Tuesday, August 17, 2004


pictured: Otis giving Gus a warm welcome to our group for the week.

This week begins one of my busiest dogwalking times.

A fellow dogwalker is out of town for the week.  She asked me to walk her dogs while away.  It was a great reflection actually.  She said she sees how I am with my dogs and that's how she wants her dogs to be treated.  Felt really good to see how I'm perceived in my work.

Another dogwalker is going on her honeymoon at the end of this week and I'll have one of her dogs in our group too.  [the biggest dog I've ever met]  I've had him before so I know him a little better than the few extras I have this week.

Actually, it was because of these two dogwalkers that I took my SloMo trip early in the month.  They filled in for me.  Now I'm filling in for them.

I thought once I left the 8-5 world, I wouldn't have to check in with anyone regarding vacations and sick leave.  But nope.  It's basically the same.  The difference is, I like it.  We care about our work.  We care about our charges.  We care about each other.  This will come in real handy when I take my trip to the east coast this fall.

Unfortunately, this business is not without its own share of drama too.  But I won't bore you with those details...yet.  [oooh, and they're so good too!]

More later.  Off and running.  Well, more like dragging.  I forgot to mention I couldn't sleep yesterday so I rearranged my entire room.  Finally, it's back to the way it originally was.

:::yawn:::  Oh right, gotta stop for coffee too.


perkysgrl said...

Its nice to hear about people who enjoy their job and actually care about what they/you do!  I think what you do would be great!  Glad to hear that you have good relationships with other dogwalkers to let you get out and about to go on vacation!  That is great.  Take Care and have a great day!
*Jennifer* of http://journals.aol.com/perkysgrl/APickleForYourThoughts

coffeesheavenly said...

Aww , this is a really cute picture ;)
Take Care and God Bless

miarenee24 said...

awww, what a sweet pic! Take good care of yourself!

sistercdr said...

Isn't it great to do what you love?

slowmotionlife said...

Busy week - lots of dogs!  I gotcha.  Still, it's nice working for yourself.  And even the vacation thing worked out.  Otis is tooo friggen cute!!!  LOL

ryanagi said...

I found myself envying my pet-sitter when I last left on vacation...she was newly married, expecting a child, her new husband is self-employed also...she just seemed so happy. Plus she takes great care of my cats when I am away and doesn't mind that neurotic Mommy has a webcam monitoring the family room and kitchen so I can check in on my babies via laptop when we travel. I have video of her quietly sitting on the sofa reading a book with the TV on in the background, per my request. LOL (Someone on the sofa with the TV going is very comforting to them...it's a normal day around here. LMAO)  :-) -B

indigosunmoon said...

Adorable picture!
Isn't it nice to have a job you love!
You are one lucky gal!

grassriver said...

It's so great that you love your job - not too many people can say that.
I love the pictures of the dogs, and am perched on the edge of my seat awaiting the drama details!

redhdka said...

Really cute picture. I bet that is a really nice job you got there. And it is nice that you are all friends and take eachothers load during vacation time. I always rearrange my rooms...I can't even clean without moving something to another spot.

barbaramck said...

I WANT YOUR JOB!!! apparently i'm over qualified to clean out kennels. people don't walk thier dogs much around here. *sigh* you are lucky!! :p love the pic! take care, barb~

chersypie said...

Cute picture Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i love you

derossetfamily said...

LOL about your room. sweeeeeet picture! Thats great that you have dogwalkers to fill in for and to fill in for you, thats gotta make things easier. drama creeps up everywhere, I believe it...now I want the juicy gossip! ha, no.

ggal3133 said...

aww what a cute picture :)
Thats so great that all of you help each other out like that, you often don't see that in workplaces at least not all the time.

geminiwilder said...

it appears to me that little Otis is giving Gus a nice, warm FRENCH welcome, LOL!!!!  ohh-la-la!! ::slurp::
                holy moly, don't walk your feet off this week!!  

freeepeace said...

KELLI - Some of the drama is just that: drama.  And some of it is very sad and upsetting.  I'll try to keep you posted.

REDHDKA - I either rearrange my room every few months or I move.  Rearranging is cheaper - and easier - but not as exciting.

MARIPOSA - I love you too sistah-girrrrrl.

MARY - Yes, networking with other dogwalkers has made things much easier.  Then again, it also creates a bunch of drama.  LOL  [actually, it's not funny.  it's annoying!]

freeepeace said...

SLOMO - Yes, lots of dogs.  I love it.  Yes it's great working for myself.  You're doing that now too.  Nice huh?  

RYANAGI - Pet-parents like you are both a joy and a nightmare to work for.  LOL  I totally support the neurotic checking-in while away.  But I'm not sure how I'd feel being monitored on webcam.  With cats, I tend to spoil them with overdoses of catnip.  After that, we roll around on the floor and have deep, philosophical conversations. :P

CONNIE - Yes indeed.  I do believe I'm lucky [and very blessed].  Love my work! :)

freeepeace said...

JENNIFER - I used to envy those who love what they do for a living.  I have to keep remembering that.  If I can create work I love, anyone can.

COFFEE - I love this picture.  Otis is great to photograph.

MIA - Hi love.  Did Stephen see this pic?  I'll bet he'd like it. :)

SISTERCDR - Yes, indeed.  It IS great to do what I love.

freeepeace said...

GGAL - I feel blessed to be surrounded by some great dogwalkers.  We really support each other.  I get bugged when some walkers are so competitive, they don't even want to talk to us.  My thought is, there's room for everyone.

PHINNEY - I wish I got pics of Otis actually pulling on Gus' tongue.  Very cute.  Total French welcome.  Otis is discovering his manhood.  If only you could've seen the big yellow lab he was trying to hump all day.  LOL

krobbie67 said...

That pic is so cute!!!! Hey! Where's the dish on the doggy dirt? ;-) ---Robbie

babyshark28 said...

I think if I were to keep busy like you, eventually I would just drop and I wouldn't want to talk or do anything until I felt like i cought up with myself again. :p

love the picture.  A dogs love is always an honest and loyal one. :)