Saturday, July 24, 2004

Saturday Morning

Well, I crashed just after 1:30am.  I must be getting old.  I remember staying up till 2 and 3 reading journals, commenting, posting entries, and then getting up at 8am to do it all over again.

I woke up crampy this morning.  I was also a little discouraged.  I kept putting off doing laundry because we were supposed to get our housekeepers here this past week.  But that didn't happen.  So I've literally had nothing to wear for a few days.  I wore Fishboy's jeans on Thursday and his old shorts yesterday [see monkey pics].  I'm out of clean socks.  So I've been going sockless.  And I'm scrounging for shirts.

Anyway, I finally just bit the bullet and did two small loads of laundry today.  They're in the dryers now.  I walked Hunny and Opie.

Then I went to Smart & Final to return a case of water that tasted like tap water.  Supposedly it was on sale.  But, did you know we get charged extra for bottled water?  I mean, there's an actual charge per bottle.  So, these were $1.50 off the regular price but an additional $1.98 because of the bottles.  Almost eight bucks for water.  Water.  Earth's supply.  Water.  Is anyone with me on this?

It was my favorite brand [yes, they all taste different].  But because it was only labeled "drinking water" it tasted like sludge.  "Crystal-fresh" is in a league of its own.  I had one of each kind in my car yesterday.  I was about to throw up from the drinking water and had to wash it down with the crystal fresh.

Smart & Final is convenient and all, but there really isn't much savings in their prices.  When I went this morning, there was only one (very long) checkout line.  There were about four store employees stocking shelves like zombies.  The people ahead of me had two huge carts full of stuff they needed to divide based on which company was going to pay the bill.  They got the company information wrong and couldn't get their discount credited [or something].  And everything had to be voided out.  Thenthey goton the phone and started cussing someone out.  Finally they received the correct company information and everything had to be re-scanned for checkout.  Honestly, I thought these people were drunk.  Angry. Loud. Argumentative with each other.  I kept clear.  I didn't make eye-contact.  I didn't say a word.  And I kept a poker face.

During all this, a man who looked like he's never done his own shopping, ever, in his life, interrupted the cashier [who happened to be the only manager in the store], announcing what he needed from his list.  He expected the cashier to fetch it for him.  My dreams have been so bizarre lately that I checked my surroundings for obvious signs that I was awake.  I know not to pinch myself because it actually hurts in a dream, so that's no help.

I stretched my back to find another checkout line had opened at the opposite end of the store.  Already filling with more customers.  That's when I lost my poker face and actually chuckled at the absurdity.

There I stood, next in line with my receipt and my one case of sludge-water, wishing I hadn't made the mistake of buying it in the first place.  I considered abandoning the return completely but eight bucks is eight bucks!

I never made it to the front of that line.  Finally, another clerk opened a register and called me over.  It was like a circus act getting over there.  No one wanted to let the 'next in line' actually be next in line.  While handing the clerk my receipt and explaining the return, one of the drunks commented as he walked by, "Smile honey, it'll make you feel better."

Honestly, I'm really lucky he was already out the door when his comment registered in my mind.  Because I was ready for a fight at that point.  [attention drunks:  don't call me honey.  keep your passive-aggressive remarks to yourself.  don't look at me.  don't talk to me.  don't mess with me before i've had my coffee!]

I finished with my transaction and went outside, shakingoff the yucky energy.  I took one look at the PeaceMobile and laughed.  Guess the drunk was did make me feel better.  And here I thought beating the guy to a pulp would've made me feel better.  Eh, six of one, a half dozen the other.

After that little fiasco, I walked my weekend client.  She paid me in cash - with a five dollar tip even.  Sweet little doggie.  It was right near Jamba Juice so I decided on a protein drink for breakfast.  YUM!

Just got the call...going to record a song tonight!  More about that later.

Off to fold clothes, shower and head out to the beach.  More blogging to come this weekend!  Thank you to all who responded with links to your journals.  They're still coming in this morning.  I have 52 new emails to read.  I'm looking forward to getting caught up with everyone.



sonensmilinmon said...

Happy Saturday to you too!  Now, I'm eager to hear about the song  you are recording.  After getting the promo CD you have, I've been hooked and eager to hear MORE. :->  Oh, once I moved to WA, I've never had a need or desire for bottled water ~ the water here is AWESOME. :-)


ggal3133 said...

We use to go through bottle water like crazy in TX where we lived.
Woo recording tonight, thats great :)
Happy Saturday!

mallory4284 said...

I agree that bottled waters do taste different depending on the brand. (dasani is the best in my opinion....) we don't have to buy bottled anymore though cause we got one of those fridges with a water/ice dispenser. Yuck about the sludge water though. And about the long wait just to return it. You're right though, eight bucks is eight bucks. I would have done it.....

Happy Saturday!! Good luck gettin' through all those e-mails!!

-- Mallory :)

indigosunmoon said...

Trish, I swear, I literally laughed out loud at this entry!
When you said you were looking around to make sure
you were awake, I about spit out my mouth full of
bottled water! LMAO!!!!
Girlfriend, you aint right!  Gotta luv ya though!

ryanagi said...

I'm a big fan of Hawaii brand water, followed by Figi. But Poland Springs is what ends up in the house most often. Eh. At least it doesn't taste like sulpher the way my tap water does. -B

billbinford54 said...

I was standing in line at a coffee stand at the train station. I had been waiting about five minutes. I heard an irritated voice say something like, "Sir, next in line," off to my right. I was reading the paper and so I looked up and noticed that the other register was open and the person ahead of me was female. So I figured that the lady ahead of me was about to step up to the plate and so I made the move to the right. When I got there, this frowning face told me she wanted the next in line. I tried to mumble something about not really understanding why I should come over and not having really listened and then I stopped and said to myself, "I am paying these people $2 for coffee."  I announced that I would not be needing any coffee today (or ever from this place).

judithheartsong said...

great entry... you have a wonderful journal here!

babyshark28 said...

you know, I read this.  But, I guess I didn't comment.  So, here's my comment.
Well, after everything was said and done,  I am glad your clothes were spinning in the dryer so you can have something clean and warm ready for you.  
and yeah! you get to record a song!!  what fun.
and I hope that protiein drink was as good as you say it was. :)

slowmotionlife said...

HOLY CRAPOLA. You know, I know I've been busy lately, but I hardly remember my days, much less the minutes that occur in them.  You recall events from your day with such clarity - I have no idea how you do it.  I really need to practice this talent.  LOL  

Woohoo on the laundry!  You've just reminded me to get on my own.  Bleah.  :P

txsguinan said...

"...attention drunks:  don't call me honey.  keep your passive-aggressive remarks to yourself.  don't look at me.  don't talk to me... "

OK; so noted!  ;)  Seriously, I SO know that yucky energy vibe caused by aggressively negative people.  That "Smile, honey"  remark would have would have sent me into an angry, hostile funk  (oddly, I used to hear it alot when I was waiting tables...hmmnn)

Good for you (and the Peacemobile) for being able to shake it off!  It would have taken me a martini (or 2...  :)

krobbie67 said...

LOL! at the drunk. That would have been an open invitation for me to go off. Sheesh all that for water. It sucks to live in L.A. where you can't drink the tap.
:-) ---Robbie