Thursday, July 1, 2004

Quick, Mindless Update

Mama Celeste
- visiting for a sleep-over this weekend.

Whoa whoa ...
busy, tired, overwhelmed, bored; all of it.  I'm so tired but I haven't been able to sleep.  I really suffered the consequences of eating that ice cream the other night.  I'm sick again - not just tired.  I'm hoping to get in to see my doc in the morning.  But you know how that goes with an HMO.  I have to call first thing in the morning in hopes there was a cancellation.  Otherwise, I'll see her next week.  I'm sure I can wait. I'd just like to know what the heck's going on this time!

I know my resistance is low.  The mono makes my immune system weak.  My body can't fight the common cold the way it normally would.  But I'm so over being sick, I could pull my hair out.

Business is booming.  This is the busy season.  I can't afford to be sick much longer. I know...I know... It will take the time it needs to take.  [I'm really ready for it to be on my time!]

I met with the potential new clients the other day - on time even - and I really liked them.  I think they liked me too. They seemed really surprised by how quickly one of their dogs took to me. That's always a good sign.  But they had a few other dogwalkers to interview before making a decision.  I hope to hear good news before the weekend.  Let's hold the space for that.  Ommmm...

Today felt like Friday all day.  Perhaps it's because I'm boarding a fellow dogwalker's dog till Sunday.  I've also committed to caring for two dogs and two cats in Venice all weekend - starting tonight.  Lots of walks and visits.  Also, today was the last day of my morning hikes for a while.  The family is going away for the summer.  I won't see them for two months.  Yeah, seems very much like a Friday.

A few of my clients are taking Monday off as a holiday.  I'm considering canceling with all my dogs and taking Monday to rest too.  Otherwise, I won't have one full day of rest till next weekend, since I'm working through this weekend.  I knew it was going to be a busy, long weekend.  I'm just taking it one moment at a time.

I finally bought a cooler for my car.  Now I can pack a real lunch and not worry about it spoiling.  My poor bananas go from green to brown practically overnight.  Once the heat of summer really hits, the cooler will make a huge difference.

And wait till you see the new addition to the PeaceMobile. I hope to take pictures tomorrow. That reminds me, I have to take pictures of Hunny's new collar that her Auntie Danielle gave her.

Sorry if a lot of this doesn't make much sense.  I just felt like checking in.  And if I spend any time editing, I'll fall asleep before I hit save.  Good night!


gatorspictures said...

hey freee, glad you are reaping the benefits of the summer dog-walking season. take some time to rest, and take care of you.... c

screaminremo303 said...

I'm sorry to hear you are still ailing. Give it time. You may not be back on your game until after Labor Day. Have you tried Noni Juice?

krobbie67 said...

It all made perfect sense. I'm just glad you found the energy to check in. Take care of yourself and :-) ---Robbie

clarity4today said...

Sometimes it takes forever to get well.  I remember being sick before, with stuff much milder than mono, and I thought I'd never feel like me again.  But when you do, you'll be so elated to have your strength back.  Hoping it's soon, and the entry made perfect sense. :-)

queeniemart said...

I was diagnosed with mono on not only my 18th birthday (long long ago in '86) but it was also my graduation day from high school. I was sick for 6 months. For 4 wks i could not do anything but lay on a chair and be dazed. Couldnt sleep, couldnt eat, could barely stand up.  There was nothing any doctor could do either...i just had to wait it out. You are in my thoughts..i know how frustrating this is.

lacapp8 said...

Hi Free.  This is the first time I've commented. I'm one of those non-aol journalers, who visits from the web.   I cant even remember how I stumbled upon your journal, but I am so glad I did.  I've been reading back older entries, and visiting other journals that are linked.  Its amazing, especially reading the comments how you have all become part of eachothers lives.   And now I find myself wondering about how you are doing!!??   and checking in.   Well I hope you feel better soon.  You have an awesome, energy ~ aura about you.  Enjoy the holiday weekend.   --<--@  

derossetfamily said...

Aw, my brother in law lives in Venice. I'm sorry you are still so sick. Believe me, I understand the frustration of not being able to just BE. I say take Monday off. Everybody else seems to be! Aww, Mama Celeste sure is a pretty girl. You two stay out of trouble this weekend! ;)

andreakingme said...

Mama Celeste is such a cutie! Look at that tummy! Don't you want to tickle it? Woochy-woochy-coo! And don't you want to take her tongue between your fingers and keep her from sucking it back into her mouth? (We do that with our cats some times. Ain't we awful?)

Heh, heh, heh.

Hope you get that new client. I'm crossing my eyes for luck! Just for a few seconds, though. Just a few . . . hoo, hoo, hoo.

No, I'm not drunk. I'm just being slap-happy me.

Oh. Ohmmmmmm ...

aynetal3 said...

Just stopped by to catch up Free.  You know I know this mono-stuff is tough ... really tough, but I think it is making you a better writer!  :)  I love your play by play thoughts written out.  It allows me to feel that for those brief minutes, we're one-on-one.  Liked to think we could lighten your load a little.  Here, lean in a little closer .... smmmmmmmmmoooooocch!  Ahh, see that didn't hurt!  Rest my love, rest...  I love ya!

indigosunmoon said...

I'm so sorry you still aren't feeling well.   And having to wait
a week to see your doctor just sucks!
Take it easy!  I really hope you feel better soon my friend.

txsguinan said...

Mama Celeste ~ I love that name.  How cute!

I am so sorry you are still feeling so tired.  I wish there something I could do...I know!  I hereby give you Monday off.  Please stay home.  Relax.  Enjoy.  Take care of yourself.  ;)

luckyaugustgirl said...

I think your right Free- Take your weekend off to rest... with all your doggie walks and being ill, you at least need to take ONE day for yourself... :) If nothing else just to soak in a hot bath until you get all "pruney" and light a great candle and drift off to sleep in a nice warm bed...... Man, that does sound nice..... i might just do that myself! Take care of you! Happy puppy weekend:)

slowmotionlife said...

My gosh - so much going on there!  Being busy and being sick are never a good combo, but I know you're smart enough to keep everything as balanced as possible.  Good luck on the new potential client!!