Saturday, June 12, 2004

Slow Down

As you can [sort of] see,
the car-buying process is [basically] over.  I bought the exact car I wanted.  And [laughing at myself] I didn't even test drive it first.  I did tons of research, as you know.  And the CR-V came out on top every single time I questioned myself.  It's just that much bigger than the RAV4.  It got slightly better consumers reports.  Without realizing it, a couple of yoga instructors recently bought a 2004 model and rave about them.  A fellow dogwalker has a 2002 CR-V and still raves about it.
The difference in price between a used 2002 and a brand new 2004 was minimal.  So, I got what I wanted - A brand new 2004 black Honda CR-V.  It had 33 miles on it when I picked it up from the credit union [it has over 100 miles on it now].  I appreciate everyone's input during this process.  It really helped in my extensive search.
I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner but [thanks to my brilliant doctor] we found at least one reason for my fatigue: mono.  Yes, that's right, the 'kissing disease'.  I didn't know much about it until I researched it the other night.  It's highly contagious but [presumably] not airborne.  It's passed through the saliva.  So this could mean I've shared more than martinis with friends over the past few months. 
Looks like it's going to be a quiet summer for some of us.
At least now I know I have to be resting.  I kept trying to push through - thinking my work had gotten so busy and my body hadn't adjusted yet.  But apparently I've been trying to push through with a weakened immune system. 
There's no treatment for mono.  I have to ride it out.  Aches, pains, sweats and all.  Eat well. Drink lots of water. But mostly I have to rest.  It's suggested that I do not partake in strenuous activity, not lift heavy things and not play contact sports because a blow to the abdomen could rupture my spleen. -- What the heck is that anyway?  One website said the spleen is useless and often removed.  But if it becomes inflamed and/or ruptures, it could be dangerous.
But hello? Strenuous activity, lifting and contact are all part of my work!  I need to be in top physical condition.  So this is a rude awakening for me.  I'm resolving to put all of my energy into my work - nothing else.  That means, no more working at Goda Yoga.  Recording and performing have to be put off till I can sing and hold my guitar for longer than a minute - without feeling faint.  And bear with me on the lag time between journal entries and comments.  I can't risk jeopardizing my work.  Especially now that I have a car payment.
Luckily, easy walks and some yoga are essential to getting well - even with mono.  I actually feel much better when I'm walking and stretching.  But I just have to remember not to push myself when I feel tired.  Even if it's after just a few minutes.
Timing sure is everything.  Now that I have a DVD player and Netflix subscription, I can sack out on my new bed and zone to the TV.  Only thing is, I have no desire to even turn the thing on.  I want to be out and about, riding in my new car with the wind blowing in my hair singing loud with Jason Mraz on the CD player.


ryanagi said...

Yay! Congrats on the new car! And Boooo! Sorry to hear about the Mono. That sucks! Take care of you and those critters. -B

hempenhomespun said...

Mono?  You poor dear!  I know that any illness that slows me down drives ME insane.  I hope you feel better soon and are up and running in no time!

sistercdr said...

Congratulations on the car, and my sympathies on the mono. I had it in college, unfortunately that was the quarter I had signed up for 21 hours and the only quarter I ever failed a class.  Sending you smooth recovery vibes.

krobbie67 said...

What no treatment? I could have sworn they gave me antibiotics. Then again, the glands in my neck swelled to the size of grapefruits. Rest, rest, rest, and lots of fluids. Bummer!

But, gosh, what a great car! May just motivate me to start looking.
Nope...still not ready. I don't do tons of research but when it's time to buy something it happens at just the right moment. Take care of yourself!
:-) ---Robbie

lucylouladybug said...

I had Mono when I was seventeen, and as a complication, I developed hepatitis, as the virus can infect the liver.  I was out of school for two weeks, and couldn't participate in P.E. for six months.  Before I got sick, I ran 5 miles a day, after that, I was lucky if I could walk a mile without being completely drained.  So, yes, rest and taking it easy is part of the treatment plan.  Just be careful Trish.

Hugs, Penny

slowmotionlife said...

First - huge Woot on the new car!!  Yah!  What a rush, right?  I can't believe you're already eating a banana in there, though.  LOL  My new car was food-free for at least 2 months.  I now have ketchup stains and cookie crumbs in the bucket seats.  LOL  

Pooh on the Mono.  But as we already discussed, this gives you the perfect excuse to veg out. So take advantage.  It's too hot outside to be running all the time anyway.  

Keep us updated on all the great movies you get to watch over the coming months!!  :D  Lucky brat!  :P

dakotarose2852 said...

Congratulations on the new car!  You deserve it.  Please take care of yourself.  Mono is nothing to take lightly.  When I was a teenager, we called it the kissing disease, but it's really quite serious.  Take care.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oh Trish!  I never even would have thought of mono!  Poor girl...pretty miserable illness from what I hear.  

Congrats on the new car!!!  How exciting.  But, if anybody deserves it, it's you.  

I hope you're feeling better soon.  ::sending healthy, vibrant thoughts your way::

Love you!  

derossetfamily said...

Hey, I dont blame ya! I wanna be riding around with you in your cr-v listening to mraz too! Yikes, mono. Just take it easy. I hope it doesnt set you back to much and that you are back to feeling well soon. Hey, that banana looks good. :)

somenuttychic said...

Wow! Mono, huh? Here's hoping it passes quickly now that you know what it is and how to deal with it. Congrats on the new car purchase!  

coffeesheavenly said...

I hope you feel better really soon :) My fiancee is leasing the same car and absolutely loves it ;) Good choice
Take Care and God Bless

indigosunmoon said...

Congrats on the new car!  It looks good on you!!!

mallory4284 said...

Woo Hoo about the car, but not so much "woo hooing" going on about the mono. That sure stinks. I've never had it, but my sister had it when she was in high school. It sure doesn't seem like much fun. But you rest up and get better so you can enjoy that new car of yours!! :)

-- Mallory

diannevan said...

Is that a banana in your hand or are you just happy to see me??  (OK, that's as close as I can come to a Mae West impression!)

The website which said that the spleen is useless is WRONG!!  It's not like the appendix (which really IS useless).  Splenomegaly is a serious thing, and we know you already have that.  Removing the spleen is usually done as a LAST RESORT to people who have problems, as the spleen is needed to prevent infections.

You've got the right attitude with the mono thing.  You know what your body can handle and I'm so glad you're listening to that and not overdoing things.  Woo hoo!!

babyshark28 said...

Hey, I am glad the car buying days are almost over! :)

hmmm. mixing martini's and friends lips. lol!
my friend had mono while in High School, it almost wiped her out. she stayed home for 6 days, and was still tired and pale when she returned.  

rest rest rest

grassriver said...

YAY, New cars are so much fun!!! The rear view picture is neat.
I had mono once and it was more annoying than anything else. It's true about the spleen, so be careful. Rest is muy importante! Thank God you have NetFlix, at least you'll have movies to watch - if you can stay awake.
Take care of yourself!

s0ngbird1962 said...

YAY!!  A new car, sounds great.  Lovin' the pic...but the first thing I noticed was the banana, lol.  Hmmm, thinking I'm hungry.  That's what I get for being up at 3am....  Sounds like you are taking care of yourself, feel better soon.  My sis had mono a few years back & it knocked her for a loop...  

deabvt said...

Brand new!  Wow!   Best of luck!   [ nice ring! ]

geminiwilder said...

so glad you got the car you wanted freee!  looks cool, can't see do all the doggies like the new mode of transport??
now that you know you HAVE to rest more, you must do so.
be good to yourself, and as usual,   (((phinney vibes))) to you. xo

txsguinan said...

Oh, honey; mono?  I know what it're having a birthday and the trauma is sending you back to high school. ;)  But at least you do know what it is now and you know what to do to get better.  Good pink healthy vibes are being sent your way.

Congratulations on the new car! It looks good on you.  :)

ondinemonet said...

         I LOVE the picture! Hey you, I have been thinking about you this weekend non-stop, thats when I know its time to drop by. Love, Carly :)

chefgracegeorge said...

MONO??!!  Crap!  
I am so sorry to hear that!  But, I am excited for you about your new wheels!

Hang in there, kiddo!

love ya!

sepintx said...

Carwful now, you'll get a ticket for DWB, Driving with Banna!
New car, new camera. Yippie!

dockart said...

Love the new wheels! Cute photos of you and the banana. Be safe and take care of yourself. Mono? Yuck!

musenla said...

Oh, Cograts on the new wheels.  Glad to know that you got the one you wanted after all the research and legwork.  

Sorry about the mono.  You've been smooching up a storm lately, huh?  Get well soon.

Ohh, Jason Mraz sang the national anthem at the NBA finals, did you catch that?  

clarity4today said...

OMG! Sorry I'm reading these backwards and it makes all my comments seem out of touch.  LOL

So sorry you're ill, but I guess it's good to have an explanation for your fatigue.  Feel better soon!