Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nostalgic Moment

It's been three weeks since I met SloMo and her family.  I almost forgot about these webcam pics - until she emailed them to me (a while ago, I'm just way behind).  I'm pretty sure this was day two of our visit.  We were still getting to know each other.  But I'm telling you, I miss this kid like I miss my own.

It's just the way I am.  I tend to bond with kids and dogs first.  But don't be fooled - I miss SloMo every day.  It was almost easier before we met in person.  I mean, we love each other and all, but we didn't really miss each other.  We had everything our friendship was built on - our journals, email, IMs and the phone.  Now we have the distance factor.

Sometimes I just wish we lived right around the corner from each other.  I could take the kids out from under her feet for a few hours.  She and I could have coffee and a late-night chat at her kitchen table.  We could watch a movie on her new cozy furniture - or we could go out to a movie.  I could get that ride on Hel's bike.  Can't believe I missed that opportunity.  There just wasn't enough time.  Yeah, yeah, I know - Next time.

But come on, how cool would it be if she could meet us at the beach for an afternoon?  Or have dinner in Santa Monica?  Or come for a morning hike?  Her kids could play with fishboy.  And they could torture Hunny.  Hmm, on second thought....

Ah, no worries.  Hunny can hold her own.  She's great with kids - as long as she can outrun them.

Anyway, that's my nostalgic moment of the night.


sunflowerkat321 said...

These pictures are great Freee...I can't stop looking at them.

This is what the anniversary celebration was all about.  That each of us have found others that we can bond with so easily.  It would be wonderful if SloMo was close enough that the two of you could enjoy all those things.  The other side of the coin is...can imagine if you'd never found each other ar all?????????  What a gift we have here.

ggal3133 said...

aww what great pictures and memories :) It would be wonderful if she was just right around the corner from you. Sometimes distance isn't fun but now you guys can look forward to another meeting in the future.

krobbie67 said...

It is hard being away from great friends. But, that just means you'll have to visit on a regular basis. Those pics are great! You should get them framed. You can tell J is just tickled Freeee. :-) ---Robbie

dockart said...

Isn't it amazing how you can bond with someone you never met?...well, of course now you have but you know what I mean. The world is an amazing place and many of it's amazing people are right here on AOL-J!! I am so happy to have "met" you and so many others. I am especially happy for the connection that you and Slo/Amy have. It is great!!

And I hope your trip home is a wonderful one. Continue to grow and heal and never burn any bridges:)

geminiwilder said...

awwww!  how cute ~ both of you!
is that the same little sleeping ballerina angel we saw in her
mama's journal last week?  look at her when she's in action! :)


ryanagi said...

Those pictures are great! I still get such a kick out of the fact than you and Slo found each other and made such a great connection. I found a great friend through the AOL Message Boards a couple years ago. I finally got to meet her in person too this past spring. I wish she lived around the's a LONG drive from NJ to Alabama. :-( -B

babyshark28 said...

It would be cool freee.  It would be. I have a friend who I am close to, and we live in the same state, in fact -just an hour and a half away from eachother!  But, we still say the same thing.  If only we lived closer, lol.  So, I guess we shouldn't complain now, should we.  We could live much farther apart.  
The time when you and slo (and family)  share, when you can, will be double in pleasure because of the distance.  How special is that?!

clarity4today said...

Yes, the pictures are adorable.  She looks like such a sweetie, and I can imagine why you'd miss her! I'm so glad the two of you had a nice visit. :-)

slowmotionlife said...

LOL!!  I can't get over how goofy that kiddo is.  This is the epitome of Jacy.  Always on the move, always silly, making faces, smiling, laughing, giggling, sweet... but entirely too big for her britches.  LOL  Awww.. great entry. We miss you too. And having this experience definitely has opened my eyes to the possibility of meeting other great journalers and friends within the community.  I'd so like to meet Mia someday and Babyshark and Irun and Vivian and Gregg and so, so many others.  We really gotta work toward that AOL-J convention.  You book the venue and I'll lose 10 lbs.  We'll be set!  LOL

miarenee24 said...

Gosh, it's amazing how much that girl looks like her mom! She has some of the same expressions in the webcam shots! lol! so cute! Both of ya up there in the photos!

Gee, you make it sound so nice...sitting at SloMo's kitchen table, having coffee. Being with the kids. Going on morning hikes. etc.

Love ya!

freeepeace said...

KAT - I feel the same way about these pics.  I love Jacy's face in every single one.  She's just a precious little fireball.  And thank you for the reminder of what a gift it is to have found a friend in SloMo, no matter where we are on the planet. :)

GGAL - Yes, now there's something to look forward to - another trip.  Woohoo!

ROBBIE - I like the sound of that - visit on a regular basis.  Works for me.  I love these pics of Jacy too.

DONNA - Awww...I feel the same.  Happy to have 'met' you too.  This community has helped me change my life.  Thanks for the trip-wishes. :)

freeepeace said...

DONNA - Jacy sure is a sweetie.  And I do miss her.  :(  But there will be more visits to come.

SLOMO - Funny you should call her goofy - because, she resembles you so much in these pics, it's uncanny!  All the sweetness (and goofy-ness) you see in her is what we see in you.  Join me on the AOL-J Couch Tour.  We'll visit everyone!  LOL

MIA - Totally!  Jacy absolutely resembles her momma in these pics.  Beautiful.  Both of them. Love you too. :)

freeepeace said...

PHINNEY - Yes, that's the same little sleeping ballerina!  She's a Gemini she's got that dual personality going on, like us! :P

RYANAGI - NJ to Alabama sounds just as daunting as LA to TX.  ::sigh::  Ah well, always something to look forward to.

SHARKY - Yeah, quit your complainin'  -  Your friend lives in the same state for crying out loud [or COL ... LOL  I'm cracking myself up over here].  True that the time SloMo/family and I do spend together will be even more special because of the distance. xo

ann7inflorida said...

Those pictures are so great!!! All of the pictures of your visit with Slo ROCK!.....And her little ones! Absolute dolls! : ) I was just over at Amys journal & I read about what you and Robbie are doing for Peachy. You guys are such good souls! This is the kind of stuff that makes me smile from ear to ear & so happy I am part of this community!!! Hugs to you ~Ann : )

deabvt said...

Freee. Great Pics
It`s wonderful what you & robbie are doing!

freeepeace said...

ANN - We've got a few more photos to share - if you can believe that.  I'm working on it.  And I'm happy to be able to help Peachy in this way.  Like you, I'm happy to be part of this community too.  Hugs back to you. :)

VINCE - Thanks.  And Thanks. :)

wayoutdacloset said...