Friday, August 13, 2004

A Life in ... Motion

It's hard to believe I've already been to SloMo's and back.  At this time last week we were shopping, laughing, screaming, eating, playing games, and laughing some more.

I have this vivid image of her kids at the airport as I was scrolling down the escalator with my backpack and carry-on luggage in tow.  I barely made it to the ground floor before they ran to me and wrapped their little loving arms around me - almost knocking me over. [Little did I know then, that was a hint of what was to come.]

We held on to each other for a moment.  I took a good look at them and proclaimed that they look exactly like their pictures.  And there I was, wondering if I'd recognize them.  Ha - no worries!

SloMo and I gave each other a quick hug and promptly shot our eyes to the floor.  Thinking about it now, that's probably why we couldn't find the car for so long.

*** What is that?  The shyness.  The insecurity.  The wonder.  Am I all that you thought I'd be...or are you disappointed now that you see the full me?  I've been through that.  Not this time.  SloMo is who she is, and much more. ***

Sure, the first few moments - okay, the first few days - were awkward and quiet.  But I guess that's to be expected.  She was in her territory, with her family, living her life.  I was the foreigner.  A witness.  An observer.  A fly on the wall.  Just taking it all in. 

The awkwardness couldn't have been that bad.  By the end of the first night, I had exposed myself in a mud mask during a card game with SloMo and Elijah.  After that, I beat their asses in Phase Ten with moisturizing yogurt smeared all over my face.  Oh yeah, we're family now.

Who is SloMo anyway?  If I ever had questions about the meaning of A LIFE IN SLOW MOTION, they are all answered now.  Imagine a life as she describes in her entries. [got that image? cake, photographs, web design, books, music, family, new home...sweet, right?]  Now imagine her living ten different entries all at once.

I used to joke about her being able to multi-task better than anyone.  Now I see it's no joke.  A few times during our visit, we both found ourselves wondering how she ever has time to sit at her computer and do all that she does in a day.  I see now why I only got one fifteen-minute nap on the first day.  Who has time for sleep when life is in motion?

Robbie asked me if there was anything about SloMo's personality that I thought might be different.  And you know, there's not one thing!  She's beautiful, smart, witty, caring, genuine, honest, funny.  She can indulge in a light conversation just as freely as she does in a deep heart-to-heart.  And you know we gotta have both!

Her kids are a whole 'nother story [Mary, that's for you].  I could fill an entire journal with entries about them alone.  It may sound crazy, but I ache being so far away from them.  I'll suffer a thousand high-pitched screams for one more chance to play Phase Ten with Elijah and hear Jacy say, "Right on sista-girrrrl."

Saving my pennies for another visit...


gatorspictures said...

LOL...yogurt mask...seeing visions of Mrs Doubtfire here: HELLOOOO!!!! hehehe
glad this trip left footprints on your heart...they are the kind that don't go away. LUCKY YOU!!! c

redhdka said...

Oh this was just the sweetest entry ever. You are such a doll! And Slomo is beautiful. I'm glad you two had fun, like family. I got some close friends on here I would love to meet. Someday..........someday soon i hope!

geminiwilder said...

Awwww!  Doncha wish we could blink like I Dream of Jeannie and just "be there". Blink, you're at SloMo's.  Blink, you're back to walk the dogs.  "Blink" back to Slo's for some cake, "Blink" back to record a song....etc. etc. etc.  Let's invent that!!!  "Blink" Freee comes to CT.  I have a very comfy couch!!!   "Blink" move over, SloMo's just blinked over too!!!   LOL!!!    

bridgetteleigh75 said...

This was nice...nice in that, "I want to go visit SloMo now" kind of way.  <grin>  I'm really glad you two had such a wonderful time.  It's hard meeting people for the first time in the flesh, but it sounds as if the two of you managed just fine.  

By the way, that picture of LA is amazing.  Never been there...IT'S SO BIG!  

Miss you,

derossetfamily said...

Thats gotta be one of the sweetest sleeping pictures I've *ever* seen. She's a purty one, that SloMo girl. Your trip sounds like it went so well! And you've confirmed she really does rock live, and vice versa. Thats just awesome, I think its so cool whenever I hear about aol-j'ers meeting up. I have no doubt that I'd be all shy and awkwardness-edly around my aol-j friends, though. But it seemed to have loosened up enough for it to rock. Jacy sounds adorable. Whole 'nother...why, I'm honored! :)

babyshark28 said...

ooooooh. I am melting in all your sweet moments!   how brave of you both and also so trusting of acceptance to chance 5 days with someone you have never really MET,  it's really a beautiful thing.  It's so hard to let those walls down, for some of us anyway, and let someone go stolling about in your very own heart...I know...I'm getting deep.  sorry.  It's just, a beautiful thing. :)

slomo is beautiful and so are you. I have been enjoying the exchange between you two with your entries and your pictures. :)

sunflowerkat321 said...

Why am I NOT surprised that you had a great time with SloMo?  I'm thrilled that you two got together and had such a wonderful time.  The pics are great...can't wait to hear more.

miarenee24 said...

Sweeet! I'm lovin' these photos. Y'all are both, the cutest darn things! Enjoyed your description of SloMo's life in motion! I've often wondered HOW she does it all.

....and, she sleeps! [when she's plum-tuckerd, obviously] I can relate to that one. :) lovely shots!

deabvt said...

Great Pics.   I`ll bet hunny is happy to see you!

ggal3133 said...

aww very nice pics :)
It sounds like a great time at SloMo Haven!

slowmotionlife said...

ROFL!!!  For the record, I'm NOT sleeping in that photo!!!!!!!  LOL  Hello!!!  Why didn't I use veto power on that one???  What the heck was I thinking!?  tehehe..

OMG.. there's something about that monkeyboy picture that makes me laugh.  He's so scrawny!  We should have shared some cake with him.  Hmmm... Nahhhh..  LOL

You're so sweet.  It's interesting to see yourself through another person's eyes, isn't it?  ::smile::

Beat our asses ONCE, missy.  If I remember correctly, I promptly retaliated.  :P

freeepeace said...

MARY - SloMo's not sleeping ... but you're right, it would make a sweet sleeping pic.  I love that pic of her.  It's real. Honest. In-the-moment. Beautiful.  I think we're all shy upon first meeting each other.  It's fascinating, really.  Jacy is adorable...beyond adorable actually.  LOL  Love that kid.

SHARKY - Aww...I'm so happy you get to share these moments with us.  You've been there from the beginning.  It's true what you say about letting our walls down and opening to someone on another level.  It IS a beautiful thing. :)

KAT - I'm not surprised I had a great time with SloMo either.  She's been a huge part of my life for almost a year.  I am a little surprised it took us this long to finally meet face to face.  But it won't be the last time.

freeepeace said...

GATOR - Mrs. Doubtfire. I didn't even think of that.  LOL.  Footprints on my heart - nice way of putting it.  Yes, the memories from this trip will be with me forever.

REDHDKA - I actually had to edit my thoughts in this entry.  I could go on and on about her and her family.  I imagine, at some point I'll have to write about something else...but for now, this is what's in my heart.  Make the plan to meet your friends.  It's worth it. :)

PHINNEY - LOL - what a great comment.  I love the idea of BLINKing.  With the internet in our lives, we need to come up with some way to bring us all closer.  Can all three of us fit on your couch?

BRIDGETT - There were so many times we thought about visiting each other sooner...but this turned out to be the 'right time' as always.  But I refuse to wait another year till we visit again. Hmph!  The pic of LA is just a tiny part of the city.  LA is spread out ... huge ... and congested.  But it's home and I love it.

freeepeace said...

MIA - I still wonder how she does it all.  She's like SuperSloMo ... or as a friend of mine says, SloNoMo.

VINCE - I should post another Hunny pic for you.  Yes, she's thrilled that I'm home.

GGAL - "SloMo Haven" - hahaha!  Love it.  We had a great time.

SLOMO - It never occurred to me that you would appear to be sleeping in that photo.  I was so confused by some of the comments...until you clarified it for me.  I love that pic of you.  You're beautiful.

Yes, that monkeyboy picture shows he didn't have any cake.  Hey, we DID offer it to him.  He just didn't speak up fast enough. :P

I never said I beat your asses more than once.  Yes, yes, let the world know you 'promptly retaliated' ... but let's not forget how CLOSE the next few games were. [i was distracted by mud and yogurt.]

sonensmilinmon said...

It's so wonderful you had this opportunity to meet someone as special as slomo.  I love hearing your stories.  Someday I'd like to meet a few who journal .... someday!


mallory4284 said...

I need to get a compact camera like you so I can take my camera around and take candid pictures like these without feeling so goofy. (my camera is super bulky)

Anyway, great pictures!! It looks (and sounds) like you guys had an awesome time!! I think if I ever met one of my online friends I'd be way too shy. I'm way too shy with my friends that I know in "real life". I'm glad your experience was a good one though!

-- Mallory

freeepeace said...

MONICA - I feel blessed to have a friend in SloMo.  It would be great for a bunch of us to meet.  Someday could be soon you know. :)

MALLORY - My digicam is one of my new best friends.  I don't know what I ever did without it.  It's so small that I often lose it at the bottom of my bag [it's smaller than my cell phone].  It's worth the investment.  Yes, SloMo and I had a great time together.  There will be more.  I imagine many of us are shy in person.  There's room for that. :)  A few others have met in person this week too.  Lots going on in JLand.

grassriver said...

You two meeting eachother is so cool! The pictures are great and I'm happy your trip was all you'd hoped it would be and more!

wayoutdacloset said...


ann7inflorida said...

I love all of the pictures of you & Slo. I think it's so cool that you guys got to meet face to face! Great entry : ) Thanks for stopping by my journal & leaving the nice comment. ~Ann : )

andreakingme said...

I'm making my rounds late, but I'm here to say, "What a touching Entry on your visit!" I love how you go into the personal side of it -- the reflections -- poor nervous girly-girls, I bet we all know exactly how you all felt at the first sight of each other! And it's nice to learn about someone from someone else (to see SloMo how you see her).

Well done, Trishy.

s0ngbird1962 said...

" The shyness.  The insecurity.  The wonder.  Am I all that you thought I'd be...or are you disappointed now that you see the full me?"   Freee, perfect words for how it often feels when making new friends or meeting someone face to face for the first time...  It's wonderful that you were able to take that next step in your friendship with Slo... make it a reality outside of this box.  ~~Hope your pennies build up quickly so you can visit again soon...  : )

txsguinan said...

I am SO happy your visit went so well!  You know, I couldn't help thinking how brave you both were to take such a huge step in meeting like that.  I too love your honesty here;

"...The shyness.  The insecurity.  The wonder.  Am I all that you thought I'd be...or are you disappointed now that you see the full me?..."

That's exactly what most of us would have been thinking, and afraid of.  Beautifully rendered ~ in fact, it sounds like a lyric to me....  :)

ondinemonet said...


This was just the best...two good friends meeting...ahhh. Thanks for sharing with us. Too Neat!

Love, Carly :)

merelyp said...

So cool that you did this!  It is hard to describe, isn't it?-- the comfort of having read people's thoughts... Obviously, if there is an urge to meet folks f2f, the urge is because we already trust and love them!

freeepeace said...

ANDREA - "nervous girly-girls"  LOL  I'm not so sure that's how SloMo would describe me.  She's pretty girly.  I'm...notsomuch.  Nervous we were...but not for long.  She broke the tension when she licked my face.  :P

MICHELLE - I'm actually surprised it took us this long to meet in person.  I'm usually all about immediacy.  But everything is perfectly timed.  I wouldn't change a thing.  [hoping my pennies build up quickly too.  thanks.]

freeepeace said...

KELLI - Even though it was our first meeting, SloMo and I both felt like we knew each other very well - but we just hadn't seen each other in a long time.  Once we got through that quietness, she felt like family.  Love that woman.

BERLY - I know. It's kind of surreal actually.  We really did bond because of our journals at first.  That napping pic was the only nap I got.  Thinking about it now, I was probably too scared to sleep while she was awake.  She *always* has her camera ready.

ANN - I hope things have settled down for you over there.  Charley put a scare in us all.  Take care.

freeepeace said...

GIGI - You know what?  It DOES sound like a lyric.  Good ear!

CARLY - Yeah well, apparently it wasn't enough to get her to go to the Ball with ME this weekend.  Hmph!  ;)You haven't seen the last of me...

MERELYP - Absolutely.  The love and trust are there - and has been building from the moment we 'met' in J-Land.

krobbie67 said...

Great pics! I love the one of Slomo in the parking lot. She looks hoTTTT!!!
Oh, and please tell her to feed monkey boy. :-) ---Robbie

freeepeace said...

ROBBIE - I agree with you about the parking lot pic.  It's one of my faves of her.  I passed your message on to her.  Just so you know, Monkeyboy eats - and eats well!  He's just got so much energy, he must burn it off as fast as he takes it in.  [god, i miss that kid]