Tuesday, August 17, 2004

CR-V Fires

It's nearing time for the PeaceMobile to get its first oil change.  This upcoming event has been daunting.

Recent reports have shown that more than a dozen '03 and '04 CR-Vs have spontaneously burst into flames without warning.  Investigators have found that it's usually happening soon after the very first oil change.

Honda has no plans to issue a recall on the vehicle.  They claim it's not the fault of the manufacturer.  Rather they are blaming it on sloppy oil changes.  Apparently oil spills onto the hot engine and creates an immediate spark, sending flames throughout the vehicle.

No one has reported to have been hurt in these fires.  But the vehicles were totally destroyed.  Many were on their way home from their first oil change.

While it's highly possible for me to be able to jump out of a burning car, I'm not so sure how my precious cargo will fare.  I bought this new car for peace of mind.  I never thought spontaneous combustion would be one of my biggest worries!

I called my sales representative looking for more information.  Apparently my information was news to them.  I did receive a letter from my dealer offering to give me my first oil change for free.  Of course, they didn't mention why.  But you can be damn sure I'll take them up on it.  I'll tell them what I know.  And I'll make them take it for a test drive.

The Honda CR-V still remains at the top of consumer's reports as one of the best vehicles to purchase.  I can attest to its great gas mileage, spacious cargo area, comfort, ease of driving, reliability ... but what the hell can I do about the possibility of a car fire?

While researching this issue, I discovered that a Nationwide Class Action has been filed on behalf of purchasers of '03 and '04 CR-Vs as a result of these fires.  I've put a call in to the lawyer.  But will that save my life?  I just want to survive my first oil change and get past 10,000 miles safely!  Is that too much to ask?  

reminder:  don't judge a book by its cover.  I love my CR-V.


viviansullinwank said...


Wow  please keep us posted on the CR-V situation...I hope your lawyer is  quick and thorough!

What a beautiful flower!!!

grassriver said...

OMG Freee - that's nuts! Good Luck, and be careful!

ladydriversammie said...

Oh good grief...if getting a little oil on an engine caused fires then every car on the road would be on fire!  They must have done something wrong that's causing that...hope your oil change goes well and nothing happens to the PeaceMoblie.  :)


sonensmilinmon said...

That's crazy having to worry about a first oil change!  Who would've thought.

Beautiful flower.


sistercdr said...

Definitely take that dealer up on the free oil change, and you're right to get them to take it for a test drive afterwards.  The odds may not be huge for a fire, but make them take the responsibility.

olddog299 said...

That's news to me, too, deah.  Sometime when you are feeling froggy, climb up and take a hard look at the mechanics of putting oil into the car.  Is it a case of attempting to force too much oil in at once being regurgitated onto the exhaust manifold (something I have noticed the '97 Saturn does) or might it be an awkward location or very short filler neck, resulting in the oil bottle falling out?  Get the info together and carry it in the glove box.  I've used a regional franchise to handle that level of maintenance after they made it so g.d. expensive to dispose of used oil there is no savings in doing it yourself.  Anyway, in future, be sure to give whomever is changing the oil the info about the problem.  And I especially like the idea of having them test drive the vehicle.  Another source of oil leaking out immediately after an oil change is  overfilling the crankcase - it'll come right up the oil stick tube and splatter on the engine that way.  

Don't let anybody kid you - getting out of a vehicle on fire is often times impossible.  Getting the dogs out, too, is asking an awful lot of Fate.  I like your pro-active stance.

gatorspictures said...

gorgeous flowers!!!
hmmmm....buy a baby fire extinguisher to keep under the front seat.
good precaution to have anyway...extra good with this news.
stay safe!! c

geminiwilder said...

yikes...eeks...argh!!!!  be careful and do make them test drive it after the oil change!  i've never heard of this.  'tis horrible.  and, oh boy, what a beautiful lily!!!

freeepeace said...

VIVIAN - So far, no call back from the lawyer.  But I imagine she's swamped with CR-V buyers [over 140,000 '03s and 70,000 '04s so far].  Thanks for checking in. xo

KELLI - I agree...it's nuts.  Since Honda has let all mechanics at the dealers know about this, I feel pretty confident that they will be extra careful.

SAMMIE - Yeah, it's explained in some of the links I posted.  Something about the old oil filter and something-else-or-other.  All I read is "FIRE" and that's enough for me to know something is definitely wrong.

freeepeace said...

GATOR - Yeah, I love the flowers too.  Fire extinguisher.  Good idea.  Thanks.

PHINNEY - My sentiments exactly.  The fear is enough to eat me alive.  That's why I'm going to the dealer.  I will watch them.  And they WILL be the first to drive it after the oil change.

freeepeace said...

MONICA - Right.  Who would've thought!  [yeah, pretty flower huh?]

SISTERCDR - That's exactly what I'm thinking.  Odds are slim.  But they need to step up and take responsibility.  If they're so confident that it's safe to drive, then they shouldn't have any problem taking it out for a spin!

OLDDOG - Absolutely.  I won't let anyone work on my car until they know the whole scoop.  And it is the dogs that I am most concerned about.  The car is under warranty.  But dogs are precious cargo!  Thanks for the tips.

s0ngbird1962 said...

Freee, your CR-V isn't that big for an SUV.... I pulled up behind one the other day, and my conversion van towered over it.  Funny thing is, when I saw the black CR-V the first thing I thought of was..."Hey, that's Freee's car..."  

Good luck on your first oil change.  May your CR-V have many, many more....

freeepeace said...

MICHELLE - Right on!  I swear, I had the very same experience today.  I'm always stretching to see over vans, trucks and even some luxury cars [lol].  I thought, 'hey, this is supposed to be an SUV dammit!'  LOL  Thanks for the well-wishes for the PeaceMobile.

krobbie67 said...

OMG! This is absolutely crazy. I think I'll give you my list of possible cars so you can give me the low-down. But then again, I like being blissfully ignorant sometimes. :-) ---Robbie

babyshark28 said...

Well, that's kind of scary.  But, I have feeling all will be well. :)  Love that happy pink flower :)

slowmotionlife said...

I think it's time for weekly fire drills with the dogs.  LOL  You know, the kind we had when we were kids in school?  Freee hops out of the car, rolls to the back, opens the back door and all the dogs run for their lives!  tehehehe...

I know, it's not funny.  And seriously, I can see why it's making you nervous.  You're good to simply inform yourself about the situation and be more watchful in the first week after your oil change.  Watch your temperature guage, use your nose, and stop on the side of the road if you notice anything funny.  

Gorgeous flower!!  :D

freeepeace said...

ROBBIE - Since the odds are really in my favor here, I WISH I were blissfully ignorant on this one.  There I go again with my internet research.  But, it was a client who actually called me about this.  She was concerned about her doggie. :P

SHARKY - Thanks love.  I have a better feeling about it now.  I mean, what are the chances right?  I love the 'happy pink flower' too. :)

SLOMO - Leave it to you to find the humor in this.  :)  I actually considered fire drills with the pups. LOL  But just in my head...like "what would I do if..."