Friday, July 23, 2004

Sunday Farmer's Market

Last week at the Sunday Farmer's Market.  Oooh, I love fresh coconut water!


I love Santa Monica.  You know I do.  But I've always had one pet peeve with this city.  They are just not very animal-friendly.  Miles of coastal beaches and not one section dedicated to pets.  One of the biggest property management companies has a no pets policy city-wide.  Dogs not licensed in the city of Santa Monica cannot enter the city's official dogparks.

When the Sunday Farmer's Market first started, Hunny and I would walk there and then play on the lawn after I bought my weekly produce.  That was before all the retail vendors, the face painters, the live music, the yummy breakfast-makers.

There used to be a wooden fence on the lawn made specially for dogs, with a sign that read, Tie your doggies here.  For about six months this was our Sunday morning ritual.

Soon more people started coming.  Families with kids.  Locals.  Tourists.  Young couples.  Suddenly baby strollers took over the fence.  Parents locked their strollers around the dogs.  And eventually, the dogs were weeded out.

Here, eight years later, no matter where you stand on the lawn or at any of the entrances to the Market, it's impossible to miss one of these four obnoxious handpainted billboards.  And if that's not enough, the city has to post a warning of consequences if we 'break the law'.

This warning sign reads:


OK.  Clear message.  Heartless, but clear.

But then ... what about the big doggies?

How is holding ponies in captivity for four hours in the blazing summer heat [in the middle of the city] solely for entertainment purposes, any more humane and sanitary than city residents bringing members of their families (doggies) to their community farmer's market?

I happened to be there before the official opening time last week and things were already hopping. This Sunday I hope to get the full view of just how mobbed this place gets by 11 AM.  It's so overwhelming, I wouldn't bring Hunny anymore even if it were acceptable.

And now it seems they're starting to weed out our children.  This tree used to be filled with kids climbing on and off throughout the morning.  It was a great source of entertainment for them.  And a great relief for some of the parents.

Come on Santa Monica, what's next?  For starters, I suggest you get off your high horse and set the ponies free.  Then just chill out and enjoy the fresh produce with the rest of your community.  We're a great bunch ... pets included.


fdtate313 said...

Just dropped by to see what power blogging looks like!  Thanks for the invite!

ggal3133 said...

aww so sorry that they aren't allowing dogs there.
That Farmers Market sounds so good....we have a small one here but like I said its small!

s0ngbird1962 said...

Ok, sooooooo what exactly is coconut water?  And what kind of container does it come in?  What's the brown circle on the top where the straw is?  I WANT one, lol...

It stinks that they don't let dogs inside the farmers market anymore.  But I would bet that it has something to do with irresponsible dog owners who didn't pick up after their pooches.  A few ruin it for the masses.... If dogs aren't allowed on the lawn, where are they allowed?  Only on the hot pavement?  ~~Doesn't sound like a place I would bring my dog anyways...  The beaches here are open to dogs until April.... and after 8pm during the summer...

Sadly, also not shocked about the tree in our now sue-happy times.  Long for the days when life was simpler, kinder, more forgiving.  :::Humming:::: "In the good ole summertime, in the good ole summertime..."

slowmotionlife said...

I think everyone is afraid of getting sued these days.  Kid falls out of the tree, parent sues.  Dog gets lost or stolen, owner sues.  Dog gets abandoned, and it's suddenly the cities responsibility.  These aren't the norms, but they still affect the decisions of many market-owners, I'm sure.  As for a city-wide ban, Jeeeeeze!!!!

Everything looks so sunny and clean there.  And despite its message, I really like the doggy painted sign.  So pretty!

babyshark28 said...

what a great entry!  very informative.  Sometimes people just don't pay enough attention to the "weeding out" process.  It goes so slowly that we just don't see it until it's too late.
the coconut looks wonderful, yumm!

dakotarose2852 said...

What exactly is coconut water?  Because it sounds like something I would love.  I've never seen it here in NJ.  I'm wondering if it's something I could make with coconut milk and water.  I'm trying to drink more water, but plain water is pretty boring to my old taste buds and this sounds so much more refreshing.  That's too bad about those rules regarding dogs in the park.  Kind of sad, but like one commentor said, they're probably doing it to protect themselves from lawsuits.  I checked out the website for the handmade collars for the doggies.  I'm going to get Lucy the one with the bees and daisies.  Lucy loves to stop and smell the flowers on her walks.  I bet Hunny will look beautiful in her new collar.  Glad to read you're feeling better and stronger.  Please let me know about the coconut water, if you can.  Thanks.

merelyp said...

oh, for heaven's sake.  Ignore that man-made sign, graphically cool as it is.  That tree just SCREAMS "Climb Me!"

andreakingme said...

It took me the longest time figuring out what those white puffy things with the tannish center were (upper left pic). I'm slow ... you might say I sit in the front seat of the "special" bus. Heh. Anyway, t'weren't until I eyed what YOU were sucking on until I realized what the white puffy things were.

Make my fresh coconut water a double, would you?

andreakingme said...

Shoot! I forgot to type something.

Yesterday Ken and I had frozen custard at Ritters. Guess what they're doing next weekend? They're offering free scoops of ice cream for doggies! They had these little advertisements that said (and I'll have to paraphrase because I didn't think to grab one): "Bring your pooch on a leash and get a free scoop of ice cream for him and you."

Which, of course, made me remember this Entry and how Santa Monica is seeming to become neo-doggy. So ... move to Fort Wayne and get free ice cream for you and all your doggies!

Okay, I'm done now.

farmin2getherjnj said...

   LMAO  the "TREE SIGN",  this reminds me of my ; " Way back when Honeymoon", in Santa Cruz California......... took the train ride from the boardwalk to the " BIG SANTA CRUZ REDWOODS"   of course had to take the walking trail and admire all of the Giant Beauties,   came to the biggest Red Wood Tree........ perfectly  made by nature for climbing,  was up in the tree gettin my pic taken and along comes these......... Save a Tree People,  started yelling at me for being in the tree  ( No Signs Were Posted to STAY OFF/OUT OF IT!)   Told me I was killing the roots..........not to even walk arounf the base of the tree  that , that would kill the roots too....... c'mon.......... I'm sure Mother Nature intended for us to climb up these magnificant big-boys  besides just look up at em and get splat in yer eye and not just HUG them........ dosen't hugging also make you wrap your human arms around the tree & still stand on their roots???   Go Figure!!    I  love nature   and   plant  life too........ but ,  "YOU GOT TO ENJOY IT WHILE IT'S HERE,  FOR SOMEDAY IT MIGHT NOT BE.......RIGHT???????    So take time...smell the flowers......and climb a tree  and while your at it.......... might as well make a TREE FORT for the little ones to enjoy....You only live once.....and trees usually see more than we do for 1,000's of years and I'm sure they like the love & attention too!!   Just ask em!  

gourneaun said...

The Farmers market there looks fun {Although i do think they should change there policy about the dogs} Where I live, we have a Saturday Market {that is kind of like the market where your at} Anywho people bring there dogs {on leash} and no one seems to have a problem with it. Also Fresh Coconut water {That sounds Soooo good} I need to find some where around here that has that. ~Nikki~

PS I really Like your journal

kathlyna22 said...

AH! when I was little, well ...ok, Until I was around 6 I called horses big doggies too!and even sadder...I had both a horse and a dog, you think I would know better

krobbie67 said...

Unfortunately, it all comes down to legislating for a few bad apples. I hate that about California (and the country) in general. Legislating for the least common denominator. Some people probably came along and didn't pick up after their dogs and thus the rule about pets. Then, someone probably left their child unattended in the tree and the child fell. They then sued the city for having a tree that encouraged climbing. If only people would accept personal responsibility, we wouldn't have all of these limits. Just my two cents. :-) ---Robbie