Wednesday, July 28, 2004

New Duds

Ooooh yeahhh baby!  Hunny and I are both sporting some new duds on this fine summer afternoon.

First up ... My girl

I told you I was totally getting the Orange Hawaiian collar for Hunny.  Not only did we receive it in record time, but this was hand-delivered to us today at the dogpark. -- don't we feel special --  Thank you Danielle!

I'm loving the collar on her.  I was a spaz at the dogpark.  I'm like the proud mom whose kid just won first prize in a coloring contest.  Did you see Hunny's new collar?  Hunny come show <insert everyone's name> your new collar!  You'd think Hunny made the collar herself.  Now that would be something to spaz about!

Now I want to find the same-color-orange leash.  I'm hoping to get one custom made to match the collar.  It's a longshot - but I have to ask.

Next up ... Me

My half-price shoes arrived via UPS today.  The store I went to last week didn't have them in stock.  So these were shipped to me.  The store credit was a gift from my best friend from high school.  Actually, she bought me a pair of Pumas I wouldn't be caught dead in, so I exchanged them.  I do it every year.  She buys me whatever she sees - bad colors, wrong sizes, all of it.  This year she wrote in the note, "I hope these will get you a pair you really like."  I love her.  Thanks Beth!


martinsek5 said...

Thats so sweet you have that kind of friendship!  Hunny always looks like she/he?  is smiling!  Love the new collar.  BTW, did you see the pictures of my inlaws Labs from my vacation pics?  You would love these dogs!  Last time we visited we had Gabby Sue with them too.  It was too cute to have the Black, Yellow and Chocolate all together.  I'm sure I have a picture somewhere.  Anyway, love Hunny's new collar and your new shoes.  Pamela

martinsek5 said...

oh, oops duh.  i now see that hunny is definitely a she!!  sorry!

dakotarose2852 said...

Hunny looks beautiful in her new "necklace."  I bet she likes to show it off, too.  Oh, I like your shoes, too.  LOL

indigosunmoon said...

Wow!  Hunny looks amazing in her new collar!
It's so festive!!!
Love the shoes girl!  Love the shoes!


mallory4284 said...

Awesome collar for Miss. Hunny!! You couldn't have picked a better color!! ;) and your shoes are pretty cool lookin', too. I'd like some new ones, but I just recently found my old ones that are in better shape than my newer ones, so I'm content for now.....

-- Mallory

babyshark28 said...

So cute!  hey, I have an orange striped bikini me and honey could be stylin!  LOL!  Did honey get a haircut??
you are a proud mama!
and hey, cool kicks, what a creative friend you have. :)

danniyell said...

hunny looks beautiful trishie!  i wish i was there to see her showing it off!  thank you!  keep checking for new designs hunny may want to strut around in!!!!! xoxo, danielle the collar bringer

ggal3133 said...

Love Hunny's' new collar :)
Nice shoes, you 2 go strut your stuff!

geminiwilder said...

yippee for the both of you!  gorgeous, dahlings!!!!   ~phin

deabvt said...

Your song in the opening celebration was wonderful!
What a talent you are. I had to listen 3 times and I`m sure I`ll be going back,
Hunny is the prettiest dog that I`ve ever seen!   Just love her!
Pics of her always bring a smile to my face!

ggal3133 said...

Just listened to your song in the opening celebration and I love it! I'm seriously going to have to buy your CD :)

chersypie said...

Hello, Opie here.  If Hunny is through with it, can I have her PEACE collar?  My mom has had me in the same boring black one for a long time now.  I love you Hunny.  You look smashing in your new collar.

lab2401 said...

great song for the AOL J-Land opening celebration, absolutely great dog, great collar and even greater ½ price shoes and a trully wonderful and thoughtful friend.
Blessings, Auntie Lyn

slowmotionlife said...

Hunny looks stylin' in her new collar!!  Pretty, pretty!!  Nice necessary shoes as well.  :)

txsguinan said...

Love the new duds!  Orange is the new black, you know; Prada says so, and would very much approve of Hunny's happening look.  Now, you just need some footware in orange to go...   ;)

krobbie67 said...

Love the new collar! Now, you need a shirt or shorts to match. I'm all about the coordinating. Hey, I think that's a pretty good idea of your friend. I actually thought about getting you a pair of sneaks for your b-day but had not a clue about the size and what-not. I hate giving gift certificates. It seems so impersonal. This way she can present you with a gift of something and then you can get what you really want/need. Of course, there is the hassle of returning it though. And, I hate returning stuff because it makes me feel like I am being ungrateful. Hmmm....
:-) ---Robbie