Tuesday, July 13, 2004

For Your Consideration

Members of the AOL-J Academy, I submit the following Journals for your consideration in the following categories of the 2004 AOL-J Awards. Remember to vote by Thursday! [link below]

The Daily Blog
Andrew and I 'met' way back when we were both newbies to AOL-J.  This kid has got it going on!  He's intelligent, witty, funny and very computer savvy.  He does all of his own troubleshooting and if he can't figure it out, he knows who to ask.  If you haven't been to his journal - which has been through a few incarnations as he grows - please be sure to check him out.  He is my hands-down nomination in this category.  

Dreaming Of Reality
Michael writes from the depths of his soul.  He holds nothing back and leaves us all thinking outside the box.  It's tough being a teen in today's world.  His journal, his thoughts, are all windows into the life of a teen today.  The tragedies, the questions, the wonders, the excitement ... all of it.  No question about it - he's the #1 Teen on the Scene in my book.

Lotus Martinis
I love Gigi so much that I could see myself nominating her in every single category!  But since we're trying to spread the love, I'm choosing this category because she is a unique work of art.  The way she expresses herself through her words and her original comics is extraordinary.  I'm in awe of her endless creative talent.  She's had me laughing, crying, screaming and cheering all in one entry.  Besides, did you see that comic she made of me-n-Hunny?  She's my idol!

The Peach Pages
Peachy tells it like it is,with flair and a little bit of spice.  How many of us have cheered her boys in baseball?  Or sobbed with her about a neglected child?  Or shivered over a scurrying scorpion loose in the house?  She takes us on a wild ride in every entry.  Peachy makes reading fun.  And you know it's a big deal for this 'non-reader' to say that.

The Single Woman's Guide to the Universe
Find out what men and women REALLY want.  Or what NOT to do on a date.  And how NOT to market yourself in an online dating service.  Shoot for the stars and survive heartbreak with NuttyNikki and her witty antics.  Some are so bizarre they almost seem unreal.  She speaks for all of us.

This one is easy for me.  I think Andrea would rather be nominated in THE MOST LOL MOMENTS IN ONE BLOG category - which she deserves as well.  But she's certainly a daily must-read for many of us.  When she updates, I rush to her Journal to get caught up.  She writes quality craptastic material. [her word, not mine.]  And she appreciates her readers.  She also spearheaded the What If online writer's support group...while writing her novel.  Hello?  Can you say OVERACHIEVER?  Oh yes, I bow to the Lady of the Blog.

Everybody knows...
Newbies step forward!  Since Danielle was bold enough to leave her link for consideration, I'm giving back to this newbie member of our community by nominating her in this category.  She's got animation, photos, linkage and she's all about AOL-J right now.  Lots of enthusiasm...cheerleader-style.  I'm looking forward to seeing her grow in this community.  Welcome to AOL-J Danielle.  

Help Help Help!!!
  I'm looking for a place tonominate some of my other favorites!  -  Ha!  I just started listing all my faves and realized it would take forever to set up that link-fest.  Instead, see my sidebar.  And please help me with the remaining categories.  What are your suggestions?

CLICK HERE for a full list and explanation of the categories.

CLICK HERE to cast your one-time-only vote.


derossetfamily said...

I am SO behind in AOL-J...I dont know what the heck this is! ::sigh:: Sounds fun though, I'll follow the links! :P

nikki247 said...

Wow - I love all of these journals!! Thanks for the post, now I have NEW journals to read :)  Just thought I would stop by again and say hello - I am going to check up on the rest of your journal now so...bye bye :)

babyshark28 said...

very good choices freee :)  I am still working on mine! :P

coy1234787 said...

Thanks Free, I was hoing for some suggestions in a couple of these catigories.
               *** Coy ***

somenuttychic said...

Freee, you have spotlighted some fantastic journals and I'm honored that you would consider me to be on the same level. I haven't voted yet and appreciate your suggestions as I wasn't sure where to go hunting for the Brat and J-Teen Supreme category.  

P.S. If my stories *seem* real, it's because they ARE real. Although the names have been changed (including mine) to protect me from any potential legal ramifications in the future, the situations and details have been left as is.  

andreakingme said...

Trishy! I love the recaps. So well done. Your subliminal message is better than a Whopper or a DQ commercial. Oh yeah! Enthusiasm is SO infectious and you've got it going ON.

Thank you for your sweet words about my Journal. You sweetie, you.


amk829 said...

Thanks! I've got some more journals to read and some votes to put in! Oh, and your journal is in consideration because of the great enteries!


brewerm593 said...


Thank so much, oh so very much, for choosing my journal! =-) When I found that out I was giggling like a little baby. ^_^ LOL. I know some of those other journals but as for the ones that I do not. . .I am about to visit them! I am sure that they shall be good, =-D I Hope that you have a Good Day, Bye!

*Grateful and most certainly appreciated

xzasporated1 said...

OH NO!?  Is Michael 15?  I thought he was 14, so I voted for him in the J-Brat category.  My bad.   Good choices, all of them.

~~ jennifer

freeepeace said...

MARY - No worries.  I'm so behind, this should've been posted a week ago.  Now we just have to remember to vote.

NIKKI - Thanks for stopping in. Nice to see you.  Hope you're well.

SHARKY - I'm still at a loss on some of the other categories.  Any suggestions?

COY - You're welcome.  How about other categories?  Your thoughts?

freeepeace said...

NIKKI - Whoops!  Big mistake on my part.  I KNOW your stories are real... I meant to say "some are so bizarre they seem UNreal."  I'm sorry for the confusion.  This is my brain on mono.  [edited in entry]

ANDREA - I don't know how 'subliminal' my message was.  This seems pretty much smack-over-the-head-in-your-face-blatantly-obvious to me. :P  [p.s. I was a cheerleader once...but don't tell anyone!]

ANDREW - Good luck in the nominations. Your journal name is updated. :)

MICHAEL - That's what I'm here for, to make our teens giggle like babies!  Don't forget that side of you, ever!  Good luck in the nominations.

JENNIFER - No worries which category.  The point is you voted for him!  Do you have a journal?

grassriver said...

I just went to Danielle's Journal, Everybody knows... via Gregg, and I love it! Then I come here and you've also pimped her, which is awesome because her journal is definitely worth a read! Good find Freee.

txsguinan said...

freee ~ You are such a doll! (Where are enthusiastic fonts when you need them?)

I don't know how I can possibly thank you enough; for the nomination, for the category and for the unbelievably kind words.  When I saw this today I was just speechless...(and a wee teary!:)  To put me in with such fine company is to make me a winner, and that's really enough for me.  Thanks, Sweetie!

Now I have to go figure out a way to vote for you, Chicago-style; early and often.  I have pets, and they all have screen names and they're not afraid to use them... ;)