Monday, July 12, 2004

Saturday Morning

Apparently my energy is returning because I didn't nap the entire weekend.  However, I did hit the bed running this afternoon and fell into a deep coma-like sleep.  I guess I needed it.

Saturday I took an early morning walk with the girls and our pups.  We dropped Hunny off at her groomers and then spent some time stalking an ex-boyfriend.  Not mine!  Geez.  I was just the driver.  Huh?  What?  I know nothing.

Then I spent way too much time self-washing my car - including vacuuming the inside. What was I thinking?  Not only did it cost more (because I had to keep depositing quarters), but it also took much longer.  And I botched it up so much that now I need a real car-wash!

As I was finishing up, drying the spots and streaking the windows, I noticed the man next to me trying to explain to a woman just how simple it would be to unlock her door if he had a coat hanger.  They both caught my eye, so I couldn't just ignore them.

Me: "Awe, bummer. Did you lock your keys in your car?"

Her: "Yeah."

Why couldn't I just leave it at that?

Me: "Do you have Triple-A?" [smacks forehead]

Her: "No ... Do you?"

I was like a deer caught in the headlights.  My eyes widened as I was trying to think of a way to slip out of there.  Before I knew it...

Me: "Yeah, I have Triple-A.  Let me call them for you."


That was my Good Samaritan deed for the year.


geminiwilder said...

hard to turn back after putting it out there, freee.  next time go to the drive-thru wash and stay in the car!   LOL

irun01 said...

A HERO as well as a Rock Star

miarenee24 said...

Bless you dear! I can SO see you doing that!

grassriver said...

Stalking an Ex can be so fun - but I'm weird like that :o)
You are so good to call AAA for a stranger!

babyshark28 said...

what a sweet heart you are. :)  calling triple A.  I am sure she was very grateful, and is telling everyone she knows how wonderful you were. :)

andreakingme said...

Rut-roh. Does this mean you had to pay for it? That there's a mark against you? One less credit?

Obviously, I don't have triple-A. But I don't have a drinking problem. Nope. I only drink to merriness. And, er, lackagrace-ness.






Heh! Did I get you? Triple-A? AA? Alcoholics Anonymous?

Me go now.