Monday, July 19, 2004


Freeepeace on the loose.  Look out.  I've been boy-crazy all week.

Over a decade I've lived by the beach.  I know it very well - the pier, the bikepath the boardwalk.  This beach is like my backyard.  But for some reason I've never noticed this part of the beach before.

Lately Cheryl's been raving about "the rings," describing how amazing these people are, swinging on them.  When she discovers something new and exciting, she goes full-force into learning about it [like me].  One day she came home with blisters on her palms so severe, she could hardly hold the steering wheel for a week.

I finally went with her this weekend to check out this scene - and I was struck by all the gymnastics equipment.  It's like an oversized playground for grown-ups - and kids.  Everyone's so friendly and supportive.  Gymnasts, yogis, athletes and people like you and me just hang out and practice there.  If I hadn't been sick with mono all summer, I'd have given the rings a go myself [former gymnast, you know].  Instead, I played photographer all weekend.

Which brings me to my latest fascination:  boys!

Why are boys so cute?  Cute boys are everywhere I go, everyplace I look, even when I'm not looking.  They're in cars, on the streets, in coffee shops, and now, at the beach [Ooooh, the beach!]  This isn't like me.  I mean, I can appreciate the beauty in a person, but this is outta control.  And the best thing about it is, I have my digital camera!

I'm telling you folks, you don't need a puppy, or a baby to attract men.  Just take a great picture of them in action.  Smile and say you'll be happy to email it to them.  And watch the magic happen.

For instance, check out this beautiful boy! 

He was trying to land a trick on the rings.  I snapped the pic and announced to Cheryl [loud enough for the boys to hear], "I got it!"

That was my mating call.  Worked like a charm  He came running over to me.  That smile is gorgeous but his eyes are amazing.  If only I got a pic without his shades.  But that would've been way too obvious.  First things first - I got his email address.

The first image in this entry is the one that earned me his email address.  I don't know if you can tell by looking at the picture but he let go of the empty ring with his right hand and swung on the outside of the pole to grab the other ring with his left hand.  The set-up was really cool.  He swung the second ring toward the pole while he built momentum on the first ring to get around the pole.  Whatever. Who cares? Did I mention, I got his email address?

Note:  Pics of Cheryl on the rings coming soon!  

Okay, I've got some emailing to do...


gatorspictures said...

well didn't you just have a feast for the eyes today?!?!?!
hmmm, methinks someone is feeling much better and SASSY.
good to hear it!!! c

sistercdr said...

The camera as a flirting tool --hmmm, guess even an old southern belle can learn a thing or two.

chersypie said...

You really have an eye. You captured the vibe and we had soooo much fun!
I love you eternally.
your wife, and soon to be Ring Mistress,

derossetfamily said...

Oh, I like your latest fascination. Bring on the cute boys!! :D
That ring thing is cool!! You got Buff Studly's email...haha!!

readmereadyou said...

Congats on the nomination. You have a terrific journal.

alphawoman1 said...

I am so glad you are feeling better.  Your entries were few and far you seem on the road to recovery!

geminiwilder said...

hey, freee, thanks for the eye candy.  it's yummy!


viviansullinwank said...

Those really are awsome pics and the eye candy is quite tasty!

Luv ya,

johnn60504 said...

LOL @ Freee!  Looks like someone is looking to get some "action."  Good On Ya!  Have back, let us all know how things are progressing!


musenla said...

Ohboyohboyohboyoh...oops.  =X

I'm spoken for but hey, no harm in looking!  

I should've known you years ago, you could've taught me how to flirt.  =P

Tell us if he responds, woohoo!  He's way gorgeous, btw.

babyshark28 said...

LOL~  very cute!  yes, they all remind me of Tarzan and now you Jane.  very nice.
enjoy your new found interests ;)

lacapp8 said...

WOW.  what hotties.  Muscle tone!    i'm comin to california.    NJ had an Pro Beach volleyball tournament a week ago.  how lucky are those guys n gals, to make it a profession!!   caught up on your reading.   LOVE the fan parade you described at the coffee shop.   you super rock star.    go girl.  

//lacapp..... baby artist about to blow away the online art community.  mmhmmm.  

lacapp8 said...

reading others comments..... cheryl is your wife, soon to be ring mistress.  now i'm jealous.    }:\

goldenchildnc said...

Hmph! I can do that! LMAO! OK! So maybe I can't. That's not the point. Someone's supposed to be keeping it virginal in lieu of recent events. Can you guess who that person is? MmmmHmmm! Since I'm such a good friend and all, I'll be more than happy to take a few of those sinners off your hands. Wouldn't want you disobeying the doctor's orders. ;-)

ryanagi said...

OMGosh they are all hot! (I really gotta move to California...) I love the first picture...great movement. :-)  -B

clarity4today said...

So you got his e-mail addy, heh? lol  I'm glad you had a fun time.  It sounds like a great way to have fun.  Well, a variety of kinds of fun.  Watching the action or just watching the participants. lol

s0ngbird1962 said...

Wow those rings are wild!!  ~~Not that I would ever try, upper body strength is definitely lacking here.  But would be amazing to watch.   The "cute guy" definitely has some great muscle tone going.....  So did ya see anyone wipe out?  Love to see someone proficient at something, but equally amused by the ones who totally goof up...  : )

slowmotionlife said...

LOL!!  Oh, those boys.  ::sigh::  Great pics!  Great entry!  Can't wait to see Miss Cheryl doin' her thang!  :D

miarenee24 said...

"That was my mating call* <~ ROFL! This was a fantastic entry, girl! I was caught up in the excitement, just reading about it.
My first time to see the ringy-thingy. These things always hit Cali. waaaay before they make it to Bama. Looking forward to seeing Cheryl's pics. I've seen the shape she's in, she'll be beautiful in motion too, I am sure. I can see that one must have good balance/control to do this...

love you! xo

grassriver said...

OMG I love this entry - It's so fun! "my mating call," I was cracking up. Those rings look tough and I can see why Cheryl had blisters, but it also looks well worth the pain.

kathlyna22 said...

good goly hot tamale!
I'm boy crazy too now!
How do you live among such boys!
I would just get arrested!
: )
Keep your hands to yourself free!

screaminremo303 said...

Are you kidding me? Most of us spend our entire lives showing off just for practice. You never know when you might get called up to the Big Leagues of relationships. A guy has to be ready.

indigosunmoon said...

Woo Hoo!
That guy in the first picture is totally buff!!!
Great pics Trish.
Did you get their email addresses???? LMAO!!

belfastcowboy75 said...

How about a photo of Robbie on the rings?

coy1234787 said...

Maybe when you are feeling better we will see a shot or two of you on the rings. For now, these will do very nicely:-)
                                            *** Coy ***

coy1234787 said...

Maybe when you are feeling better we will see a shot or two of you on the rings. For now, these will do very nicely:-)
                                            *** Coy ***

freeepeace said...

MARY - Still, every time I turn around, I'm facing a cute boy.  And the ring thing - I really think you'd love it.  Come to LA sometime!

ANGELA - Thank you - and right back at ya.  Your journal is great.  Glad you started writing again, thanks to AOL Journals.

ALPHAWOMAN - Well, there I go again...few and far between.  I just can't seem to get caught up.  Life is just...happening...all the time! :)

PHINNEY and VIVIAN - I'm here to serve.

freeepeace said...

GATOR - Every day is a feast for the eyes after being stuck in bed with mono all summer. ;)

SISTERCDR - You southern belles don't need any help in the flirting department.  It's in your blood. ;)

MY WIFE - You know I can hardly wait to get your pictures in here.  I'm just so overwhelmed with so many good ones to choose from.  And each time we go, I add to the collection.  I was thinking you're more like Lady of the Rings.  But I like the sound of Ring Mistress.

freeepeace said...

GREGG - I'd love to see pics of you doing this!  Bring it on baby. :)  I was hoping you'd come to my rescue and take some of these hotties off my hands.  It's all so overwhelming.  How do you stay so virginal? :P

RYANAGI - Aren't there hotties in other parts of the country too?  CA can't be the only place for hot guys.  It's tough though, as hot as they are, their spirit is most important.

DONNA - What I like about this section of the beach is the community feel.  It's not so full of ego as places like the gym or Muscle Beach.

freeepeace said...

JOHN - I'm not so much looking to get some action as I am looking to get in on the action.  Life is fun.  :P

MARA - I should've known me years ago too...I could've taught myself how to flirt.  Ah well, never too late. :P

SHARKY - Tarzan and Jane!  Wish I thought of that.  That's exactly what it's like, swinging on vines.

LACAPP - Beach volleyball is hot too.  Tough sport to play - great fun to watch.  ... And, why jealous, silly?  Jealous that Cheryl's my wife or that she's soon to be ring mistress?

freeepeace said...

KATHLEEN - I'm not so bold as to put my hands on these guys.  Honestly, I'd take a really good conversation over a hot bod any day.  But...put the two together and don't come searching for me!

REMO - And there's the True Guy's Testament!  I knew I could count on you.

CONNIE - Shoot, why didn't I think to get their email addresses? :P

freeepeace said...

MICHELLE - You're so funny. As for wipeouts, I've seen far worse on the bike path.  Yikes!  There are a few passers-by who think the rings are so easy.  They grab the first ring and can't even get to the second.  It's humbling really.  But don't worry...I've got my camera in hand! ;)

MIA - This is my first experience with the 'ringy-thingy' too.  And apparently they've been around for many years...way before my time here.  It's like a free gym - in the sun, at the beach, in the sand, etc.  Great fun.  Cheryl-pics coming soon!

KELLI - I imagine you'd really enjoy giving the rings a try.  Tough but fun. :)

freeepeace said...

BELFASTCOWBOY - Do we have a Robbie fan in the house?

COY - Since I'm the one with the camera, it's unlikely we'll see shots of me on the rings.  But you never know.  The rings ARE fun!!

quroboros said...

Oh MY.. check out the intercostal clavical on that boy!  Glad you got his email and make something productive out of it, OK?  ¤Holly

pollysci said...

Hmmm, I like this manhunting technique.  Now, I've just gotta figure out how to take a pic w/o my finger on the lens... ;D  The roomie's a talented photographer-maybe I'll just bring her instead.  Getting her to go is easier than finding a puppy or a kid to borrow. ;D

BTW---I'm jealous of where you live. The sand..the sun...the looks fantabulous!  :)


lacapp8 said...

finally getting back to comment.  yes, jealousy is silly, and so are my comments when i go back to read them!    aough.  my n my big mouth, mouse and fingers typing.    great photos in recent entry of you two on the rings.  all olympic gold medalists look out i tell ya.  

i am happy for all of you out on the west coast who have so much freaking fun and sun and friends all the time!!!   NY can be a concrete jungle.  


krobbie67 said...

I am here to finally catch up, sort of. I think I've read all of your entries but just didn't comment. I love that top pic. Great pictures!! Hm....I need to get my ass down to Venice. I'm too busy paying attention to the street performers that I never noticed these. I do like to stop at the outdoor gym and gaze from time to time though. LOL! at the Belfastcowboy comment. I'm not a boy damn it! :-) ---Robbie