Thursday, August 26, 2004

Life is Peachy

By now most of you know that Robbie and I will be taking the PeaceMobile on a road trip to Arizona this weekend to bring Peachy's brother's dogs to her.  For details on the story, visit Peachy's journal.  From there you can link to the many AOL-J Community members who've pulled together to help in this crisis.

For the short-ish version:  Peachy's brother is a soldier in Iraq.  The soldier's wife voluntarily left his two dogs with the Humane Society in California.  The soldier is/was devastated - afterall, these dogs are his babies - and it's completely out of his hands.

The nearest relative is Peachy.  But airlines won't fly the dogs to Arizona because it's a heat risk.  After 150 phone calls and many emails - with little luck - Peachy appealed to the AOL-J Community.  And in true AOL-J fashion, we banded together.  Emails of support, comments of love, research, information, resources, etc.  We show up the way we can.

Here's where I appeal to you.  If you have the means, please consider sending a donation to help Peachy care for these two loved ones until their human-parent returns from serving our country.  You know I personally believe none of our troops should be over there in the first place. But they are.  It's not his fault and perhaps not his personal choice.  He is there because of his dedication, commitment and love for his fellow citizens.  For that, I support him.

These dogs didn't do anything wrong.  They just happen to be victims of circumstance.  Both are rescue dogs - already loaded with their own share of past trauma.  We'd like to make this transitionas smooth and comfortable for them as possible.

Thank you for any support you can offer.  With our help, Ellie and Scout will rise from victim to victor.  I love this community!  

Note: To make a donation, please visit Peachy's journal.  I couldn't get the link to work.  Thank you.


donah42 said...

I think what you and Robbie are doing is so cool! If I floated you some cash, could you "accidently" drop Ellie off at my house? It's only a couple of thousand miles out of your way....
Seriously, have a fun & safe road trip. You guys ROCK!

ladydriversammie said...

Words can't express how wonderful it is of you to do this for Peachy.  It made me furious when I read what happened to her brother's dear dogs!  I wanted to do something to help but couldn't think of anything better than what everyone else had already said so I didn't comment, but have been keeping up with the situation.  You and Robbie are just awesome people, you do know that right?  It's too bad I don't haul dog food anymore or I'd have to "accidentally" lose a few bags in Tucson.  ;)  Maybe I can help her out somehow though.

Sammie  :)

kdwsunshine said...

I have been keeping up with this story, I am soooo thankful that you are able to help in this manner! It breaks my heart when I hear things like this about animals. I can't understand what his wife was thinking.  Anyhow, I have been stopping by your journal for a while, but I ususally don't have time to comment.  Once again, I am glad that you were able to help peachy!!!  


diannevan said...

A road trip to Arizona!!  It sounds like a total hoot.  Feel free to keep that Honda truckin' east all the way to Ohio and stay here.  Sure, it's about 2,000 miles out of your way, but that doesn't matter, right??  

I've missed you!  Every time I say I'm gonna take the time to visit journals, something happens.  Damn it, now I'm GONNA take the time!  I'm so out of the loop!

heartsingr said...

I think it's just fabulous what you and Robbie are doing to help out Peachy and the doggies.  Kudos!

geminiwilder said...

this is just so great.  wishing you, robbie and the pups a safe and wonderful trip!  hug the peach family for all of us when you get there, okay?     xo phinney

ckays1967 said...



hugs to you both!

carolhehe said...

I read all about this situation. Have a good trip and godbless you both for helping like you are

krobbie67 said...

Umm......I saw DiAnne's comment. Not to be a party pooper or anything, but I've got to be at work on Monday morning and Hunny told me to tell you no too.
:-) ---Robbie

freeepeace said...

CKAYS - Thanks.  Hugs back to you.

CAROL - Seems everyone's heard about this situation.  News travels faster in AOL-J than primetime television!  Thanks for the well wishes.

ROBBIE - Oh sure.  Throw Hunny in the mix.  That'll always get me home ASAP.  Come on though, wouldn't it be fun to travel cross country to see our eastern neighbors?  Someday...  

freeepeace said...

DIANNE - Be careful what you ask for.  I really would love to come visit you.  I've been talking about an AOL-J Couch tour.  I'll get there!

That's the good thing about Journals.  You can read old entries to get "in the loop".  No worries.  Take your time.  I'm way behind too.

HEARTSINGR - Thank you.  Really, it's a location thing.  I'm ready for a road trip and this is the perfect excuse.

PHINNEY - Thanks for the well wishes.  I'll be sure to hug the Peachies for you. :)

freeepeace said...

HIPPIE - Actually, I'd love to drive cross country in the PeaceMobile.  I'm sure I won't be able to slip Ellie to you [this is too high-profile of an event. sheesh]  But, I WILL take lots of pics for you! :)

SAMMIE - Thank you for all your support too.  This community is wonderful.  Curious: what kind of dog food did you haul?  

KATHI - We'd have to be in his wife's shoes to understand her position.  I'm glad I'm able to help out in the way I can.  And I'm looking forward to the road trip. :)

ondinemonet said...

Trish :)

I have enjoyed reading about how the whole community came together to help Peachy...but I wasn't surprised. I love everyone in this community...all are gems and really great neighbors.

Lovely and talented are you!

Always, Carly :)

grassriver said...

Trish, it's so awesome that you and Robbie will be driving the pups. This community of ours never ceases to amaze me!
Have a safe trip, and kiss the dogs for me!

slowmotionlife said...

This community is a blessing - and what a blessing Peachy has received in the support and help from her AOL-J friends.  I wish you and Robbie lots of luck and fun on your trip.  I'm itchin' for a road trip now!  lol

xzasporated1 said...

Freee, thanks so much for what you and Robbie are doing for Peachy, her brother and those adorable little furballs.  I hope you guys have a very safe trip and lots of sloppy kisses.  And some kisses from Scout and Ellie too!

~~ jennifer

sunflowerkat321 said...

I love this community too.  It is amazing how so many people jumped up to help in any way that they could.  And you and Robbie are complete angels to make this trip....but I know there's also no way that you wouldn't.  I just get the sense that you are the best friend a person...or a dog...could ask to have.