Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Back to Reality-ish

LA city view from plane - 11 AM.  8/9/04

I had vanilla lattes and coca-cola cake while on vacation.  I haven't quite stopped since I've been back.  So I'm kinda still on vacation-mode.

I'm going through serious SloMo-Family withdrawals.  I've fallen in love with her kids - which is easy to do.  I miss J's witty attitude - she WILL be president one day!  I miss E's sweet sensitivity - he's a natural born healer.  Both kept me on my toes and found a permanent home in my heart...just like their momma!

More to come ... Lots of work ahead of me.  For now, it's latte time!


luckyaugustgirl said...

That picture makes me miss California! Im a sucker for vanilla bean lattes at Barnes and Noble here too, Not a lot of latte stands or coffee shops in this town. So i must go commercial to get my latte fix.  Great view of the city. Take care of yourself!

brewerm593 said...


Since I am back to journaling again, I will be able to comment in your journal for now on! :-) LOL.

That is a great picture that you got from the birds eye view.It looks wonderful. One day, I would like to fly in a place. I mean, just knowing that you are thousands of miles up in the air and etc, makes me feel comfy!


Ha ha ha, lol. I remember tasting this cake called "Sock it to me cake." And it was said that it was suppose to taste like Coca-Cola, but I could have sworn it tasted like Pepsi! It was awfully wierd.

I Hope that you have a Great Day, Bye!

coffeesheavenly said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time :)  
Take care and God Bless
Coffee ;)

redhdka said...

I think its so great that you made a friend here and that you visited her and had a great time..and you love her kids. That is wonderful. And that picture is awesome!

derossetfamily said...

Great shot! Are those all houses? I can't tell. Can't wait to hear more details about your trip! :)

ggal3133 said...

Love the shot from the plane :)
I'm so glad that you had a good time with slomo and her kids! Those kind of friendships are the kind to treasure forever :)
Enjoy your latte!

geminiwilder said...

Wow, I've never seen a photo of LA like that!  It's all!! And so FLAT!!  Where's the ocean???

It's wonderful that you had SUCH a great time with family SloMo.  Sad that you miss them, but you carry them in your heart with every step you take.  You (and they) are blessed to have found each other.

Looking forward to more shared memories from your trip.
xo ~ Phin

dymphna103 said...

Wow so nice to be able to visit.  I am happy it turned out well for you.   john

slowmotionlife said...

How is it that I can be so caught up on your life and still sooooo behind in your journal???  LOL  I have like 8 or so entries here that I haven't commented in.  Ugh.  Help!!!!  Everyone here misses you - Jacy told the house fix-it guys yesterday that she had a friend.  When they asked who her friend was, she said, "Her name is Trish.  She's got black hair.  She sleeps in my room."  LoL  

I was soooo tempted to stop in for a White Chocolate Mocha today - particularly at that "one" Starbucks with the guy with the great smile - ::wink, wink:: - but I resisted!!  LOL  I'll get hooked and then I won't be able to wake up without them.  Argh!  Speaking of which, I'm going back to bed in a little bit.  I'm pooped!  It's all your doing!  I hate it when you do that - it's sooooo stoopid!!!!  :D

martinsek5 said...

Cool picture!  I can't wait to hear more about your trip.  Where were you in the south????  Pamela

indigosunmoon said...

I'm so glad you had a great time!
Vacations like that one are the

gatorspictures said...

so glad your time with slomo was most excellent...and kids are always a given. they steal your heart...period. love the view from the plane, makes me wanna hop one to the beach.... ::::::::sigh:::::::  c

pollysci said...

Great aerial pic, Trish!  I'm glad you enjoyed your stay our fair city!  :)

~tara :)

chefgracegeorge said...

I'm so excited that you got to meet your friend!  
Hugs and kisses to you both!

miarenee24 said...

WOW! Nice picture! I am looking forward to your other pics. At least, those that SloMo will let you share with us! :) Ohhhh, to be a fly on SloMo's wall last week! =D

screaminremo303 said...

Oh man, I never get to do the cool stuff. I think everyone should clear out the house and we can plan a Peace-World Tour 2004 with stops at everyone's house.

sonensmilinmon said...

It's all exciting ... you finally getting to met your friend and our beloved slomo.  The internet has blessed so many of us with new friends that we may have never known otherwise.  I know the internet has been good to me 3x's ... with Sonny and two girlfriends, one who journals and the other who is strictly e-mail. :-)  I'm still waiting for the opportunity to meet my e-mail friend, it WILL happen.

I love the ariel picture from the plane.  I can't wait to get some of my own next month ... in a FEW weeks!  :-)


slowmotionlife said...

I swear, I think this "ish" thing must have started when you were born.  Your mother must have given birth to you, and said, "I think I'll call her Tr.... ish."  LOL

Update, already.  We're both going through withdrawals - what are you up to, woman????  :D

freeepeace said...

SARAH - I'm soooo not a Starbuck's fan.  But I found a whole new appreciation for them in TX.  I actually bought a soy vanilla latte LA.  It's a curse, I tell ya.  I love the coffee drinks at Barnes & Noble too.  Yum.

BREWERM - I'd have been able to taste the difference between a coca-cola and a pepsi cake too. :P  I'm a pepsi fan.  But step aside if there's coca-cola cake around. :)

COFFEE - Yes, we had a wonderful time.  Thank you.

REDHDKA -  SloMo and her family are so much a part of me, I often forget she and I met through AOL-J.  It's pretty cool.

freeepeace said...

SLOMO - Oh yay!  Jacy remembers my name!  Love that child of god. :P  Oooh, you MUST go back to that *one* Starbucks and snap a good photo of *him*.  How could you resist?  I'd have gone back there every day just to see him. LOL   [you know I missed seeing his eyes...but his arms were yum!  Photos woman! Photos!  I haaaate it when you don't get the stooooopid photos!

PAMELA - I was in TX.  Very hot and humid.  But beautiful.

CONNIE - It's great when a much-anticipated vacation/trip turns out to be all that I hoped, and more. :)

GATOR - Yeah, I love kids.  Every child in my life holds their own special place in my heart.  Apparently I had at least two more unclaimed spots because these kids moved right in.  Their immediate love for me was effortless.  And vice versa.

TARA - I did enjoy my stay.  And I hope to enjoy more.  It's beautiful there.

GRACE - Hey girlie...thanks!

freeepeace said...

MARY - I think most of the little marks are houses.  Some are apartment buildings.  Some are businesses.  When I zoom in I can see swimming pools in some of the back yards.  Everything is so close together.  Neighbors on top of neighbors.  And it's still increasing.  Check out the smog.  Ick.  But I still love it here.

GGAL - Oooh, I enjoyed a latte today. Y-U-M.  The unfortunate thing is, I *needed* it to stay awake and to kill my headache.  Yup, addicted again.

PHIN - I *think* the ocean is at the top of the picture.  But I can't be sure.  CA isn't really as flat as this picture.  This is just a very congested part of this city.  I've never seen it like this either.  Trippy to get the shot.  Yes, I had a great time with them.  Yes, it's sad that I miss them.  And yes, I'll carry them in my heart forever. :)

JOHN - Thanks. You're always right there with us on our journeys.

freeepeace said...

MIA - Actually, SloMo gave me the green light on more photos than I expected.  I just wish I'd taken more of us.  She snaps photos more than me.  My friends here would find that hard to believe.  But really, there's rarely a moment when that camera isn't in her hands.  With me around, she got a taste of her own medicine.  She's not used to being on the other side of someone else's camera.

REMO - I've joked about doing an AOL-J Couch Tour.  It *could* happen.

MONICA - It's great isn't it?  Years ago, visiting people all over the country without ever 'meeting' them in person sounded crazy!  Now it sounds crazy NOT to.

SLOMO - LOL...sounds like The Electric Company, "TR - ISH - TRISH."  OK, whatever.  It makes sense in my head.  Probably impossible to convey in writing.  I've updated.  These withdrawals suck.  I miss you guys!!

ann7inflorida said...

Incredible Photo!!!

txsguinan said...

OK ~ quick, point it out...which one is your house?   ;)
Welcome back!   :)

freeepeace said...

ANN - Thanks.  I thought the same thing when I saw it.  Surprised myself. :)

GIGI - Don't blink. my house is right....... there!

krobbie67 said...

Reality sucks sometimes. :-( ----Robbie