deabvt said...

Freee, Beautiful!!

babyshark28 said...

Great as always!!
she IS the backbone here.  beautiful freee. :)

derossetfamily said...

Vivian rocks!!!! What a sweet thing to do for her! She deserves it, too, she really IS the backbone of AOL-J. Congrats to Viv! :D

dymphna103 said...

This has been so nice going to journals and seeing all the tribute to Viv.  She is one of a kind and a blessing to all of us.  Thanks for this as it makes me feel good.  john

goldenchildnc said...


Oh you beautiful thing you! I'm LOVING going around and seeing all these tributes! All with different words and different styles, all of them from the heart and ALL of them relaying the same message. I keep saying it, but I just CANNOT imagine this place without her! When I think of all the fun thigs we'd have missed out on were she not here to light that fire, it just boggles the mind!  It's amazing that one person can hold so much love in her heart for so many people! But she does! Thanks for your help with the award baby. I always know I can get straight answers from you! And MAJOR thanks for helping celebrate Vivian in this way! You rock! :-)

txsguinan said...

What a wonderful tribute ~ "Torchbearer" award could not be more perfect.  I just met Vivian recently as a result of the anniversary celebrations; she is a lovely person and truly deserving of such an honor.  :)  

krobbie67 said...

To borrow a line from you: Right On! :-) ---Robbie

viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{Freee}}}}} Thank ypou  my dearest Gemini friend. I read your wonderful tribute and thought I had previously left a comment. I told Gregg that I couldn't believe I hadn't had a chance to read all of the wonderful tributes you wonderful friends have left. You have uplifted my heart and fed my soul. I am grateful to you  for this and for honoring us with the J Land Anniversary Song.

I love being in touch with your talent, Freee.  I love reading your life as you share it with us in your journal. You rock {{{{{Freee}}}}

I Love You Woman!