Monday, July 26, 2004

Quick Check-in

I've been so busy - and exhausted.  I really need to slow down and take time to rest.  I can't afford a relapse.  But, it's just so fun to be out playing!

I'm getting a late start on my dogwalking day.  I still haven't picked up my prescription.  I've eaten but I'm already hungry again.  I still haven't bought summer clothes that fit.  Netflix is making a fortune off me.  I've had the same DVDs for three weeks. [hey, it's way better than paying late fees for rentals!]


I'm almost halfway through my piles of email and lists of journals.  I'm having fun getting caught up with everyone.  So much has happened since I've been sick.  And I know so much more will continue to happen.

OK...gotta run so I can get back and try to get completely caught up, rest and maybe watch a DVD tonight.  I have so much to do before I leave for my mini-vacation to Camp SloMo next week.


indigosunmoon said... definitely don't want a relapse!
Take care of yourself!   You want to be able
to do all kinds of fun things when you visit

lacapp8 said...

hi freee.   take care of your body!!    have fun at camp slomo.   the website design industry is not easy.   i think i want to be a stay at home mom.    
did you see my website?  = one page w/guestbook.      

created quite a stir yesterday in SOHO, almost started a riot over space.  and i was just me, little ole me with some small photographs in a FOLDER, no table...  artists can be nice and then not so nice in a flash!!!/????  ran into a restaurant for a few hours to avoid the heat   ;D   good thing we all have day jobs.

sorry i missed being in the blog fest friday night, was it??  i'll read up l8r.  
ciao bella


deabvt said...

Please take care of yourself!

andreakingme said...

Camp SloMo? What's that? Are you going to Texas, woman?!

brewerm593 said...


I know watcha mean! Its so fun to be out playing!! ^_^ HA HA HA, my dad and I just went to Hollywood Video to return our movies and get a new rental. We wore over due for a two weeks, lol. It was funny.

I did not know that you wore sick!!! But I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! :-) I Hope that you have a good day, bye.

redhdka said...

Maybe it's something in the air today...I have a million things to do as well and I'm just not motivated at all

babyshark28 said...

LOL! have fun at Camp Slomo!  I know I would!  :)

lamove04 said...

Hi Freee--thanks so much for stopping by my journal with such a sweet message. It is really appreciated.  I am digging your combo of photos and words here, and all that sunshine & beach! (I have FOG & beach where I live...)  Take care, Albert

slowmotionlife said...

Visiting Camp SloMo?  Huh?  Wha.. ??  When did this happen!?  No one notified me!!!  I better get the locks changed, reinforced, whatever it takes to keep you nutty veggie-burger-eating, yoga-doing, ommm-mumbling, peace mobile driving, dog loving, Californian crazies out!  :P

No offense to you nutty veggie-burger-eating, yoga-doing, ommm-mumbling, peace mobile driving, dog loving Californians.  I lurve you guys.  You know I do.  :D

ondinemonet said...

Hi Trish

It was lovely to see you had dropped by, Ellipsis and I have missed you. Take good care of your self and push those Cs. Love ya darlin.

Always, carly :)

sonensmilinmon said...

Yep, I agree with Carly ... it was good to see ya! :-)  But, I understand how time consuming it can become trying to get around to the journals and e-mails.  My poor neglected e-mails!  Not to mention my neglected photos I want to order! UGH, I feel at times I may never catch up.  Get your rest girl!  I want to hear your powerhouse voice on a CD!


txsguinan said...

Woa, what?  I'm playing catchup and must have missed a lot... Are you really going to Texas?  Cool!  Don't forget your passport...  ;)

krobbie67 said...

The last time I rented movies I was three days late. The late fees were almost $50!! The guy was kind enough to mark it down to twenty something but that's when I realized I needed to get Netflix. Stupid me though. After signing up, I found out someone could have received credit (like you) for referring me. Sorry!

Last weekend I got my second set of movies from them and they wouldn't play on my computer. So, I started pricing DVD players. I got one for $39. I am so stoked on that retail coup! :-) ---Robbie