Friday, July 16, 2004

Live and Learn

Well, that little 'Good Samaritan' deed I pulled last week ended up costing me $45 and a fight with my friend - we'll call him Fear.  First, it's Fear's AAA membership.  Fear was angry that I didn't tell him about it.  I did call him three times trying to get his permission during the incident...but never got hold of him.  I thought I left a message - but according to Fear, he never received one.

Fear said he gave me the card to use at my discretion - which I did.  He wouldn't have minded if I used it for me - again, which I did.  I questioned, what if I were with Cheryl?  Of course he says she's part of me so it would be okay.  If it were any of my friends, that would be okay.

So wait, let me get this right...I can help a friend but I can't help a neighbor?  This situation would be different if I knew the woman I was helping?  What a lonely world.

I once locked my keys in my running ignition.  I didn't have AAA.  I had a locksmith come to my car and I only paid $25 out of pocket.  Why then would it cost a Premiere AAA Card Holder $45 for a simple lockout?  I say someone's getting duped by the A's.

Of course, had I known it would cost anything [even a penny] I might've chosen an alternative way to help the woman.  It would've been cheaper for us to call a locksmith for twenty-five bucks.  Well, now I know!

Over a month ago, I was about to write a check to AAA for my own membership.  Fear insisted I take his card to save me money.  Yet, if I'd just spent that $45 on a membership, I would've made that generous offer in my name.

I still won't think twice about helping a neighbor in need - God knows I've been helped over and over and over again.  I'll continue to give back when I can.  But I WILL think twice about doing so in the name of Fear!


ryanagi said...

Hmm. Sounds fishy to me. I never have to pay a cent on anything I call AAA for (dead battery - like 4 times, keys locked in - 1 time, out of gas - 1 time, flat tire - 1 time, stalled and unable to start on a hot day - 2 times...yadda). -B

sonensmilinmon said...

Somethings not right here.  I've worked for AAA in Northern CA and we NEVER charged for lockouts!  This needs some investigating.  Oh, I would've done the same thing if I was in your shoes.


grassriver said...

I'm with the last two comments - you should really call AAA before you hand over any money. I've never had to pay any kind of fees to AAA, and I've called for some pretty big stuff.

gatorspictures said...

girl, you always pay it forward. clear conscience on your part---
you are one of the nicest persons i have met in jland....
no worries. c

goldenchildnc said...

Ah Free honey you're really too good for this world sometimes. Or at least you're a whole helluva lot MORE good than I am. LOL! Well this isn't exactly a social call dear. Business, business, business. :-) You're officially in the running for Lady of the Blog. There might be another category in which you've been nominated, but I'm not exactly the best at keeping info in my head these days. :-) Good luck hon.

krobbie67 said...

I understand what you're saying about Fear but it doesn't seem fair to label him as being fearful since it is his membership. I think it's great to have helped someone. Had it been your membership and had you known it would cost you $45, would you have done it. Maybe so. But, it's not fair to judge your friend's actions as being fear. But then again as I write this, I realize I don't know the whole story either. You know him, not I. I've been tempted in the past to get AAA but I think it's a rip off. The number of times that I needed a tow or a lock popped is far less than the cost of the membership. And, with cell phones it's not hard to find a tow service. People will justify it because they offer maps and insurance. Their insurance isn't cheaper and how many maps do you need is my theory for still not using them.
:-) ---Robbie

hestiahomeschool said...

It is very important to help neighbors...always...but AAA should have been free!  We have AAA and we use it a lot--I am always getting locked out by the kids, or have flat tires, or dead is free. That's what you pay for.

musenla said...

It's too bad that he made such a big case out of it.  I suppose it's his prerogative since it's his card, but the least he can do is just to tell you he would appreciate if you don't do that again and have you pay the $45.  It's over and done with, what's the point of blowing a fuse over it?

clarity4today said...

Well, AAA doesn't sound very good if they're going to charge $45 for that.  I thought the whole point of being part of their program was so you wouldn't have to worry about out-of-pocket expense for things like that?