Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Wednesday Already?

I'm sorry it's been so long... I've been busy.  I was feeling well.  I had a few good days.  But today, I'm down for the count again.  Every time I try to write, I get sidetracked by fatigue and crawl back into bed.  Sometimes I don't even make it to the bed and I rest right here at the desk.


I'm going to try to sum up the last few days as quickly as possible.

The weekend flew by...but not without a hitch.  Hunny, Celeste and I spent all of our time together.  They came with me [and stayed in the car] while I took care of the weekend clients.  We had some nice walks.  And we spent some time at the Venice dogpark - that's a treat.  I usually stay away from the park on weekends.  You know, it's like going to the office on your day off.


We all had a lovely early morning walk along the beach on the 4th with Cheryl & Opie and Jennifer & Roshi.  After that, Cheryl and I went to the Farmer's Market for fresh produce and breakfast.  The crowd was a little overwhelming for me so we only stayed long enough to enjoy a fresh young coconut juice and split a veggie omelette [pre-cut, two separate plates and two separate forks].

Later I slept and then decided to join friends at a beach house barbeque [my former house ::sigh::].  Watched some neighborhood fireworks with Jen and quickly discovered little Roshi needs to be sedated at this time next year.  Poor little guy.  He hid in a corner all night.  Hunny kept him company by eating all of his chewy bones. [that's my girl]


I took Monday off!

Went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 on Monday morning, thinking we'd beat the crowds.  Apparently, everyone else had the same thought.  I'm no movie critic and wouldn't be able to give it a review to save my life.  But I can say, it should be mandatory viewing for every American before the next matter where you stand politically.  And no, I'm not up for a debate.  I know where I (firmly) stand.  Thank you.


Saw my doctor yesterday.  Lost more weight but we're not concerned - yet.  I'm sure I appeared more frail just because my pants looked like sandbags falling off my body.  I keep putting off the clothes-buying process - mostly because I'm too tired to shop.  But also because I don't know where my weight will plateau.  Five pounds on this body increases clothing size.

But I'm still eating healthy and exercising.   I was feeling good yesterday.  You know how that is - like going to get your hair cut on a good hair day.  Doc said I look better than the last time she saw me.  Of course, that was the day I fell asleep in the examination room...and then almost passed out while she was taking my blood pressure.  Every day has been better than that day!


What else? 

Oh, update on the crazy weekend client.  I called her the day after she was supposed to arrive home and she actually returned my call.  Right away she apologized for not leaving a note and said there were no land lines in the house she was staying at - just cell phones.  ::shrug::   I didn't ask.

She was ever-so-grateful for the love I showed her pets because they were the happiest they'd ever been when she returned - even though I never remembered their names.  Still, thanks to my excellent care, I'm it for them.

I figured I didn't have anything to lose so I expressed my concerns about her apartment, the mold and the rotting food.  She appreciated my 'consciousness' and said it wouldn't be like that the next time!  I didn't have the heart to tell her there wouldn't be a next time.  ::sigh::  She really is nice.  And she really loves her pets.  Perhaps a bit of 'consciousness' is all she needs.

She gave me a check for the correct amount.  I haven't been to the bank yet.  But still, like I said, I see this as a bonus.  And finally, I got their names - and I've written them down!


OK, it's back to bed for me.  I hope to update more frequently as the summer progresses.  But I'm taking things moment by moment.  I've been trying to make random journal rounds.  But I'm still way behind.  I don't want to be too far out of the loop.  If you want me to see specific entries in your journals- or in other journals - please feel free to email the link.  I'm still slow getting to emails but not as slow as making the AOL-J rounds.

FYI - this unedited entry took me all day to compose - thanks to rest, food, water, supplements and more rest in between paragraphs.  No wonder I'm so far behind in journals.  ::sigh::

Goodnight all.  Peaceful dreams.



jeffcomedy said...

Good night, sweet Trish.

Hope you feel better soon.

Any you know, I would be just curious enough to give the lady one more shot.  Just to see if she actually WOULD clean up her house.

grodygeek said...

Trish, question on the crazy messy client. Could it be that she is an alcoholic or have some other significant issue? I mean that is how my sisters house has gotten with her pets her substance abuse. Just a thought.

I'm also really hopeful that the check doesn't bounce.

Last I hope you feel great soon. And don't ever worry about reading my journal, it would just put you to sleep anyway. Even in your best of health.


sonensmilinmon said...

Trish, you taking care of yourself and getting rest is the more important than checking up on everyone's journals!   You take care!  Get some more Zzzz's I think that's what I need now.


grassriver said...

I really hope she cleans up her act. She's lucky animals love unconditionaly.
Not to sound like an annoying Mom, but you better take care of yourself. Mono is not one to be messed with - it can lash out at very unexpected times. Get some sleep!

dockart said...

Wow! So the weekend client even came home a day late? Not sure why you bothered to write the pets names down though....seeing how there won't be a next time. LOL!! Go get some rest. You seem to get more done with mono than I do on a normal day. ;)

s0ngbird1962 said...

Hey, you are beginning to sound better, can tell by your writing.  Glad to hear you are getting out of bed now & socializing again, even if in short bursts.   Ummm Fahrenheit 9/11, won't go see it for lots of reasons, and I won't debate you, because I know where I (firmly) stand, too....  : )   Glad to hear that you were able to vocalize your concerns to your client.  I'm with Jeff, I would probably take one more job, just to see if she really did gain some "consciousness" about her living environment.  

Ok, seeing all those Zzzzz's is making me want to go back to bed, lol...

danielled1 said...

Awwww....I really hope this mono runs its course soon, I love your journal, and it's hard to "see" you so run down and tired. :(

Good to see an entry from you, I'm sure everyone out here in J-Land appreciates the effort you had to put in to let us know how you're doing.  :)

Hang in there and keep taking care of yourself!


danielled1 said...

I see you haven't gotten a torch just yet, to celebrate the anniversary of J-Land, so I'll leave you the link to Viv where it all got started. :)


gatorspictures said...

Glad you had a great weekend, sounds like you may have overdone just a teeeeensy bit, but it's all are resting whilst posting! take care of you!! c

freeepeace said...

KELLI - Thank you 'annoying mom' - I'm taking care of myself.  I keep forgetting I'm not running on 100% fuel.  It was nice to have some more energy over the weekend.  I've come to realize, for every energized moment, I need double the rest to make up for it.

DONNA - The client came back on time. I didn't call her till the day after.  I took her pets' names because I know me.  In time, I might soften and help her out again.  If I do, I'll be sure to wear a surgical mask during my visits though.

MICHELLE - Funny how I can 'sound' better in writing. I love that.  High-five for the non-debate. See, that's what's so great...we clearly have different views and still we love each other!  I'll probably give the client another chance. But there's only so much she can clean up in a mold-infested apartment.  [Responding to comments is tiresome.  I just might crawl back into bed before I start work].  :)

freeepeace said...

JEFF - I imagine I'll give her another try, which is why I didn't have the heart to tell her there wouldn't be a next time.

GORDY - I don't get the sense that alcohol or substance abuse is involved.  But it's a good point.  Thanks for the well wishes.

MONICA - I agree resting is important.  There are moments between rest that I could use by reading journals...but I'm so overwhelmed with Bloglines that I just stare at it and go back to bed.  I think if I had an email, I'd be more likely to read it, rather than shuffling through endless new entries in Bloglines. Zzzz...  ;)

freeepeace said...

DANIELLE - Welcome. Nice to see comments from new faces/names. Thanks for leaving your link.  I've seen the torch...I've been too tired/lazy to post it.  Can't imagine having the strength to hold it in LA for too long. ;)  I'll get around to it. Thanks again.

GATOR - lol  'just a teeeeensy bit' - I hear ya. You're right.  I feel it today too.  But it's okay.  Work. Sleep. That's my life this summer.  I deserved last weekend.  Hope I can rest enough this week to be semi-social this coming weekend too. ;)

miarenee24 said...

Hey there, freee. Well, mother nature is just making you get the rest you need isn't she? I've never had mono, but I've seen what it's like and it can be wicked. Keep resting all you feel you need to.
Glad the weekend client situation turned out to be okay. I'm glad you mentioned the mold and rotting food. I wouldn't even know how to start.
Now, you take care and get back in that bed if you feel you need to. We'll all still  be here. Sending healthy vibes your way. Love you!

luckyaugustgirl said...

Glad to see you are up and about and moving around, Also glad to see you took a day off and rested, :) Quite brave to mention the apt. conditions to the owner...... :) glad she didnt take it personally!
Keep getting better!!! :) Look forward to the next entry

lacapp8 said...

aawwwhh!  :-)  I like this entry.  you sound so positive and good. you are really funny too!!!     ok, so in the interest of time i'm going to make this brief.  

Free asked me to make an online journal. Now i know this sounds silly but  uuuhh ...  errr.   wellll   I dont know how.  never took the time.  I work in the industry, i've advised publications, tv networks and C-level execs on why to use the internet for e-commerce and business.  yet have not done one for myself.

Well, any volunteers to talk me throu getting established  are welcome.  do i hear a slo - mo referral.   i should incorporate and just make my own dang website already.    

more food for thought.  sweet dreams.     JULY is a good HAPPY month.


indigosunmoon said...

So sorry your still not feeling better.  I hope it happens for you soon sweetie!
Bless your heart.